What is the fuzzy thing on a microphone?

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The fuzzy thing is known as the mic windshield, it also has different names such as pop filter, microphone muffler, etc. Its primary purpose is to protect the microphone and cancel out any noise that can potentially affect a video’s audio quality. Travel vloggers, videographers, and moviemakers use highly professional microphone windscreens.  

  1. It makes the sound appear clear even if you are recording in a noisy place.
  2. It helps the voice clarity and eliminates any potential distortions or unnecessary sound.
  3. It is a necessity for people who want highly professional audio or video outcomes. 

How does the fuzzy thing on the microphone work? 

If you are wondering how the fuzzy microphone for the camera works, you must read this. The turbulence on the microphone’s surface is the actual cause why the background sound feels disruptive. If you surround your camera’s microphone with about one-inch-long furs, help in reducing the wind noise and turbulence from the surroundings.  

The artificial fur fibers, which people also call a dead cat, helps in silently absorbing the noise and making the audio appear more seamless. The fur acts as a road-block for low-frequency sounds and records high-frequency sounds that people want to hear. 

Types of mic windscreens 

There is not one, but a few kinds of fuzzy things or windscreen for the camera. However, it is wise to choose one that is fitting for your professional. Here are a few options: 

1. Foam windscreens 

The foam windscreens are made with dense foam, limiting low-frequencies from disrupting the sound quality. At the same time, the foam windscreen helps in recording high-frequency sounds. It is ideal for providing sound clarity by not recording loud thuds, wind sound, and background noise. 

2. Deadcats

The deadcats are the fuzzy thing you see on the microphone that you commonly observe on professional cameras. It is a fake yet high-quality synthetic fur that helps in reducing the wind sound when shooting outdoors. They are a little bit complicated to set up, but they work perfectly for professional videography. 


Camera equipment can be intimidating for some people as a lot of effort goes behind setting it up and achieving the perfect outcome. If you are wondering what is the fuzzy thing on a microphone, now you know. It helps in enhancing the audio quality by eliminating the wind and background sound. It is perfect if you are looking to be more professional by improving your video and audio quality. 

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