How to use headphones with the built-in mic on pc Windows 10

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Moving to the procedure on how to use the headphones, firstly, we have to plug the headphones in. it is very simple but one can get it all wrong when that person does not know about the ports for audio available on a PC. Now this goal can be easily achieved when we put the end of a cable of the headset into the audio port which is available on our PC. There is also an option of connecting it through the wireless mode. Following are some of the options for it:

  1. 3.5mm jack: These headsets are older and also inexpensive normally have a cable that is split at the end and has two jacks of 3.5mm. Each one of these is used for audio and microphone.
  2. 2.USB: the headsets which are USB-powered give us a magnified experience which is only possible because of inline amps, the controls, and other features. However, for quality, the 3.5mm jack and USB do not have much of a difference.
  3. 3.Wireless: the headsets that are Bluetooth equipped or whether they need a firm USB wireless receiver, remove the need for cables. This allows us to work comfortably and without being worried about a tangled mess. It has one important factor in sound quality which is the soundcard on our motherboard and comparing it against a digital-to-analog converter.

Check the sound output in Windows 10:

Moving on, we need to check if the windows have sound levels and setup configured correctly once we have our headset connected to our PC. Now we need to make sure if windows have selected the headset as the default output device. We can check that by following steps:

Left-click on the sound icon which is present in the taskbar.

Select the sound device that is present in the drop-down menu.

Choose the connected headset. (it is possible to rename your headset as well)

Now the only thing we need is to test them to make sure that we have selected the right device and that is working fine or not. We can put on some music on the PC or we can use the test function in widows as well. Here are the steps to do check if our device is working perfectly.

  • Right-click the sound icon in the taskbar.
  • Select open sound settings.
  • Choose the sound control panel on the right.
  • Select the headphones
  • Now click on properties.
  • Select the Advanced tab.
  • Select the test button.

Now here, we will be good to go if we hear sound through our headphones. But if we do not, we will have to correct the device that we have selected for sound output and check if the headset is correctly plugged in or not.

Troubleshooting windows headset issues.

If you are constantly facing a problem with connecting your headphones with your device, then you can use the following troubleshooting methods to solve such an issue.

1.Making sure we have used the right ports:

We need to look if the headset is plugged in correctly and has used the correct port. For example, it is usually green for output and pink for input for 3.5mm jacks which depends on the available soundcard. If we mix these two up then nothing will happen.


See if you have software like Realtek’s HD Audio Manager or OEM, which could be interfering here if you try to disable jack detection.

3.Re-installing drivers:

The other problem of our headsets not working can be the drivers. we can check that by heading to the device manager and uninstall them for the connected headsets. Now we can reboot the PC and connect the headset again and windows will reinstall them.

4.Selecting different formats:

We can still select different output/input formats in the property window if we are unable to get any sound.

5.Trying different headset/device:

We also need to make sure if the problem is not with our headset. We can make sure by trying that device on some other PC and also if we have a spare headset at hand we can try plugging that as well to make sure if our PC has an issue or not.


Now that you know what a headphone is and how it works as well as its different types and how can you solve the different issues that you might come across, you are better equipped to tackle your problems.

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