How to connect a microphone to a speaker?

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In various activities, a user is required to connect the microphone to a speaker. However, the task seems intimidating to people who lack knowledge about adapters and wires to use while connecting the microphone. So, you know how to connect a microphone to a speaker? You certainly do not if you are here reading this article. Do not worry; we are here to rescue you and let you in on all the secrets about how you can properly connect a microphone to a speaker. 

How to connect a microphone physically into a speaker? 

There are many kinds of speakers, and if you want to connect a microphone to a stage speaker, you will have to do it physically. Here is how: 

Step 1: Locate speaker input 

It is a challenge to locate its input if you are new to speakers, especially if it is a two-way speaker. You must identify if you want which inputs support your microphone the best amongst stereo and mono. 

Step 2:  Use an XLR cable to connect 

Whenever you are using a professional XLR cable, always try to use the same cable type to connect the microphone to the speaker. Connecting the speaker directly to an amplifier using a suitable adapter will do the trick for you. 

Step 3: Boost the mic 

You can boost the mic using the internal amplifier and make the sound compatible with loudspeakers. Note that if you do not have the right kind of amplifier, then the mic signals will be too weak to drive a loudspeaker. 

How to connect a microphone to a Bluetooth speaker? 

If you want to connect a mic to a Bluetooth speaker easily, then the process is tricky yet easy. You need a microphone for a Bluetooth speaker if you wish to connect it. Here is how you can do it: 

Step 1: Start pairing your microphone to speaker 

You can start by pairing your microphone to the speaker or vice versa. It can take a few seconds to connect; you can restart either of the things to get any connection error. 

Step 2: Enable Input settings 

You can enable the proper input settings to allow the microphone to send strong signals to the speaker.  

Step 3: Use PC settings 

After establishing the speaker and microphone connection, you can use your PC to test and pair the microphone. 

How to level mic to the speaker level? 

To level mic to a speaker level, you need an amplifier that can support the mic voice. The amplifier needs an external source to power the microphone level straight to the speaker level. Powered mixers, powered amplifiers, and powered loudspeakers are the way to go if you want to achieve a loud voice for professional purposes. 


If you are looking to connect your mic with your speakers and achieve a high-quality sound, you can do so without any professional help. You can quickly learn how to connect a microphone to a speaker by following the steps mentioned above. We hope you find the steps helpful in achieving your goal.

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