Solved: How to reduce background noise on the Blue Snowball

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Being a video editor as well as a live streamer myself, I am well aware of how frustrating it can get when you spend hours recording audio for a project and at the end, you find out that your audio has constant irritating background noise. 

After getting my hard work ruined many times, I had had enough. I did a lot of research and finally was able to come up with several ways through which I was able to solve my problem. Now, I have absolutely no background issue, even with a medium-tier microphone.

This article will help you in learning how you can reduce your background noise as well through certain accessories or computer software that you can easily find on the internet. But before we get into the detail, you need to have a basic idea of what exactly a Blue Snowball is and how it works. So, let’s get to it;

What is a Blue Snowball mic?

The Blue Snowball mic is from blue which is one of the inborn or instinctive USB mics for any of the applications. We can get studio-quality podcasts, streaming, and much more with this durable mic from blue. This mic provides natural and quality sound to our desktop hassle-free. The application is very simple, we only need to plug in and start the recording. There is no extra gear, even for working on a Mac. There are six different styles of this mic, we can always choose one from them according to our liking.

What is background noise?

Now background noise can be anything. It can be traffic noise, a vacuum, or our neighbor’s baby that we do not intend to record. This will reduce our project’s quality and it will make us look like an amateur. Moving on, this reduction of background noise in a recording is called noise canceling. If the noise is not loud as the primary audio, some of the plugins will do it automatically.

Ways to reduce the background noise:

There are two ways to bring down the background noise in our Blue Snowball microphone. Which areas following:

1.Using the right hardware (accessories such as filters and noise absorbers)

2.Plugins and other software

Using Noise Reducing Hardware:

First, we need to set our snowball microphone right. Utilize the settings according to what goals we want to achieve. For a goal of great quality podcast or streaming, we can always opt for CARDIOID but for the goal of recording multiple sound sources, we can use the next best choice that is OMNI. Now, when we have our snowball mic ready, we will have to use the sound filter. It will be best if we put something in between us and the microphone. This can be anything like a sponge or other material as well.

We can also make a recording in a calm environment where there’ll be no need of reducing noise as there is no noise present to do so.

Using Noise Cancelling Plugins and Software.

Using noise-canceling software is the most efficient way to reduce background noise that this microphone records. This software will allow us to utilize plugins that are exactly designed to break down the noise in the background. One of the best software for noise canceling is the digital workstations that allow us to utilize different or multiple plugins for different background noise types.

Following are some of the best software that is used for the reduction of background noise:

  1. Adobe audition:

The software Adobe Audition is one of the best for editing videos, animations, and sound. This software allows us to minimize the background noise or by one of its plugins.

Couple of plugins that this software has:

Automatic Click Remover

Adaptive Noise Reduction


Automatic Phase Correction

  1. Pro Tools:

Pro tool is a great option for editing and mixing audio along with sound creation. It is a digital audio workshop and it was specifically developed for windows and macOS. Pro tool is one of the most efficient and excellent options for podcast, music production along with other audio mixing needs.

  1. F.L. Studios:

F.L. Studios is the best option for musicians and music producers. This software allows us to mix tracks with great professional quality. Fruity Loops Studios has the availability of hundreds of plugins to make the edit go easy.


Here are some of the best Plugins for the reduction of background music:

  1. Accusonus E.R.A Noise Remover:

This product was formally known by ERA-N. It is considered one of the best noise-canceling plugins for hard noises. We can make the cars that pass by disappear without doing it manually. All we need to do is to install the plugin in the software and while editing the tracks, just select.

  1. Acon Digital De-Noise:

Acon Digital is an advanced plugin for noise reduction. It has a design that makes the noise reduced from wind, hiss, and camera noise. We can set the settings of noise reduction manually or automatically as well. With this feature, we have more control over our result or final product.

3.iZotope Voice DeNoiser:

Also known as R.X. Bundles, focuses mainly on the dialogue. This plugin is best for the recording of the podcast.

4.Wave Z-Noise:

Z-Noise utilizes a super-intelligent and multiple-level decision algorithm that allows maximum cutting or depletion of noise without discrediting the quality of the sound.


The Blue Snowball microphone is a great tool that avoids background noise and gives you a smooth and crisp audio input experience. 

We can achieve our goals by utilizing the right settings and the right environment. If one can’t control his environment, we have another option of using a filter to deplete the background noise. Moreover, we can also opt for the options of editing by using different plugins and software which will ensure the desired results.

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