How to Earn Money Online from Surveys (Zero Investment) – 2024

How to Make Money Online from Surveys (Opinions)

Giving your opinions by filling up surveys and forms about various product brands and your lifestyle is the most ideal way of making money online from surveys. It is free of charge and it doesn’t require any educational qualifications or skills from your end.

The only thing you need to start earning money by online filling surveys is your valuable time, interest, patience, and a decent procedure. You can make a lot of money staying at your home by just giving your opinions through your phone.

I have explored different websites that pays for filling the simple surveys and have also withdrawn money out of it. It did not cost me even a single penny to start making money.

Now as money earning has been the most important thing in our life, I have brought online survey sites that would pay you for filling the surveys. I have visited a lot of sites and have gone through them before listing the sites here.

I have listed the best genuine websites that would help you make money online by just filling the surveys from your mobile phone.

One important thing to be noted – some of the organizations might be less lucrative depending on the number of users. As the number of users increases, the number of payments decreases. So, what are you waiting for grab this golden opportunity and earn a lot of cash from your mobile staying at home.

Make Money Online from Surveys (Sharing your Opinions)

Here is the List of Online Survey Sites that would pay for filling the surveys through their site. I Hope, you would start making money online from these surveys.

The Panelstation

The Panel Station

The Panelstation is one of the best online paying sites for filling surveys. You don’t have to log in to the panel station every time to fill the surveys because post sign up you would start receiving surveys in your registered email. You would be rewarded points for the surveys filled which can be redeemed later. You can also download the application of to track your records.

You would be receiving 1000 points as your welcome bonus. The reward for each survey differs as it is based on the length of the survey. You can redeem your points when you reach 3000 points. There are various types of payment methods that you can choose to redeem your points at your convenience.


MySurvs is an online review of the organization through which you can make money from surveys. the survey is a well-known site that pays to their individuals or users by encouraging them to provide productive reviews.

The reviews are full of knowledge which not only gives you money but also gives you the knowledge about certain matters. You can take up the surveys at your home from your mobile and at your convenience. You would be rewarded for every review that you complete.

You can redeem your points via Paypal or other amazing prizes and gift cards. The minimum withdrawal limit is 1150 points which are equivalent to $10.

Ipsos I-Say

Ipsos (I-Say), a very interesting name, so is the website in giving you rewards for your study. Ipsos is a great site that is ready to pay you for providing your views through a study or survey. It is free to join and gives you a reward in return.

You earn focuses on completing every study i.e. survey. The focuses can be redeemed to Cash, Sweepstakes, Gift Vouchers, and other exciting prizes. The minimum withdrawal limit is $10(Gift Card), $15 (Cash), $5000 (Sweepstakes).

Nielsen – Computer and Mobile Panel

Nielsen is the top leading survey site that allows users to share their opinions and views about products and services. Most of the surveys on other websites are also sponsored by Nielson. You just have to register and run its’ application on your mobile phone and complete the studies through it.

You would be getting paid entirely for completing the surveys online. Nielson is one of the best ways of making money online from surveys. You can redeem your earnings through a cheque. The payment details would be updated soon by Nielson.

Survey lab (NPD Online Surveys)

This is one of the excellent overview sites which also pays you for completing a survey. You would be able to find a lot of studies in SurveyLab. A new survey would be updated every day to your account.

You would start receiving surveys once you have verified your email. You would be rewarded with focuses for every completed survey which can be redeemed later. The minimum withdrawal limit is $15 which can be withdrawn in cash, gift vouchers, and prizes.


Survey Savvy is one of the most seasoned study organizations around and has been profiling itself through the payments and rewards to the users. The reward you receive from filling survey in Survey Savvy is much better than other survey websites.

You would be rewarded with a dollar amount for every survey that you complete in Survey Savvy. You would be paid via Cash after the completion of the survey. The minimum withdrawal limit is $1.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost as the name suggests is an online survey site that collects opinions from the users and gives the money in return for the same. It is easy to join and start making money by filling the surveys.

Note: This is accessible only at the US.

For every successful completion of the survey, you would be awarded focuses that can be later on converted to cash. You can redeem your rewards via PayPal and the minimum withdrawal limit is $15.

Free Online Surveys

Free online Surveys is another amazing survey site for you to earn money online. You would be invited to fill surveys through this site by significant retailers and would rewarded you with money. Your rewards would be based on the information you provide on the survey.


ipanelonline is a high-paying online survey site. You would be rewarded up to $75 for every study that you complete. Another thing is that you would not be receiving the surveys frequently, but when you get you would also be rewarded highly. You need to have some patience to earn a good amount of money.

Final Words – Earn Money by Completing an Online Survey

 What are you looking for now? You have many options to start your online earning now. Make the best use of these survey sites and make money by sharing your views and opinions.

If you are a US citizen, these are the best sites you can go for.

Share and Earn. Make sure you share your earnings with us in the comments below.

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