Anyone who intends to buy a microphone for gaming interaction. This article is going to cover the 10 best ps4 microphones perfect for gaming. There is only one way to enhance your gaming experience on PS4 is to have a good quality mic. Gaming is becoming the most popular activity these days due to pandemic. There is no other good way to enjoy staying at home except for playing games. 

The accessories quality makes gaming more fun and more entertaining. A low-quality headset with a low-quality mic does not only give the bad experience of gaming but also kills all the entertainment. So, the choice must be right. If you are a PlayStation 4 user, you must need the best accessories for your gaming to get fully entertained through gaming. You need to have a good quality mic for collaboration. 

In this article, I tried to inform you of the best mics with their prices and a little bit of information to make it easy for you to compare the products and suitability according to price and features. It is an opportunity to have the best microphone with optimum features and you could also stretch your budget if it is needed. The mic is going to enhance your experience of gaming. It matters when you have a squad and there is a need for communication. The gravity of communication and mic increases when you have to deliver a decision as a squad leader. 

The mic quality is decisive while gaming and collaborations. A buzz or ambient can destroy all the game strategy.

Here is the list of the 10 best PS4 microphones perfect for gaming. 

1. Trust Gaming GXT 232 Mantis Gaming Microphone

When it comes to gaming communication or you want to guide your squad, the voice clarity must be certain. There must be certain that there is no background noise while you are communicating with the squad. The Trust Gaming GXT 232 ensures the best quality and clear crystal voice throughout your gaming. The mic is therefore designed to avoid all those hindrances that may occur during the communication and create a disruption in your gaming. 

Quality Audio: Trust Gaming GXT 232 is designed to provide you the quality audio. It ensures crystal, clear, and natural voice delivery to the other team members in gaming. The clear quality microphone ensures the high quality of voice to make your gaming experience more amazing and more entertaining. 

Broadcasting Games: GXT 232 is made to deliver higher sound quality with less background noise. It is easy to broadcast your game with high-definition clear audio. It works amazing with thunder loud high-definition music of gaming.  If you are broadcasting your game, it was the perfect tool to use. 

Filtered sound: The Mantis comes with a pop filter that is especially helpful in gaming communication and collaboration. The GXT 232 pop filter works as a filter and purifies your broadcasting voice and your voice delivery to your squad. Whether you breathe slightly and mic internal sounds produce, in any case, the filter will send your listeners a clearer and obvious voice. 

Tripod Stand: The Mantis comes with a shockproof design that provides a tremble free clear voice delivery.  The GXT shockproof ability to neutralize every little sound whether it comes from the keyboard buttons. It does not allow it to deliver it to the audience. 

USB Connection: The GXT 232 Mantis can be connected through USB. The USB option enables mic compatibility with several devices like PS4, PC, and MAC. The mic connects to the device or PS4 instantly by only plugging in.  The handling is very easy. You can place it on a table near you. You can even hold it in your hand while speaking. Whatever condition suits you. 

  • Quality audio
  • Noiseless audio
  • Tripod Stand
  • PCs, Mac OS, PS4 Compatibility
  • Pop filter does not lock in one place

2. HyperX SoloCast USB Gaming Microphone

HyperX is a renowned name for sound quality. If you are looking for outstanding voice quality and you want to start a live broadcast of your gaming with original sounds and music to give a pro look, then the HyperX is made for you. The HyperX is made to enhance your gaming experience to a higher level. 

The HyperX is the unidirectional microphone best for various platforms including PC, PS4, and Mac. The indirectivity allows the user to speak freely with the confidence of having no detracting voice in the background. As it is unidirectional so it captures only from the front side voice to provide optimum precision. The voice without a mix. 

Cardioid Polar Pattern: The microphone cardioid polar pattern ensures no interruption in communication with the team. The sound must be clear when you are on an important mission. The unidirectional polar pattern captures the use of voice only. It rejects the multidimensional background voice to deliver your sound crystal clear and without any ambient voice. The condenser enhances the voice quality and delivers to your team a super loud voice. 

Tap to use: The mic is easy to use. No need to push a button and speak. You only need to tap at the head of the microphone and start speaking. The LED light will let you know either the microphone is activated or not? The fun is double with the amazing mic. 

Adjustable Stand: The stand is flexible and adjustable for your place. If you have a tight place you can adjust it under your Monitor or LED. The stand has a swivel that allows the adjustments according to your setup. So, the microphone will make your gaming easier.  

Platforms: The SoloCast is the best microphone for gaming. It supports various platforms especially Windows, Mac, PS4, and Xbox, etc. The compatibility ensures that you should not miss the great quality sound on whatever platform you are using. The USB option makes it compatible with all known gaming devices. The mic is designed to take your gaming level to a higher level.

  • Tap to use
  • Cardioid Polar pattern 
  • Adjustable stand
  • Multi-device compatibility 
  • A bit Weighty

3. FIFINE Metal K669B Microphone

Think of the gaming communication of the time when it was the initial period. It was the introductory time when gaming was gaining popularity. It is a modern and advanced era. Everything needs to be super-fast. Now, the gamers don’t ask for the mics having gorgeous looks; their preference is the sound quality. The games have been created so heavy with very high-definition sounds, so they need to have mics that are ultra-clear and ultra sound quality. 

Fifine Metal K66B9 is designed to fulfill this need. It has all those requirements that today’s gamers want. With having a USB option, it allows the user to avail plug n play. If you are going to play a live game the Fifine metal K66B9 will prove itself best for your gaming and your experience while interacting with your squad. It will not let you down in the peak moments of action. 

Easy Installation: The K66B9 is designed especially for gaming and live streams. It does not matter whatever the platform you are going to use on it. It will meet your needs of clear voice delivery to your gaming team and also to the followers. 

Metal Stand: The solid sturdy metal tripod stand allows the mic to gain a perfect balance in its place.  It provides you with convenience while you are communicating with your friends or doing a live stream. 

 Volume knob: The mic provides you with extraordinary sound quality with a lot of features to adjust it. The mic has a volume knob that allows you to adjust the volume while recording, communicating, and going on live stream gaming. The mic is designed for PC and PS4 gaming platforms especially also works with the platforms that support the USB option. 

  • Easy installation no drivers are needed
  • Metal stand
  • Volume knob
  • Cardioid Pattern
  • The stand seems flimsy

4. CMTECH Omnidirectional USB Microphone

The flexible, thin, space saver, soft in structure but hard in working, and at an affordable price microphone is here. The CMTECH mic has all those features that a gamer is looking for. It has multiple features at a very affordable price. CMTECH is plug and cardioid, omnidirectional and modern gaming look. The look that attracts the gamers. 

A brief description of its features is below:

 Polar pattern:  A good mic is either known by the great voice quality or the clarity in delivery. If these two things are not in a perfect manner the all-other qualities are useless. So, CMTECH brings everything that you need in your gaming and live to stream. The mic has an omnidirectional polar pattern with a condenser that ensures clear voice delivery. 

The omnidirectional mic helps you to capture the voices from multiple directions. It is usually helpful in communicating while playing games and when you’re communicating with more than one person at the same time. 

Compact design: A good thing with other good things is its compact design. The mic is not as big as we have discussed. It is quite flexible. The neck is super adjustable that supports the adjustments according to the way you want to speak. So, speak inflow without taking a position. 

USB plug n play: The mic is a USB plug n play. You only have to plug the mic and it will need no driver installation. It will begin working as you plug into your PC or PS4. 

Compatible:  The mic is designed for gaming environments, platforms, and devices. It will work amazing on the PC, Mac, and PS4. It is not suitable for Linux as that is not known as a gaming platform. 

  • Compact design
  • Omnidirectional
  • USB plug n play
  • Flexible neck
  • Button with LED indicator
  • Pickup noise

5. Razer Seiren X USB Streaming Microphone

Razer Seiren X USB microphone. It is a well-known microphone. It has been the choice of streamers and gamers. A gamer needs a microphone that has a gorgeous look, a clearer voice, a louder voice that is suitable for gaming and adjustability. All of these features are in one, that is Razer Seiren X. Whatever the features it possesses, are at their highest level. 

The black finishing look is also attractive. If you don’t want to compromise on quality and also can’t afford a mic at the price of gold. The Razer Seiren X will be a perfect choice. The super-cardioid polar pattern does not allow any background unwanted noise during your communication. It stops all those things that may disrupt your gaming. 

Polar pattern: The polar pattern is considered to be important in a mic. If the polar pattern does not meet your requirements, that is not for you.  So, gamers usually communicate with each other, this is what today’s gaming is. This collaboration also adds fun to gaming.  The super-cardioid pattern is the best fit for a gamer as well as a streamer. The Razer Seiren X that’s why provides this pattern that a gamer, streamer needs clarity in voice. 

Shock mount:  A shock mount is used to protect the mic from the shocking sound. If a mic receives a shock, the shock mount bears it and does not reach those vibrations to the mic. The Seiren X has a good quality shock mount that is efficient to save the mic from minor vibrations to keep the user flow maintained without any disturbance or distraction.  

Zero Latency Monitoring: Seiren X ensures no zero-time latency in your voice. It is necessary to deliver the voice in real-time. Same as you are speaking from your place. It is helpful while you are collaborating with your team and also when you are playing a live game. 

  • Super cardioid pattern.
  • Built-in shock mount
  • Zero Latency Monitoring
  • No Cons found

6. CHASDI Omnidirectional 3.5mm Dongle Microphone

It is the smaller of all of the microphones that have been enlisted above. It is made of plastic, small in size but very useful in gaming. A gamer would love it because they need such a compact-sized thing. They are easy to manage and best for working but lighter on the pocket. 

The mic has several features. Let’s discuss some of them. 

Size:  As far as the size is concerned it is compact. It is nearly finger-sized or maybe less than that. The CHASDI mic size is suitable for gamers because they need such a lightweight, compatible, and compact size thing for gaming. These are affordable and easy to place anywhere in the room.

Space:  As it is compact so it is very easy to manage. It is not a problem to place it. You can place it anywhere on the gaming table even if you can’t feel it when you attach it to the device. In PS4 it can be attached to your remotes. 

Polar pattern:  The mic is designed for gaming so directivity is also important. The CHASDI comes in an omnidirectional pattern that allows the user to communicate with more than one at the same time. The omnidirectional mic can capture the voice from more than one side some are cardioid those can only pick the voice from the front. So, you have to take a specific position to deliver your voice properly.  The omnidirectional microphone enables you to speak from any side left, right, front, back, etc. 

Compatibility:  The CHASDI is compatible with PS4, smartphones, PCs, and all those devices that have a 3.5mm option. 

  • Compact sized
  • Space saver
  • Omnidirectional pattern 
  • PC and PS4 compatible
  • Pick up quality is not good

7. TKGOU USB Computer Gaming Microphone

TKGOU brings you the quality and the products that meet your needs. If you are a basic gamer and spend a lot on heavy-duty microphones, here’s the mic that comes with all those things that are suitable for you. The easy-to-handle mic flexible neck gives you more freedom of use. After having a PS4 if your table has a shortage of space. 

In this situation you can’t afford the bulky and spacious item, you need a microphone that is compact and not weighty at all. TKGOU gaming microphone is one of the best in flexibility and adjustability as well as price. 

Polar Pattern:  TKGOU is an omnidirectional mic that supports live streams gaming and communication with the team and friends. If you are playing a team-based game like PUBG in a specific area you must need good communication otherwise a break in communication can mislead the game and you may not be able to meet the goal. The same is the case with PS4 and other games. The omnidirectional pattern allows us to communicate with more than one friend to keep track of the strategy.

Plug n Play:  The TKGOU mic gives you relaxation from the installation side. There is no need to install any driver. You only have to plug the mic and you can play it right then.

Clarity:  The mic ensures to deliver the crystal and clear sound with no background noise. The noise cancellation feature separates the main sound source from background unwanted noise from the background. 

Compatibility: The TKGOU is compatible with Windows, macOS, and PS4. The main gaming platforms have a wide range of gaming. 

  • HD Audio
  • Perfect Noise cancellation
  • Plug n Play USB
  • Mute button and LED indicator
  • Flexible neck very easily adjustable
  • Not suitable for professionals

8. Antlion Audio ModMic Attachable Microphone

In our list, it is quite a different mic. It is different than others have been mentioned above. It is not like to be placed somewhere on the table and it is not designed like that too. It is ModMic that is a mode to be attached to a headset. If your headset mic is not perfect and you are not happy with that, you can attach this ModMic.

Mic for Headphone:  It is a mic for headphones. You don’t need to place it, just attach it with your headset and it will begin working. You can detach it whenever you want. 

Wireless:  It comes with a wireless facility. You don’t need to worry about dealing with a wire with a mic. It comes wireless so the gaming will be more fun. 

Toggle between Modes: The mic provides you with the option of toggle between modes. You can set unidirectional to filter the noise from your communication and omnidirectional to gain higher quality audio. It depends on the requirements. 

Compatibility:  The mic is compatible with PCs, Mac OS, Linux, PS4, and almost all of the gaming platforms. 

  • Attach and Detach to a Headset
  • Omnidirectional and unidirectional modes
  • Compatible with PC, macOS, PS4
  • Ultra-durable wire
  • No low power indication

9. Samson G-Track Pro Microphone

Samson Technologies G-Track Pro is a fully-featured mic. If you need a big mic that seems professional and adds to your grace, this mic can give you all that you want.  If you are a live streamer gamer on YouTube, you must buy this. It will impress your followers. The amazing metallic body and finish give it a more professional look. 

Polar pattern:  You can adjust the polar pattern according to your environment and nature of work.  It has a multipolar pattern. You can choose the omnidirectional, cardio, bidirectional. Whatever that suits your needs you can choose for you. 

HD audio: The mic delivers your listeners and followers the high-definition quality of sound. The HD sound you need for your live stream. Your sound quality expresses your position in the minds of followers. If you have a big fan following, you must have a high-quality sound provider microphone. 

  • Multipolar patterns 
  • HD audio
  • Controls on your finger
  • Voice and instrument sound at the same time
  • A bit heavy

10. ABLET Gaming Microphone for PS4 and Xbox

The simpler and easy to handle microphone is a surety of your gaming taste will not let fade. It will enhance your gaming experience.  It is also a multi featured attachable mic that is wired. But the wire is like a normal wire that is used in other mics and headsets. This wire is far different and so durable. 

Design:  The design is simple and easy to understand. The mic has a flexible but strong wire, voice controller clip controls the voice. A mute button is also provided to mute. The design is so simple and adequate. 

Steel Arm:  The mic has a steel flux arm to position the mic before the source to provide the voice properly. 

Compatibility: The devices that support 3.5mm pin such as gaming PS4 / Xbox One controller, PC, Laptop, iPhone, and Smartphones.

  • Simple and adequate structure
  • Compatible with various devices
  • Ultra-durable wire
  • Not suitable for professionals


We have collected the microphone for PS4 gaming. All of the mics are the same useful for PC gamers and other platform users. If you have a tight budget and want good features most of the microphones that are enlisted are no at a high price. But the professionals need a high-quality mic, so we added that stuff too. If you are a live streamer or you want to use it in gaming chat only, you can select a mic based on suitable polar patterns.