Sennheiser e935 Review – a dynamic hand-held microphone

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If you work for school management or are an event manager, you may need a hand-held microphone. At any stage in life, you may find a need to use a hand-held microphone. One of the things that concern a person when using a hand-held microphone is that your voice sounds thicker and coarser. Hence, some people may feel shy when using a hand-held microphone. However, not anymore because Sennheiser e935 is here to rescue you. If you want to learn more about this microphone, you must keep reading the Sennheiser e935 review. 

If you are fond of Karaoke nights, then also a hand-held microphone can come in handy. The Sennheiser e935 is the best when it comes to producing natural sound. It is suitable for both male and female voices, and it adjusts the frequency according to low and deep notes. If you compare Sennheiser e935 vs e945, then you will notice that the e935 sounds more natural. The feedback sound rejection feature is phenomenal, and we are super stunned by this feature. When you look at the microphone exterior, you will appreciate its high quality. To know further, you should keep reading further. 

Why choose the Sennheiser e935 microphone?

Sennheiser e935 is a great option for a handheld microphone if you want a more natural sound. This high-quality microphone is made in Germany, and all its parts are incredibly high-quality. If you look at the Sennheiser e945 microphone, it does not have a very natural sound. There is no doubt that e945 is an ideal microphone. However, if you are looking for a more appropriate microphone for karaoke, you must choose e935. If you want to know more about the Sennheiser e935 microphone and how it works, then keep reading. 

Sound quality

In most handheld microphones, a user has to experience sudden bumps. One of the best things about the Sennheiser e935 microphone is that its frequency is well-crafted. The suitable presence boosts help in keeping the sound more natural and avoid any discrepancies. The bass roll-off is also seamless, ideal for people who hate when their handheld microphone has sudden bumps. If you have read about the Sennheiser e945 review, you may have noticed the similarity between them. However, their sound quality is a lot different, and this microphone has more clarity.  

Build and design

No one likes to invest their money in microphones that look cheap and low-quality. A microphone is undoubted; an investment, and you want something durable and high-quality. The microphone’s overall weight is 330 grams, which is slightly heavier than the standard microphones, and it is longer as well. It is made using high-quality and rugged metal, which makes it look high-quality and expensive. We love how you can use this microphone in different weather conditions. If you use this microphone in windy weather, it helps in cutting down the sharp frequencies. It has a humbucking coil which is ideal for canceling out inference. 


A handheld microphone is undoubtedly an investment; a user wants to spend their money on quality stuff. However, if you think of getting your hands on the Sennheiser e935 microphone, you must go for it. It is not only a great microphone that produces high-quality sound, but it is also budget-friendly. You will rarely find a microphone in the market high, is high-quality, has a fast response, and fantastic exterior simultaneously. It is a dynamic cardioid microphone that is ideal for multiple users in achieving their goals. 

Sennheiser e935 – A Dynamic Cardioid Microphone

The Sennheiser e-935 is a high-quality microphone that works exceptionally well in a harsh climate. It has a Neodymium ferrous magnet which is exceptional to retain stability even in a harsh environment. One of the features that stand out in this microphone is its ability to create a natural sound regardless of the sound texture; most people find this microphone a great choice, especially for karaoke nights. This microphone is phenomenal and provides uncompromising results despite being so budget-friendly. The live stage application of the Sennheiser e935 microphone makes it versatile.  

One of the best abilities of this microphone is that it can catch sound even in harsh conditions. It can make an excellent mic for setting up a home studio and testing out vocals. It comes with a two-year warranty and extra accessories to make your experience seamless and exciting. It has a durable steel tripod stand that is adjustable in height. 

Sennheiser e935 specifications

Brand Sennheiser  
Polar pattern Unidirectional 
Connectivity technology Wireless, wired 
Material  Metal  
Item weight 0.33 kilogram 
color Black  

Sennheiser e935 Features in detail


People undoubtedly appreciate the sound quality that the Sennheiser e935 mic produces due to its highly intuitive build. It is a unidirectional microphone that can catch sound directly coming through. It ignores any excess or background sound making the voices sound more natural and crisper. Overall, it is a great microphone if you are looking for seamless sound quality. 

Amazing for vocal practice

If you are looking to set up a home studio and get yourself a mic with a phenomenal sound, then this is it. It has a high-frequency threshold of up to 18 kHz, which is ideal for practicing high and low melody songs. It has no feedback at all, so that sound is more precise. 

Adjustable stand

The Sennheiser e935 comes with a few accessories, and one of them is an adjustable mic stand. It is ideal for people with a home studio to stand and sing or sit and sing. It provides sturdy support, and you can use your hand gestures while singing. 


The Sennheiser e935 mic is made intuitively using rigid and high-quality metal. It has an expensive-looking exterior, and it also comes with a two-year warranty.


  • Adjustable stand 
  • Amazing for vocals 
  • High-quality sound 
  • Durable 


  • Comparatively less clear sound  


If you are a vocalist or someone who likes singing, then investing in Sennheiser e935 is a good option. Amongst all the features, its ability to work in harsh conditions stands out the most. To know more about the mic, read the Sennheiser e935 review. 

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