What is a unidirectional microphone?

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We all look for clarity in microphones, and unidirectional microphones provide just that with the help of internal technology. The best unidirectional microphone helps induce more transparency within the output sound as it catches it from only one direction, specifically from the top. It cancels out 50% of the side noise and almost 10% of the rear noise. It is a perfect mic for podcasts and recording as it cancels out any kind of noise. The unidirectional pattern is heart-shaped, due to which it is often referred to as a cardioid microphone. It takes a certain amount of practice to master the unidirectional microphone as it provides less unsought sound and provides high clarity. 

Features of a unidirectional microphone 

There are a few features due to which a unidirectional microphone is the requirement of most users. Let’s have a look at its features: 

1. Cuts out ambient sound 

Users prefer using a unidirectional mic when there is any kind of recording for a lecture, podcast, or video voice-over. The pickup pattern is heart-shaped, and it generally records sound coming from a single direction which is the front. It helps in eliminating background noise and other ambient noises successfully. 

2. Proximity 

The proximity does make a difference when you are using a unidirectional microphone. It is preferred that you stay close to the mic as possible as it helps in recording a more progressive voice, eliminating possible feedback. Hence, it is an excellent way to record sensitive vocals for videos and audio content. 

3. Leakages 

If you want to avoid voice leakage and disruptive random sounds as you speak, a unidirectional mic will be your best friend. It has a seamless pickup pattern, due to which it is often compared or mistaken to be a cardioid mic. It provides more clarity for single-person vocals than any other mic. 

When to use a unidirectional microphone? 

A unidirectional microphone has broader applications, but it is mainly a part of the music industry. It is perfect for recording individual vocals without any ambient sound. You can record podcasts, live performances, lectures, and voiceovers using a unidirectional microphone for more clarity. 


Being new to the entertainment industry or any creative field makes it hard to make the best equipment decision. It is normal to wonder what is a unidirectional microphone and its applications. We hope you find the information above valuable when making the microphone purchase.

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