Shure SM7b review- Should you buy one?

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If you are looking to start your career as a performer or podcaster, then a microphone is the first thing you must invest in. People are increasingly getting attracted to podcasts which help in gaining valuable insights. However, you will never listen to a radio show or podcast which has a distorted voice. If you are here on this page, you must be looking for a microphone to meet your goals. Shure sm7b microphone is one of the finest microphones available in the market because of its impeccable features. Shure SM7b review states all the features in detail and why it’s worth the investment. Its comprehensive range frequency response is exceptional in proving crisper and cleaner sound. 

The Shure sm7b is a valuable microphone to own as its graphic display and responsive settings are perfect for giving a user more control. When you are recording something important for a long time, you can go breathless. The sound of intense breaths can be annoying. However, Shure sm7b is perfect for removing all kinds of unnecessary sounds. The pop filter is ideal for eliminating any types of external sound, making your voice sound exceptional. It also has an air suspension mechanism which is perfect for removing the mechanical sound transmission. Let’s have a look at the Shure sm7b review to establish valuable insight about the product. 

Why choose Shure sm7b?

The Shure sm7b is the ultimate choice for many people who consider buying microphones at a reasonable price. The mid-range emphasis and bass roll-off are seriously a fantastic feature within the microphone to provide low impedance. The concern of any person when buying a microphone is that they need excellent sound clarity. There is no doubt that you can achieve sound clarity in the Shure sm7b microphone as it has a more comprehensive frequency range. 

Sometimes, it can be a great hassle to find a microphone that ticks all the boxes. However, it is not impossible because Shure smb7 is here to rescue you. We think the microphone’s best feature is a pop filter that acts as a protective layer to cancel any access noise. Do you find it annoying when people can hear your breathing? You will not face the same issue with this microphone as it is ideal for any access noise cancellation. Let’s have a look at Shure sm7b competitive features in-depth. 

Noise cancellation

People planning to start their podcast or perform should not shy away from getting their hands on this fantastic noise cancellation microphone. Shure sm7b is undoubtedly one of the best microphones available out there as they are highly considerate of the user experience. The pop filter at the top of the microphone acts as a perfect protective layer and cancels out all the access sound. 

Detachable windscreen

The detachable windscreen is something that you do not often get in a microphone. However, it is a great accessory to own if you plan to get a more precise and clear sound. It allows users to use close-talk vocals and have more control over how they speak. You can achieve a natural effect when doing so and make your voice sound more attractive. 

Plug-in audio inference

The feature that you will appreciate the most in a Shure sm7b microphone is that it has a plug-in mixer that helps you achieve a more versatile sound overall. The cardioid picking pattern adds to the microphone’s overall efficiency as it picks up sound very clearly. Podcasters, singers, and announcers generally need the front voice catch-up more. It produces a beautiful voice effect, which works exceptionally well in enhancing sound clarity more. 

Shure SM7b Cardioid Dynamic Microphone – A Perfect Podcast Mic

If you go to the market to buy a microphone or generally look online, you observe its exterior first. The Shure smb7 microphone is a perfect user choice as it is made up of high-quality metal and sturdy metal grail. The windscreen is the cherry on top as it helps in eliminating any kind of sound distortion.  You will enjoy the crisp sound that sounds natural and soothing to hear. One of the key factors that work well for users is its plug-in features. It works perfectly well to transfer audio data to any software. 

The microphone also comes with an adjustable stand which is ideal for people who want adjustability. On the other hand, if you are a singer who likes to have movement can undoubtedly take advantage of the mic. The air suspension technology is one of the best things in the Shure sm7b as it helps eliminate transmission sound.  

Key specifications

Brand  Shure 
Color  Black 
Polar pattern Unidirectional 
Connectivity type XLR Connector 
Connectivity technology Wired 
Hardware platform PC 
Item weight 2.7 pounds 
impedance 150 Ohm 

Features in detail

Sound clarity

The Shure smb7 is an excellent microphone for sound clarity as it has noise cancellation technology as well. The pop filter extra layer is perfect for users who want no background noises at all. The detachable windscreen on the microphone top provides exceptional sound uniformity. 

Software connectivity

If you are going to own Shure sm7b, you will love the software connectivity option. It connects with the PC through a plug-in option which adds value to a user’s experience. You can directly transfer all the data to your laptop and edit the vocals for a seamless result. 

Frequency response

The comprehensive frequency response is undoubtedly a thing you can take advantage of. It helps in spreading the sound more uniformly. It gives the sound a more natural effect, and the voice production is seamless and crisp. 

Rugged construction

The Shure sm7b has a rugged construction and fine exterior, which looks extremely expensive. It has cartridge protection which makes the microphone extraordinarily durable and high-quality. The adjustable stand is ideal for changing the position and moving it around.


  • Wide range frequency response 
  • Durable and high-quality 
  • Windscreen filter 
  • Background sound cancellation 


  • Comparatively high price 


If you are a high-quality microphone that has an excellent sound exterior, you should look no further. The Shure sm7b is ideal for announcers, podcasters, and singers. It also has excellent connectivity options, which you can use to transfer data to the laptop. For more information, you can check out the Shure sm7b review. 

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