Telefunken m80 Review- a fantastic vocal microphone

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Being a talented singer or having a perfect voice is a rarity. Not many people have the talent to sing exceptionally well. However, people with great voices often give up their passion because they do not know how to pursue it. However, if you think you are good at singing, you must try your luck. It is crucial to use the right microphone to make your voice sound as true to your original voice as possible. If you are looking for a good microphone for broadcast and vocals, you must read the Telefunken m80 review. 

Telefunken m80 has broader applications, and it has managed to earn the trust of many people. The microphone is usually used for professional purposes such as on-stage performances and large studios. It is a dynamic cardioid microphone that is ideal for eliminating background noise. It is a handheld microphone made up of sturdy material and high-quality metal. This handheld microphone is easy to hold, and it is also light-weight. If you are a vocalist or a performer, this microphone will suit you well. Let’s have a look at all the Telefunken m80’s impeccable features. 

Why choose Telefunken m80 microphone?

When buying a microphone, people always look for the sound-quality it provides. Well, the approach is justified because people want their voice to sound perfect. When we talk about Telefunken m80 microphone specifically, it is ideal for stage performance. Anybody who is looking for a live performance microphone will love Telefunken m80. It is of such good quality and an excellent-looking microphone. However, one thing that can bother people is its high-feedback. On the other hand, it is a sensitive microphone regardless of the front cardioid. However, you can overcome this limitation by using different techniques. Let’s have a look at why this microphone is worth the try. 

High-quality sound

If you compare Telefunken m80 vs Sennheiser e945, you will not notice such a huge difference. However, the price gap between the two is vast, which people find daunting. Telefunken m80 is a great microphone, especially for performers. It provides excellent clarity, and the frequency range is also high. Telefunken m8 is often compared to audix om7 due to similarity in the sound quality. However, Telefunken m80 often holds superiority as it provides natural and crisp sound. It is the ultimate microphone that many users seek. 

The exterior

When you order or purchase a performance mic or handheld mic, it should not feel like a burden in your hands. The Telefunken m80 microphones have excellent quality and a slim design. When you hold the microphone in your hands, it should not feel like a burden but relatively light-weight. The Telefunken m8 microphones have an exceptionally light-weight design. It has a shallow mass and thin capsule, which helps a user experience a wide range of emotions. It has a studio-quality condenser microphone for added sound-clarity. Overall, this microphone looks and feels fantastic, especially for the price you pay. 

Cardioid pattern

One of the things that most users are concerned about in a microphone is the feedback and background noise. Regardless of high sensitivity, the Telefunken m80 microphone still works perfectly to deliver high-quality sound. It has a cardioid pattern that works perfectly only to detect the voice coming from the front. One of the best things about this microphone is the fact that it provides low feedback. However, one thing that interferes with the sound is high sensitivity. You can be intimate with the mic and sing close to it without distorting the sound. 

Telefunken m80 – A Dynamic Microphone

Microphones have been emerging in the market as more people opt for creative fields over technical ones. However, the large variety has left people confused as to which one is ideal for their needs. Telefunken m80 is a great microphone, especially for those who perform. It is one of the best for people who do live stage performances. The low condenser fits perfectly in the slim mic panel, and it also has a rugged dynamic design.  

People like Telefunken m80 due to its versatility and impeccable design. It is perfect for vocals, instruments, and acoustic guitar. It is suitable for both studio and on-stage performances. The Telefunken m80 frequency response is high, and it makes the voice sound sharper and clearer. It is also ideal for a small crowd. Overall, the Telefunken m80 is one of the best things you will invest your money in, especially if you are fond of singing. 

Telefunken m8 specifications

Brand Telefunken  
Polar pattern unidirectional 
Frequency response 50 Hz to 18 kHz 
Connectivity type XLR connector 
Connectivity technology XLR 
color Black 

Telefunken m8 Features in detail 


One of the main things that attract a user to the Telefunken m8 microphone is its quality. It is made up of sturdy and rugged material, which is ideal for long-term use. It looks sleek and extremely easy to hold during long performances. 

Seamless sound

If you are a vocalist or singer, then investing in the Telefunken microphone is a great idea. It makes your voice sound sharper and crisper. We love how this microphone works perfectly for a large audience. You can use it to record vocals and instrumental sounds. On the other hand, it is ideal for stage performance and studio as well. 

Cardioid pattern

The Telefunken m8 microphone has midrange feedback. However, it also has a cardioid pattern, which catches the sound from the front perfectly. We love that it makes your sound appear natural and straightforward, even if you hold the mic super close to your mouth. 

No distortion

It is the worst nightmare of a singer when the mic makes distorted sounds during a performance. However, no such thing will happen with the Telefunken m8 microphone. It has mid-range feedback, which is ideal to cancel out most background sounds. It does not make a screeching sound due to its outstanding features.


  • Great-quality sound 
  • No distortion 
  • Mid-range feedback 
  • Perfect for studio and live performances 


  • Little pricey 


A microphone plays an essential role in making your voice appear more natural and crisper—Telefunken m8 is undoubtedly a great-quality microphone that makes the sound more transparent. You can read the Telefunken review to know about its outstanding features.

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