Top 10 Best USB Headsets 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

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This article will provide you with the necessary information about the 10 best USB headsets for home and office. The use of headsets is increasing in our daily life. It is because of its ease of handle design and it’s quite adjusting the shape. You are a gamer and want to hear the music and sounds and add fantasy to your gaming experience. As a business professional, you need to use it for communication purposes; for most of the activities relating to sound and communication, you need a headset. 

 Using a headset is the best way to save your room and office neighbors, the people who live closer to you from the noise. Your communication will no longer create disturbance for your family members and office co-workers. A USB headset is compulsory for your routine chat and office communication. You can understand its importance because every computer, laptop, and smartphone have an option for headsets. But the headsets are evolved and instead from pin to USB. The USB headset provides you with fantastic sound quality and takes you to the real gaming experience and natural sound in your conversations. 

Comparison list of the 10 best USB headsets 2022

1. Jabra Evolve 40 UC Stereo Wired Headset

Jabra products are known to be reliable, durable, and long-lasting. Jabra brings lightweight and more efficient headsets for you. From Jabra Evolve UC 40 to Jabra Evolve 2 UC 65, a Bluetooth headset to make your sound experience amazing. The Jabra Evolve 40 UC brings you a set of features that take your sound to another level. 

The design or shape does matter in a headphone. The shape is deemed to be suitable that has few qualities. The Jabra Evolve headset meets those good qualities that make a headset the best and unique. The first quality of a good shape is that it must be good-looking. It should be worth your money. The second quality is that it has an efficient voice cancellation feature.  Jabra Evolve has a good-looking shape. 

The Jabra Evolve comes in a design that suits professionals. It is two ear headsets with an attached mic, with 95 cm length control cord, and a 120cm HS cable. 

Lightweight: The weight is important in a headset. Because you have to wear it on your head, so it should not make you feel that you put something heavy on your head. It makes you uncomfortable. The Jabra Evolve UC 40 is lightweight. The Jabra ensures that you should feel comfortable putting it on your head. The weight is around 6 ounces, which is very light and perfect to use.

Noise Cancellation: The Jabra Evolve UC 40 also has efficient passive noise cancellation. The Jabra Evolve 40 shape is designed in such a way that it provides you with better noise cancellation. The Jabra comes with passive noise cancellation that is easy to your ears.

UC Model: Jabra Evolve is a UC model headset that is compatible with all softphones and perfect for office use. The Jabra Evolve makes your communication fantastic. 

Adjustable Headband: The Jabra comes with an adjustable headband to adjust the headset perfectly for your head. We are different in head size, so the Jabra Evolve provides you with adjustability to make it fix in a place.


  • Professional design
  • Better Noise Cancellation
  • UC Model Compatibility
  • Adjustable headband


  • The mic is too sensitive and even catches the breath.

2. Logitech G Pro X Knox Gear Headset

Logitech is a renowned company in audio products. The Logitech G Pro X will open up new dimensions for sounds for you. The gaming is fun, and the gaming is all the sound. If the sound is not good, that does not lead to a fantastic gaming experience. Gaming without good sound is not fun. It is specially designed for gaming. The G Pro X comes with unique features to make your gaming sound mind-blowing. 

The headset is fully featured and amazing in voice quality. You are going to amplify your gaming sound with Logitech G Pro X. The Logitech brings a headset with multiple features, and you need to maximize your sound experience. If you are looking for a quality sound headset, this will meet all of your requirements. 

It is equally useful for the office and designs to deliver the best quality of sound to the music and gaming lover. The G Pro X is also suitable for DJs to have noiseless better sound. 

G Pro Sound:  The Logitech G Pro X improves your voice quality with its G Pro features. It constructs an outstanding network to deliver you more transparent and amplified sound. The G Pro is an advanced technology to provide you with the most accurate and clear sound. The headset will give a very decent sound. You can hear any faint sound clear and add to the enjoyment and more to your game. There is no disturbance in sound. 

Comfort with Material: The headset material is so comfortable. The leatherette wrapping and comfy velour provide you with the optimal comfort level for uninterruptible and focused game playing and a new zeal to win—the comfortable material to facilitate you to stay in long meetings and conferences. 

Blue Voice Technology: The Logitech G Pro X brings you Blue voice technology that gives you a more transparent and noiseless voice. Blue voice technology is added to provide real-time filters to reduce the noise. It gives you a clean and pure voice. 

Knox Gear: The Logitech G Pro comes with a Knox gear 3.0. It contains 4 ports. 


  • Pro G Sound Feature
  • Comfortable Construction
  • Blue Voice Technology
  • 4 Ports Knox Gear.


  • Mic needs to potter for good sound.
  • The bass is not perfect

3. Sennheiser SC 30 USB – Single-Sided Headset

Sennheiser SC 30 is specially designed for professionals. The one side head is suitable for official communication and receiving phone calls. The officials need to have consistent communication; the SC 30 is made for them. The one ear headset provides you with a more precise and focused sound. It is comfortable to wear and suitable for integrated communication. 

The best noise-canceling mic features provide clearer and without background noise. The SC 30 ensures you deliver High-definition sound to give you a better experience. 

Integrated Communication:  Sennheiser SC 30 gives more suitability for the professional and officials who want to have a better and unified communication. The SC 30 also works best for the user who wants consistent use.   

Noise Cancellation: Nobody wants to hear a noise in essential communications like communication with the customers, clients, and the directors in the meeting. It could be in any form. So, we don’t want any noise and non-clarity in the voice. Sennheiser has outstanding noise cancellation technology. 

It reduces the background noise to deliver a clear and pure voice and natural sound. A headset is all about sound. If the sound is not audible, clear, and realistic, the headset is not used. So, SC 30 USB headset is the solution for all of the audio issues. 

Control Unit: The headset comes with a volume controller. The controller provides you with multiple functions on just one pad. You can attend a call, mute a call, end and redial number. You can easily adjust the volume of your call. These are amazing functions while you call; you no more need to pick your mobile. Everything is only your finger away. 

Another option is an Active Guard option that saves you from sudden over the sound.


  • Designed for professionals
  • Unified Communication.
  • Noise Cancellation is better.
  • ActiveGard to save from injury.


  • The connecting cable needs improvement.

4. Plantronics 3225 USB-C Headset

Plantronics 3225 USB two ears provide you with crystal, clear and richer sound. 3225 C is made for attending calls at the office, home, and any call center service. It is a professional headset to hear the sounds and voices in their best quality. If you want to enjoy the best form of sound, Plantronics will be the best choice. 

The design is quite simple. You don’t need to be technology savvy. You can attend the call easily from the office and home. You can manage your calls easily.  

C Type USB port: The 3225 headset brings for you an advanced form of a USB port. It comes with a C type USB port that enables you to attach it to the iPhone or any smartphone having a c-type option. It allows you to attend the calls directly from smartphones as well as tablets and PCs. 

Hi-fi Sound: The headset ensures the delivery of hi-fi sound that features to be the noiseless, clear, and high-quality sound that you desire. 

DSP enhancing: The headset provides you with noise cancellation, and DSP enhanced, ensuring that clear and so natural sound. 

Compatible: The 3225 headset is consistent for all known and widely used platforms like Amazon, Chime, and other UC platforms and softphones Microsoft and Cisco, etc. The headset is perfect for calls. 

Inline Controls: The headset comes with handy inline controls. You can attend, mute, high or low volume according to your need, and end the call from your PC.


  • Designed for professionals
  • Unified Communication.
  • Noise Cancellation is better


  • No Cons were found in this product

5. Logitech Zone Wired Noise Cancelling Headset

Logitech brings music love to an uninterrupted sound headset. Logitech understands the pulse of the music lover. Logitech provides you with sound without any distortion. The Zone wired delivers the ultra-level of bass by its 40mm driver. The Logitech ensures you to provide the amazing sound of your music. 

You must hear the term feel the music; the Logitech zone wired headset makes this example real. The Logitech infuses a new soul to your music. At the same, this is perfect for your call.

Noise Cancellation: The headset provides you with a cleaned and filtered voice from any background ambient. The noise cancellation feature isolates your voice and music sound from any unclarity and muddles around you. The open office certified noise-canceling headset ensures to deliver you the amazingly ultra-clear and pure voice in your calls super sound in your music. 

Lightweight: The headset comes with stainless steel with Teflon coating with a soft headband and ear pads that maximize your comfort. 

Inline Control: The voice controller is always at your fingertips. You can easily adjust the volume, mute a call, pause, or play your music. It works best with Microsoft teams and Skype. The headset ensures your comfortability all day long. How much your meeting and call goes long, it will be stable, consistent in its work, and comfortable all the time.


  • Filtering Voice to make it clear
  • Ultra-Bass
  • Unified Communication.
  • Open-Office Certified Noise Cancellation
  • Compatible with various platforms


  • Not comfortable to wear for a long time.

6. Wantek USB Headset with Mic

Wantek USB headset makes your sound experience incredible. The headset is specially designed for business calls, attending meetings. Whether you have to join a skype call, or you are going to attend any official meeting, whatever you intend to do, the sound results will be tremendously amazing. Wantek USB headset ensures you to be delivered clearer and flawless. 

Headband: The Wantek comes with a wide headband. It also has an adjusting option for suitability on your head. The wide headband allows the headset to be adjusted according to the different head sizes. The wideband makes it suitable for a large number of business professionals.  

Clarity:  The headset provides you with a clear voice while you call through softphones, PC, and smartphones. The noise cancellation feature ensures the voice sending or receiving clarity—the DSP in the headset to provide a clearer and natural sound without any unpleasant background sound. 

Comfortable: The Wantek headset provides you with the ultra-comfort due to its soft and high-quality material. The leatherette is not a natural leather but very close to it and very soft to the ears. The headset is lightweight and makes you feel comfortable with your head and ears. 

Durability: The headband design, construction, and quality plastic make it sturdy and durable. It is the material that makes it a hard competitor of big brands like Jabra and Plantronics. It is perfect for online calling.

Compatible: It is widely compatible with most devices and platforms. The platforms and devices, including Windows and UC platforms like Chime and Amazon, etc. If we talk about its working, it is plug and play. It means no need to install drivers, only plug in the cable, and start working. 

It is suitable for Skype, Microsoft meetings, Zoom meetings, etc

Inline Control:  The headset comes with inline control that enables you to control volume, mute, and end the call button. All basic call needs are just a push away. 


  • Adjustable headband
  • Ultra-soft material
  • Durable and sturdy plastic.
  • Compatible with UC platforms


  • Start and end call button working issue.

7. Plantronics Blackwire 5220 USB C Headset

We have discussed the Plantronics 3225. Here is a new model of Plantronics 5220. It has some features like in 3225. But this model has come with updated specs. This model is a bit advanced to the previous one. As we know, the look explains many things—the main change in its look. The Plantronics 3225 had a simple look. The new Plantronics look has turned into an amazing one. The 5220 comes in an elegant look that makes it different from many other competitors’ headsets. It did not change only the look but also added some more features to make it outstanding. 

Hi-fi Stereo: The headset brings you the new dimensions of sound. The headset is perfect for those who want to have an extra level of sound. The Plantronics maximized the sound quality and featured those that had limitations in the previous one. 

C Type USB: The Plantronics 5220 comes with a C USB type port. The c USB increases its connectivity more than a computer. The devices that have a C USB port can be connected with 5220 headsets. It can connect now to the iPhone, smartphones, and tablets. The connectivity range provides you with more accessibility of devices to use it. Now whatever you are playing, the sound, the music, or the call, you can hear the sounds at ultra-level clarity. 

Platforms:  The Plantronics 5220 is compatible with many platforms, that is, windows, Skype, Amazon, Chime, UC platforms. The softphones of Avaya, Microsoft, and Cisco.


  • Hi-fi Stereo.
  • Compatibility with more devices.
  • Noise Cancellation is awesome
  • Perfect for long time use


  • Connection issue

8. Mpow HC6 USB Headset with Microphone

It is not very famous among the people, but it makes excellent headsets and sound products—the Mpow new creation MC6 headset, which is perfect for the gamers. The gamers need a high standard quality sound because gaming is not fun without a quality sound. So, the Mpow HC6 is an amazing addition to your gaming. Its sound boosts up the energy of your gaming.  

The sound quality also depends on your zeal attachment. A good quality sound drives you to win the games. So, the HC6 induces this feeling in you while playing a game. The sound quality is quite perfect at this price. It is hard to find the other one at the same price with much higher sound quality. 

You want to play a real-time online game like PUBG and offline gaming like Call of duty. Every game will be more entertaining with Mpow headsets. 

Noise Cancelling: The headset design ensures noise cancellation. Its amazing sound block design is a hindrance to the unwanted background sound. Its shape blocks the outer sound and keeps the inner sound perfect. 

Customer Service: The headset is perfect for customer services providing. It makes you hear the single sentence of the customer to provide the information what he or she wants to know. 


  • For gamers, standard.
  • Rotatable Mic.
  • Boom design for Noise Cancellation
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • More devices and platform compatibility


  • The sound quality is not up to the mark.

9. HyperX Cloud Revolver S – Gaming Headset

The HyperX Revolver S headset is primarily made for gamers. It is created to provide you with the ultimate level of gaming sound. HyperX, as the name explains, is a way to hype your gaming experience. We are sure you will not need to search for any other product for gaming after having it. The HyperX gives you an experience in sound that you never had before. 

The most amazing thing is that it is available at an affordable price; it gives you the features at this price that others can’t provide you even more than that price. Let’s have a look at the features.

Dolby Sound 7.1: It delivers you the sound with five full channels. It provides you with the front, surrounds, and center sound at the best quality. The X will maximize your gaming experience with its clearer, full bass, and best quality sound. 

Body: The main body is made with a steel frame. The frame made it durable and for the gamers who play for a long time.  It is best for consistent players and works for a long. HyperX with ultra-soft memory foam provides ultra-comfort to the ears. You will not face any kind of un comfortability due to consistently wearing it.


  • Designed for gamers.
  • Dolby 7.1 sound.
  • Certified Noise Cancellation mic
  • Extra soft to wear.
  • Advance controller


  • No Cons found

10. iMicro Im320 USB Headset

iMicro lm320 has every feature that you need. It has a bit of a different look than that of others. The triangular ear pads make it look elegant. It is hard to find such a great sound product that meets all your basic needs in sounds. 

It is perfect for calling, the better noise cancellation, and above all, it is available at the most inexpensive rate. All the basic features you can avail in just $ 17. It is the most inexpensive sound product in all we mentioned in the above list. 

Tough, it is at a lower rate, but it is not behind any good and quality sound headset. It provides you with an adjustable head pad to adjust it according to different sizes of heads. 

The headset has a controller used to mute, pause, volume up and down, and end the call. The noise cancellation features us super and will not disappoint you. If you are looking for a basic headset to use which has all those qualities, you need to take a start. This set will be the best option for you. Its durability is not doubtful too. It will go for a long time for your calls and gaming for not an extraordinary experience but a wonderful and new experience with it.


  • Very low price
  • All basic features.
  • Noise Cancellation is better.
  • Best as a basic.


  • Not comfortable for long time use.


 We provided you with a list of the 10 best headsets. If you want to use it in gaming or calling, you can choose it according to your need. It is up to you now. If you need to use it in gaming, you must need a high feature headset, and if you need it for calling or office work, you can use a good headset with a better noise cancellation feature. At the same time, a gaming player needs the best sound headset. 

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