Rode Nt Usb Review – Best USB Cardioid Condenser

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People are now choosing more creative fields as a career which was not common earlier. However, things are taking a turn for the better, and now people are becoming podcasters, radio jockey, an announcer, and a performer. Talent is the main thing to last in such fields; however, tools also make an impact. Microphones are a must if you want to make a video or an audio show. The Rode nt USB microphone is the best when it comes to sound quality and price. Have you ever read a Rode nt usb review? We love how expensive this microphone looks while still being on the affordable side. 

Sound quality is the priority of people who are looking for a mic. Some mics can disperse the audio, and the high feedback is a buzz kill. However, it is improbable for the Rode nt usb microphone to have high feedback. The internal technology and the front cardioid design allow a user to have excellent voice clarity regardless of what you are using it for. We are exceptionally impressed by its USB connectivity as it enables a person to transfer data and edit it as per their liking. The integrated pop shield is a game-changer as it helps in producing rich sound. Let’s have a look at all the fantastic Rode nt usb microphone features. 

Why choose Rode nt usb microphone?

Whenever you go to buy any mic, you first look at the sound quality produced. While it is essential to check the sound quality, there are other features that you must consider. Rode nt usb microphone is one of the best in the market, and it can easily give competition to any high-end mic. Let’s have a look at all the fantastic factors that will undoubtedly influence you to buy it. 

Recording quality

Some mics produce a great sound, but the recording quality is not that great. However, one feature where the Rode nt usb mic stands out is that it has a super high-quality recording. You cannot dismiss the fact that the front cardioid pattern is exceptional in ensuring that the sound remains uniform in low and high pitch. There is little to no self-noise, which is ideal as all the background noises are almost eliminated. If you use the Rode nt usb mic for vocals, its pop shield does a great job enhancing voice clarity. 

Ring mount

The Rode nt usb microphone stands out in most mics as it does not provide exceptional sound clarity but also external accessories. These accessories include the ring mount, which helps in placing the mic firmly on the table. The tripod stand is also high-quality and adjustable. You can set the mic in your mouth’s front or away from the mouth, depending upon the kind of vocals you want to produce. You can use the connectivity option to enhance the overall creative experience. The accessories are very sturdy and help in keeping the mic intact on the table. 

High-quality exterior

Some mics cost a fortune, but they still look relatively cheap. Rode is a known brand; their mics are very high-quality. You do not want to blow your money away by buying a mic that would not last you for a few days. The Rode nt usb microphone has a concrete exterior which is ideal for validating the longevity factor. The pop filter helps enhance voice clarity, and it seamlessly travels throughout the space when performing. The mesh grail on the top of the mic is top-notch quality and lasts for a long time. 

Rode nt USB microphone– A Microphone Built to Last

The Rode nt usb mic is a highly versatile mic discovered 15 years ago, and it is still available in the market. We love how professional it looks yet has all the features that one wants in a mic. The professionals have made this mic last as it is made up of high-quality metal material and mesh grails. The total frequency of the mic is 10 kHz which helps in distributing sound evenly. People will undoubtedly enjoy the unidirectional polar pattern as it brings more clarity. 

The USB inference of the mic is exceptional as it allows you to connect it to your laptop and edit the whole sound footage faster. One thing a user likes about the Rode nt usb microphone is that it has a polished exterior. It is also compatible with other software, which makes editing voice footage easier. 

Key specifications

Brand Rode 
Connectivity technology USB 
Polar pattern Unidirectional 
Hardware platform Camera, PC, tablet 
Color  Black  
Power source Corded electric 
Signal-to-noise ratio 82 dB 
Item weight 1.15 pound 
Connectivity type 3.5 mm jack, USB 

Rode NT-USB Microphone Features in detail

Quality and sound

We are exceptionally impressed by the sound and quality of the mic. The sound-to-noise ratio is perfect for eliminating any kind of noise and induce clarity. The voice is natural, clear, and evident, which means recording when it rains will probably eradicate the sound. The recording sound is authentic, and you will hear no dispersion. 

Pop shield

Most people are very impressed by the detachable pop shield. The shield on the mic creates a film that makes the sound appear crisper and more natural. You can remove the pop filter any time to get a more thick and dispersed sound. 

USB connectivity

If you are a podcaster, you may want to edit the sound before putting it on any target platform. You can connect the mic to your Macbook and connect headphones to listen to the sound. You will love how easy it is to transfer the sound data to your laptop in one click. You can also connect the mic with a camera. 


If you look at the Rode nt usb microphone, you will instantly feel like it is a high-end mic. However, its price says otherwise as it is budget-friendly yet provides exceptional quality and features. You will not regret buying it as it does justice to every penny you spend.


  • Crisp and sharp sound 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Detachable pop filter 
  • Low noise 


  • Plastic boom bracket


It is not easy to find a mic that is high-quality at a budget-friendly price. This Rode nt usb review highlights all the mic’s key features and how incredible its sound crispness is. The USB feature and detachable pop filter are undoubtedly the selling factor. 

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