Rode Procaster Review – Best Vocal Microphone with PoP Filter

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Most people have the dream to become an influential speaker or podcaster one day. We all need some kind of boost and motivation to allow us to feel our best. Let’s be honest here because there are some people’s podcasts we listen to every day. People who are performers, radio jockey and such professions require a mic. Hence, we will give you a detailed Rode Procaster review that is ideal for people with a growing passion for speaking. 

When you look for a microphone, the first thing you focus on is the exterior. The microphone that looks cheap is not the one people go for mostly. Rode procaster is one of the best mics that come with accessories, making them one of a kind when it comes to sound clarity. Rode is an Australian brand that believes in excellence and high quality. If you opt for Rode, we are sure you will not be putting your money down the drain. 

Why choose the Rode Procaster microphone?

Rode procaster mixer microphone can easily compete with Rode podmic when it comes to sound clarity. Cloudlifter is one of the best mics available in the market, but people love Rode procaster for its echo and internal pop filter. The Rode procaster mic is not a typical mic; it has a tight polar pattern which people can use for tailored frequency response. If we look at the price, which is $349, it is not the cheapest microphone. However, it can easily pass as a professional quality mic. Let’s have a look at some factors that make this mic worth buying. 


People say we look for the quality of the mic, which is not entirely true. Voice and sound quality are essential, but the mic’s look and design also play a crucial role. There are many podcaster microphones available in the market. However, the high-quality grille wrapping is one of the leading reasons that makes the mic look incredibly posh. The glossy metallic tones are perfect in providing an expensive glaze to the mic. The shock mount dynamic capsule makes the mic more reliable to pick up small vibrations. Such little things lead to a more extraordinary voice sound quality.  

Recording quality

One of the best things about this mic is that it has a recording option. Some people find it too tricky to handle high-end mics. However, this one comes with a detailed manual that explains every little step with expertise. It is an excellent microphone with ambient sound and an internal pop filter. 

Set up

Well, the Rode Procaster mic is undoubtedly fancy, and it has a few features that indicate it to be one of the best. A person needs to set up the mic properly as it is not a hand-held mic. It comes with a proper microphone stand in a zipper pouch with a ⅜ adaptor also. It also has an internal shock mount capsule which helps in low voice handling. Rode RM2 is a standard accessory that comes with every Rode mic. You can use the Rode shock mount, which allows in canceling the unnecessary vibrations. It helps in isolating the mic to produce a crisp sound with distractions.

Rode procaster – Best Dynamic Vocal Microphone

A Rode procaster is one of the best things in the market if you have the budget to invest in a high-end microphone. It does not have a highly sharp and crisp sound quality; it also works exceptionally well for broadcasting. If you want to do a live podcast or commentary, this mic works phenomenally to deliver high sound quality. Rodecaster Pro is comparable to this mic; it comes with a ten-year warranty. The cardioid pattern works exceptionally well to provide high sound quality without any deviations. 

Rode procaster is a high-quality mic, which is specifically designed by keeping speech in mind. It has an excellent build, which is ideal for vocals. It is more than a plug-and-play mic; you do not need any technical knowledge to use it.  We love how sleek the microphone exterior looks when you analyze it for the first time. The metallic finish is exceptional for people who are searching for looks and high sound quality. 

Rode procaster Specifications

Brand  Rode 
Power source AC
Item weight 745  grams 
Connectivity technologyWired 
Polar pattern  Unidirectional 

Rode procaster Features in detail 

Broadcast sound quality

There are many things to appreciate in Rode Procaster, but the broadcast sound quality is one. If you aspire to become a live podcaster, then you need this microphone in your life as it works exceptionally well to deliver seamless quality sound with minimum effort. 

Noise cancellation

Many microphones tend to pick up background noises which tend to create a lot of distraction. However, Rode Procaster is different from other microphones as it has an internal pop-filter that filters out the untreated sound. Rode Procaster is power-hungry, and it tends to take more from preamp and power mixers.

Extra accessories

The Rode Procaster comes with a lot of extra accessories, which makes the microphone even more functional. It comes with a shock mount which cancels out any low vibrations from the sound. The zip pouch comes in handy, especially when one has to travel.

Internal pop filter

The Rode procaster mic comes with an internal pop filter which is ideal for an extra layer of protection. It also has a shock mount for the capsule and a cardioid recording pattern. It does not provide a muddied sound when you speak too close to the mic due to reduced plosive. 


In the Rode procaster review, people will analyze all the features that make the mic the best. It does not have seamless internal features for crisp sound but also a posh-looking exterior. If you have extra money to spare, do give Rode procaster a go.

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