10 Best Mics For Discord 2022 (Improve Your Gaming Experience)

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If you are searching for the best mic for discord, this article will cover the 10 best mics for discord to improve your gaming communication experience. You can understand the discord; you will have to flashback to when games were newly introduced. At that time, when you had no internet. You used to collaborate in games with friends with shouting, or your gaming would have been combative. Well, it was a normal thing in those days. After the internet came into being, everything changed, including how we used to play a game. Now there is no need for a person to be present at the same place.

Whatever the game is, you need to coordinate with the game team to work collectively to achieve the same goal.  You need a good mic for better coordination. Whether you need to use discord, a right mic is necessary to coordinate with the team. Before going to buy any mic, you have a need assessment. You have to use this microphone for collaboration on discord, so the first and foremost thing for this quality of sound. 

The quality of mic sound is the soul of you of your need. If a mic does not meet this requirement, that is for no use. You should kick that mic out of your room. Other features like noise-canceling, mic power, USB, and wireless features would be a plus. The right mic must have all those features that help to deliver the best quality voice. The look of a mic does matter, but it places after her the sound quality.

Comparison list of Top 10 Best Mics for Discord 2022

ProductWeightPolar PatternCheck Price
HyperX QuadCast254gFour Polar
Fifine Metal400gUnidirectional
Rode NT-USB1.15 PoundsUnidirectional
Razer Seiren X0.8 PoundsUnidirectional
Antlion Audio Mic3.98 ouncesTwo Polar
Zalman Zm-Mic11.12 ouncesOmnidirectional
Blue Snowball iCE0.46 kgsUnidirectional
Beyerdynamic FOX1.00 lbs.Super-cardioid
Blue Yeti Nano1.39 PoundsUnidirectional,
Elgato Wave:3255gUnidirectional

1. HyperX QuadCast – USB Condenser Gaming Microphone

If you are looking to enhance your gaming experience and want to have a perfect collaboration with your friends, HyperX QuadCast is the best option for you. It is known to be a popular microphone for gaming live stream and Discord chat. Whether you want to connect through discord, the HyperX QuadCast will allow you to speak with full freedom without any disturbance of noise due to any movement. 

The HyperX will provide you with excellent sound with exceptional high quality as it is certified by the renowned platform for gaming chat Discord.   The mic has a special filter to filter the noisy and bumps sounds and makes sure to deliver a more transparent sound to your teammates.  Here are some prominent features.

Elastic Rope Suspension: The HyperX comes with an elastic rope suspension that’s the primary function to separate the mic and eliminate the unwanted sound produced due to personal movement. The elastic rope controls all of the unwanted sounds that lead to even minor disruption in the speech.  

Status indicator with LED:  The HyperX has a mute and unmutes option with an LED indicator. Does the indicator show whether it is active to speak or not? You can change the mute status with just one tap. If you tap and the light is on, it means the mic is active, and you can start speaking. If the light is off, it means the mic is muted. 

Four Polar Pattern Selector: The HyperX brings with a selector to select one of the four polar patterns to provide you the freedom of choice to adapt to the environment you are working in. The four patterns are Cardioid, Omnidirectional. Bidirectional and Stereo. 

Mount adapter: The mic comes with a mount adapter that is suitable for most of the mic boom and stands.

Gain control dial: The mic has a gain control dial that helps the user select the sensitivity. The dial is located at the bottom of the mic.


  • Elastic rope suspension to reduce unintentional sound.
  • Status indicator with LED
  • Four Polar Pattern Selector
  • Gain control dial


  • Only USB support is not enough.

2. Fifine Metal Condenser Recording USB Microphone

The Fifine claims that wherever you use it, the microphone will never disappoint you. The microphone will give you the highest quality. Fifine can be in your approach to a low budget. It has multiple features.  The excellent quality mic allows you to set up easy to use for everyone, especially for a beginner. The Fifine Metal Mic comes with a 5.9 feet cable to plug into the USB port. The mic is easier to use. It brings you the plug and play function. You only need to plug it in a USB port, and it will start working right there.

5.9 feet long Cable: The mic comes with 5.9 feet long cable. The cable makes its use more flexible and more comfortable. So, you don’t need to stay in the same place. You can change your place if needed, and the long wire will be sufficient for your movement. 

Tripod Stand: The Fifine metal mic comes with a tripod stand that provides the mic support and stability to continue delivering voice without interruption. The stand stays at its place firmly with no chance to move and produces extra movement noise. 

Designed for Discord:  The mic ensures high-quality sound, the sound you need in your gaming and live streams. So, the user can easily understand your words. The Fifine metal mic is specially designed for Discord and YouTube.  It ensures the best quality voice so you can collaborate with your friends to win the games. 

Cardioid Pattern: The mic is based on a cardioid pattern to deliver you a clearer, transparent, and crispier voice. The cardioid pattern is responsible for blocking the noise and only delivers a clear sound. So, there should be no hindrance for your team of gamers in listening to your voice to act as a strategy and to exert collective effort to the games. We call it to work as a team.


  • 5.9 feet long Cable
  • Compatible with Mac and PC.
  • Tripod Stand Gain control to dial
  • Specially designed for discord
  • Mic uses Cardioid Pattern to cancel background noise.


  • No compatibility of Phones and Xbox.

3. Rode NT-USB – Versatile Studio-Quality USB Microphone

Although it is a little bit pricey, it seems perfect for gaming if you see its features. We know how much clarity is important in communication during your gaming. The games need a better internet connection and the best mic to chat collaborate; only, in this case, you can work as a team. The communication is considered the sole of the multiplayer games and the PUBG, a battle arena.   

It is meant to provide comfort. As we know, the plug n play option provides peace of mind.  The mic has a unidirectional pattern that ensures the team’s delivery of super clear and crystal voice. Here are some features to be considered necessary. 

Polar pattern: The first thing to be discussed with a microphone reference is its polar pattern. The polar pattern defines the clarity of a mic’s sound, so it should be the priority. Rode NT has a cardioid polar that ensures noise cancelation and provides you with a more transparent and better sound experience. 

Unidirectional:  Another feature that could be highlighted in NT is its unidirectionality. The directionality is another factor that appoints the quality of sound. Whether the sound will be clear or less precise? It denotes the sensitivity of a mic. There is a different kind of directionality. A mic could be Omni, uni, and bidirectional. The Rode NT is unidirectional and is sure to deliver a clearer voice. The NT only captures one side, the front side, to deliver the purest and natural voice.

Plug n Play: The plug n play option is very convenient. You only need to plug the USB into your device, and it is done. There is no need to set up, no drivers’ installation. The USB option enables its compatibility with many devices.


  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Unidirectional, which is super clear
  • USB option compatible with many devices
  • Plug n play
  • It comes with a mic stand


  • A little bit pricey.

4. Razer Seiren X USB -Best Microphone for Streaming

If you are looking for a combination of features and attraction, the Razer Seiren has both of them. The Seiren X provides you with a high quality of sound, making it perfect for gaming chat on discord. In multiplayer gaming, communication and collaboration are everything. Clear, noiseless communication ensures good results in gaming. 

Seiren X’s higher quality sound makes it one of the best mics in the market. The other features are exceptional.  The best thing that makes it unique from others is its portability. If you are using a device to move with, you need a portable mic. It is usually tough to move while you are having a large size are features of mic or the mics that have stands. Well, here is a short description of the features. 

Known as Gaming Peripherals: The company is known for the best gaming-related products and peripherals. It includes mic, PCs, keyboards, mouse, etc. The company knows what a user needs in games and what should make the gaming experience amazing. 

Condenser: The condenser mic means high-quality sound. The condenser has a wide frequency response. It is widely used in studios. A condenser makes the sound quality richer. So, Seiren X is a condenser mic that ensures the best quality and a wide range of frequency response. 

Zero Latency:  The zero-latency does matter in a mic. All we discussed above have the feature of zero latency. The zero-latency enables you to real-time communication in its perfect meanings. The latency factor in the mic’s voice disturbs the player, so he can’t concentrate on the gaming. 

Non-obstruct: The mic design is non-obstruct and sleek. It enables the mic to be the best in clarity and with no interruption. 

Polar pattern: Nothing could be better than a clear sound; a gamer can’t compromise on it. With its super-cardioid pattern, the mic enables a player or streamer to deliver the noiseless voice. That’s why it is considered to be one of the best mics in the for Discord call. 

 Unidirectional: The unidirectionality enables Sieren X to provide the exact and natural sound. The mic sensitivity makes a good mic. As this mic is unidirectional, it captures only the one sided voice to deliver the team, only the teammates’ voice.


  • Well known for gaming products
  • Unidirectional, which is super clear
  • Condenser microphone
  • Super cardioid polar pattern
  • Non-obstruct and sleek design


  • It comes without a pop filter

5. Antlion Audio ModMic – Best Attachable Boom Microphone

What could be more than efficient and effective than Antlion comes in a market with a different concept in microphones. ModMic does not provide you with a heavy or oversized microphone. It instead provides you the most manageable form of a mic. I think Antlion believes in the concept that only innovation and uniqueness win a significant market share. They are not wrong, by the way. 

What else a game player requires except manageability and ease. The ModMic provides both. ModMic is a lighter, smarter, and detachable magnet mic that can easily be attached to any handphone. The features that make it unique are below.

Attachable Mic: The bigger and incredible difference between this and the other mics oi can be attached to a headset if you are using a headset that sounds good but does not have a perfect mic; ModMic us the solution. You can easily attach and detach to the headset to make it a quality sound headset. 

Unidirectional: The directivity has importance in the microphone use. If you communicate on discord or even a live stream, these need a perfect noiseless communication to team collaboration. The ModMic, with its unidirectionality, provides the non-background ambient sound to the teammates and those who joined you on a live stream. 

Compatibility: The mic is compatible with the various platforms you can use on Xbox One, PS4, Wii-U, and smartphones. It also works super with the Mac.


  • Attach and detachable mic.
  • Unidirectional that removes background noise
  • Compatible with various platforms and smartphones.
  • Capsule adjustment and flexibility


  • The cable is too long to manage.

6. Zalman Zm-Mic1 – High Sensitivity Headphone Microphone

For one who was waiting for the most inexpensive till throughout the list. Here it is. The Zalman Zm Mic1 is the most inexpensive in our list of mics.  Though it is small in size, its features make it bigger than the expensive one.  Here is a look at its features.

Compact design:  The ZM-Mic1 comes in a compact design that makes it easier to use. The big mics usually are fixed in one place. You can set up again and again if you require any adjustment in a voice that is computable angel. It is very easy to handle. 

Lighter:  As it is compact, it is lighter too. The weight is amazingly as low as 0.07 pounds only. It is super to handle it. It is effortless to place and displace.  

Clips for cable:  The mic has three mini cables. The long cable is disturbing and does not suit if it is not managed. The clips tide the cable for its better arrangement. 

Highly Sensitive: The ZM-Mic1 is a susceptible mic. The mic is useful and practical whatever you are in everywhere, I mean far or close to the mic. The mic will pick up the voice easily.


  • Extremely Inexpensive
  • Compact design
  • Lighter in weight
  • Clips to manage the cable
  • Highly Sensitive to pick up far and close sounds.


  • Lack some features.

7. Blue Snowball iCE USB – Mic for Recording and Streaming

The Blue Snowball iCE Mic is suitable for both Skype and Discord. It is one of the lower-priced mics with the highest availability of features. The iCE microphone is perfect for recording, live streaming on pc and mac. It provides you with the incredible experience of chat on Discord, Skype, and other platforms. Here are some fantastic features.

Discord Certified: The Blue Snowball is specially designed for discord, which means it will give the best performance throughout your video or audio communication while gaming.  It will turn your blue into a unique studio look. The communication with your team members has never been so excellent.

Affordability:  Don’t worry about the price side. It is quite affordable in price. If you want to have a full highly featured microphone at an affordable price, like less than a hundred dollars, only this microphone is available.

Retro look:  The mic comes with a retro look. It imitated the classical looking equipment that adds a superior look to your desktop. 

Plug n Play: The Snowball comes with plug n play features for mac and the PC. You only have to plug the mic into the PC, and it is done. No setup and no driver’s installation is needed.


  • Discord and Skype certified
  • Available at affordable price
  • Retro look
  • Plug n play means no driver installation is needed.


  • LED Red color detracts and interferes

8. Beyerdynamic FOX – USB Condenser Microphone

Whenever we talk about the best microphones for studios and gaming, the Fox has been part of the list. Without the inclusion of Fox, the list will be incomplete. Its multiple features make it a buyer’s choice. The features include.

Record and Listen at the Same time:  The Fox provides you the capability to speak and listen. You have to plug the headset pin into the mic headset option, and it will work. Now, you can listen to how your voice is sounding to others. It works in real-time. You will be able to listen to what you say on the mic.

Mute button:  The mic comes with a mute button option. All good microphones have this option. You can mute the voice whenever you want to avoid the unnecessary voice in the live call on discord. 

Large Diaphragm to Enhance Clarity:  The mic has a large diaphragm that helps deliver a clearer and better sound quality. It delivers your voice naturally. 

USB-C:  The fantastic thing about the Fox mic that it comes with USB-C. The USB-C increases the mic compatibility to other devices, like the iPhone, smartphones, and various USB-C compatibility devices.


  • Record and listen at the same time
  • Mute button to avoid unwanted sound
  • Large Diaphragm to Enhance Clarity
  • USB-C to increase compatibility


  • The mic stand is not usable

9. Blue Yeti Nano – Professional Condenser USB Microphone

The Yeti Nano is designed for professionals. This gorgeous looking comes with unique features. It provides outstanding sound quality. The nano has multiple outstanding features that will add to work professionally. The features are as follow: 

The mic comes with quality features like zero latency and is specially designed for Skype and Discord call. It is designed to provide excellent results to your call, communication through discord, recording, and live stream. The zero-latency delivers your voice in real-time.

Plug n play:  The Yeti nano provides you with the plug and plays feature. It allows you to plug in a PC or Mac and start using. It is a plug to start. No, wait for setups, not technicalities. 

Multi-Polar Pattern:  The multiple polar pattern selection enables you a more precise and crystal sound. The Omni directionality provides you with ease in communicating with multiple users simultaneously, and the Cardioid pattern option gives you freedom of speech to the live streams without the interference of any background noise.

Companion App: The mic comes with a companioning app named Blue Sherpa. The app provides you with control of your Blue Yeti Nano. You can adjust the volume, the mic gain and also select the pickup patterns. All the features are available on your desktop.


  • No latency in the voice
  • Plug n play for PC and Mac
  • The multipolar pattern according to environment
  • Boom arm and shock mount


  • Shock mount is very small

10. Elgato Wave:3 – USB Condenser Microphone

The Elgato Wave 3 comes with a more superior look and excellent work. The features make it a part of the best mic list. If you are thinking about Discord compatibility, it is a super fit for Discord, Skype, and other platforms. Other notable features include cardioid polar pattern, unidirectionality, Multiple functions control dial and USB-C

Polar Pattern:  The cardioid striking polar pattern works perfectly for guarding against the noise. The background noise disturbs the gamer to communicate and hard for other teammates to hear. The unidirectionality of the mic enables it to deliver a natural and perfect, and precisely audible voice to the team members. 

Multifunction Dial:  There is a multifunction’s dial on the mic to enable you to access all necessary functions in one place. 

USB-C: The USB-C option makes it more versatile and more compatible with devices having a USB-C port. The devices include the iPhone, smartphones, and many other devices.


  • Unidirectional cardioid polar pattern
  • Plug n play for PC and Mac
  • Multifunctional Dial
  • USB-C for Compatibility to iPhone and smartphones.
  • No pop-up filter included



Above is the list of all the best mics for discord with details about their features. Well, it depends on the way you are going to use a mic. If you want to buy a mic to upgrade, do compare its features with your previous product. All of the mics work best, that’s why I chose them. 

I enlisted the microphones that are designed explicitly for discord. If you need a mic for some other purposes too as live streaming or recording these, some of the mics have compatible features. It also depends on your budget. 

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