How to Soundproof a Room? A Guide for Beginners 2021

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Soundproofing your room can bring you peace. You won’t have any noises from outside and you won’t have to worry about making anyone outside inconvenient. 

You must have heard the proverb that walls have ears. Well, after soundproofing their ears are plugged. Hence, your secrets remain inside the house. 

There are many different methods to soundproof your room. If you don’t wanna do it yourself, you can get a professional to do it for you. 

Other than that, you can also do it yourself in many separate ways. Some of them are described below:

Here are the Methods How to SoundProof a Room for youreself

Fill Your Room with Furniture

Soundproof Room with Furniture

One of the simplest and natural ways of removing unwanted sounds from your room is to add furniture to it.

Sound reflects off hard surfaces. Once there is furniture in your room, it will absorb most of the sound and there will be less noise. 

This will contain the inside noise and won’t let it echo or reflect at you. Hence, you will have a smooth sound that won’t go outside. 

Using Rugs and Curtains

Soundproof Room with Curtains

To control the outside noise, consider using heavy rugs and curtains. These will absorb the sound and reduce the noise. Hence, making your room soundproof. S

For example, you live in an apartment and the neighbors below are very noisy. You can use heavy rugs on the floor and it will absorb the noise.

Similarly, curtains on windows block the sound’s point of entry into the room. So, you will have a much comfortable and peaceful environment in the room. 

Temporary Soundproofing

If you need soundproofing only for a small time, like for band practice at your home, or if there is a temporary construction next door that is very noisy, you can use heavy blankets to soundproof your room.

Well, the process depends on what you are doing. If you are making noise inside a room and trying to contain it, you have to put these blankets on all sides of the room.

However, if you are trying to block the outside noise, you simply have to put these blankets on points of entry like windows. 

Using a Soundbooth

Soundbooth is a professional setup that can be availed with a good budget. Using a Soundbooth can isolate the sound source, hence making the rest of the place peaceful. 

Soundbooth varies in their rates based on their customized sizes. The material used in its construction absorbs all the sound, hence bringing silence. 

This is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in all of the professional soundproofing setups. You can customize a large Soundbooth of your desired size for thousands of dollars. 

Using Alternative Sounds

Another method to removing temporary noises is to use some sort of alternative sounds which are pleasant. They will suppress the noise and you won’t even know it’s there.

You can use a fan in summer. Fans give off the noise of air to which one becomes accustomed and doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Fan reduces the noises coming into or going out of the room. 

Moreover, you can also use speakers to play calming and soothing background music. It will be relaxing, you will enjoy it all day, and it will also cancel the unwanted noise. 

Doors and Windows

One of the reasons the outside noise comes into your room is because you have open spaces with doors and windows that give a noise point of entry. 

Covering the space beneath the door can reduce the outside noise coming into the room. However, if you can afford one, use a heavy wooden door. 

Heavy wooden doors absorb most of the sound both from inside and outside. The cheaper doors aren’t good enough and result in noise getting through. 

Similarly, plug any spaces you have around the frames of your windows. Afterward, cover the window with a curtain to reduce the noise to a minimum. 


The more masses there are in the room, the less noise will be. If you can’t add any more furniture, décor, or rugs, consider having a bookcase filled with books. 

The books will create the extra mass that will reduce the noise even further. Hence, there will be much less noise coming in or going out of your room. 

Using Professional Equipment

People living in major cities often find themselves in areas where there are constant loud noises that can’t be simply controlled by the above-mentioned methods. 

They might live near a traffic signal and are bothered by constant honking, or there might be a major construction nearby that is supposed to go for over a year. 

In any such case, there are professional sound-absorbing tools that you can use in your room to get a peaceful environment. 

Acoustic Foams and Blankets

Acoustic foams and blankets are made from materials that absorb sound. 

Hence, using them in your room will reduce the noise and won’t let sound escape from your room, or outside sound to get in. 

These foams and blankets are professionally made and are completely effective. You can get them from the market. You can place them on the walls of your room for maximum sound absorption. 

Soundproof Curtains

If you live in a noisy area, you should consider buying soundproof curtains instead of other normal or heavy curtains. 

Soundproof curtains are made from a material that can absorb sound. These curtains can be placed on the windows and door side and they will keep the inside sound in and outside noise out. 

Soundproof curtains have much better noise reduction capability than acoustic blankets. You should consider buying them if unwanted noises get into your home.

Sound Absorbing Rugs

If you live in an apartment building, then you might have noisy neighbors on the sides but at the bottom as well.

Sound-absorbing rugs can prove to be very effective in absorbing the noise coming from below. They will also absorb other noises in the room. 

Hence, instead of normal rugs, consider buying sound-absorbing rugs, as they will reduce the noise coming from outside of your room, creating a peaceful environment for you. 

Acoustic Panels

These panels are more expensive than the other equipment mentioned above because of their efficiency in absorbing noise.

You can place these panels on the wall and they will absorb most of the noise. The best place for them is opposite the noise point of entry that you can’t block. 

As they are a bit expensive, you must have a good budget to afford them. But they are worth it. 

Construction Alterations—Making Room Completely Soundproof

All of the above-mentioned methods are effective and easy if you don’t wanna altering the construction of your room. 

However, if you have both time and budget, then construction alterations can be most effective in eliminating all of the noise.

You can block all the entry points to a maximum. Then you can use acoustic foams also called sound clouds on the ceiling. They will absorb most of the noise in the room.

Moreover, you can use sound mats on the floor. You can use acoustic foams on the walls and build drywall on them. 

Adding to this, you can also use panels on the wall arranging them in a decorative order. 

All of this will require a huge budget, but it will certainly be a good investment as your room will now be completely soundproof. You no longer have to worry about any noise coming inside or any sound going outside. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the easiest way to soundproof a room?

The easiest way for temporary soundproofing is placing blankets and curtains on all sides of the room, and filling the holes with quilts. However, for a permanent sort of solution, the easiest way is using soundproof curtains and panels, but they will cost you.  

  1. Can a room be made completely soundproof? 

Yes. A room can be made completely soundproof but that will require effort. You will have to place sound-absorbing pieces of equipment on the ceiling, walls, and floor. After that, you won’t have to worry about any noise getting in or any sound leaving the room. 

  1. What is the cheapest way to soundproof your room? 

The cheapest way is to block all points of entry of sound, which means filling in air gaps around windows and sealing the gap beneath the door. After that use a heavy blanket to block the point of entry of sound. Fill the room with masses like books, furniture, etc. 

  1. Are expensive soundproofing equipment worth it?

Yes. They are worth it. This equipment is made with the sole purpose of absorbing the sound. They have much more efficient than normal sound blocking alternatives. You will have a more peaceful environment if you use these pieces of equipment. 

Some Last Words:

We have mentioned many methods to soundproof a room. You have both expensive but effective methods and their cheap alternatives. We hope these methods can be effective in solving your noise problem.

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