The quality sound plays a vital role in your YouTube fan following. You have to update your gear for engaging and high-quality videos. The mic you use for your videos must have some qualities to make your video professional and engaging. A good mic for YouTube is that has a nice pick-up, great high sound pressure level handling, an effective poplar pattern, and obviously an attractive design with durable construction. 

To help you make your purchase decision we enlist the 10 best microphones for YouTube videos, which ensures you the higher audio quality without any addition of colorization and any extraneous sound that can disturb the audio quality

List of Top 10 Best Microphones for YouTube 2021

1. HyperX QuadCast – USB Microphone Podcasts, Twitch, YouTube

HyperX QuadCast is one of those mics that is a favorite of YouTubers and widely used. Its functions and features make it amazing. QuadCast is a USB microphone that is designed for YouTube videos, Live stream, gaming, and podcast. The mic’s four polar pattern section option enables you to adapt and adjust the mic according to the environment you want to use it for. The cardioid polar pattern provides you the suitability to vocal tasks such as podcasts, streaming, and voice-overs. And likewise, the bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo polar patterns provide you with a wider range of functionality in a specific situation. The mic is a great option to gain control, a touch to mute and unmute option is great that is very unique. The internal filter to protect the mic from ambient noise is super amazing.

Four Polar patterns: The mic provides you with the four options of polar patterns that enable you to work easily with any situation and with any situation. The cardioid polar pattern is for front focus and to reject the all-other sound noise. It is used for more precision. The option is helpful for the vocals, the live streamers, and voiceover artists. 

The bidirectional pattern is for a wider range than the cardioid. It picks up two side sounds, the front, and the rear. This is used for face-to-face interviews for equal voices from both sides. The omnidirectional captures all around the environment for a wider range. This pattern is often used for multi-person podcasts and conference calls. The stereo option is used to record the music. 

Gain Control:  Our mic is the name of ease and designed to add comfort to your life. The gain control is important the company knows it, so designed it in a more suitable way. The gain control is given at the bottom of the mic so you can easily adjust the sensitivity by moving the dial.

Built-in shock mount:  The mic has another feature of shock mount which is super best for the resistance against the vibrations and rumbles. The shock mount separates the mic from the unwanted vibrations and makes your audio smoother.

  • Four polar pattern options
  • Bottom gain control dial
  • Built-in shock mount
  • Integrated filter for quality
  • Tap to mute and unmute option
  • Wider Devices range Connectivity
  • Not Easily portable
  • Bit Weighty
  • Only for gamers, and streamers

2. AKG Pro Audio Lyra – Ultra-HD, Four Capsule, Microphone

Like our HyperX the AKG Lyra also has excellent features. It is a great mix of sound quality and amazing features. Let’s talk about the features so it has four capsules that are designed definitely to make the pickup quality better. The mic delivers the Ultra HD sound for your videos. So, the professional must try it. 

The quality attracts the YouTubers and live streamers. This does not let you down. Its ultra-HD sound quality makes your videos more attractive, more clear and good to feel audio. The four polar pattern option creates a difference between it and the other one. 

Ultra-HD quality:  There are many other things in the mic that makes this unique and super but the Ultra-HD sound quality is what YouTube has a point of interest in. The YouTubers need the best sound quality and the other features take place after that. So, the Ultra-HD is going to give your videos an edge over others.

Polar patterns: The mic comes with a little bit different type of polar patterns. The mic four polar patterns give the directionality of them as the front, front, and back, tight stereo, and the wide stereo. The first one, you can call it a cardioid pattern. It only focuses on the front side of the mic. It is best for vocal live streamers. This option suits the YouTubers in case they want to use it vocally. You can also use this pattern for the close instrumental sounds.

The Front and back mic polar pattern provides you a little bit more freedom than that of the previous. It is super best for duets, interviews, and face-to-face communication.  The tight stereo option provides you comfortability in personal communication. And the wide stereo works like the omnidirectional pattern to capture the all-around from the environment. 

Plug n Play: The use of AKG Lyre is so easy and simple. You can easily use it by just attaching the cable to the PC or a d it is done. It is plug n play, no processing, no installation of drivers. 

  • Ultra-HD sound quality
  • Four polar pattern options
  • Plug n play
  • Headphone option for zero-latency monitoring
  • USB-C for more compatibility options
  • No gain marks printing
  • Spacious

3. Blue Snowball iCE USB – Best Mic for Recording and Streaming

Blue Snowball microphone is one of the top mics in live streaming and video recording. It is a small and manageable design that appeals to someone to purchase it. It can be easily placed anywhere in your room. It takes no large, unlike other mics. The Blue comes with a great design and wonderful color scheme that adds beauty to your room as well. 

The mic offers you the custom condenser capsule that enables it to deliver crystal clear audio which is far better than that of your pc microphone. It is a unidirectional mic with a cardioid polar pattern which makes it suitable for YouTubes and streamers. 

Condenser capsule:  The mic comes with a custom condenser capsule. The capsule ensures the best quality of sound with full clarity. The condenser ensures the more pure and natural sound which is needed by YouTuber. After using it, you will feel the difference between the sound of the mic that your pc has and the real and clear sound of our snowball.

Size:  The size of this mic makes it more favorable for YouTubers and live streamers. It does not take a lot of your table space and is easily manageable. You can place it anywhere on the table,. The ball-shaped mic with an amazing color scheme adds beauty to your room. It looks like more than a showpiece in your room and the working quality is above all. 

Pick-up pattern:  Snowball has the cardioid pickup pattern that enables the mic to capture the clearer and filtered noise sound. The mic isolates the main sound source to the environment and ensures that nothing could disturb the sound quality. 

  • Custom condenser capsule
  • No large space on the table
  • Ringer custom shock mount
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Plug n play for Mac and PC
  • Adjustable desktop stand

4. AKG Pro Audio C214 – Professional Large-Diaphragm Microphone

Here is another great mic for YouTube video production. This mic will definitely provide you an edge over others.  The best thing about this mic is that a large number of YouTubers like it and are using it. Its popularity is due to its ultra-level sound quality and no compromise on quality delivery policy. The large diaphragm has a premium-grade condenser that ensures the highest quality in sound delivery. 

The one-inch condenser and the suspension take their performance to another level. It is specially designed for vocals and most suitable for them as well. The mic can also capture the instrument with a higher quality so you can enjoy that music perfectly.  

Large Diaphragm:  The large diaphragm of the mic makes it more suitable for vocals as well as musicians. The diaphragm is responsible for the quality delivery of sound; the larger one works super best for capturing the vocal sound and musical instruments. The large-diaphragm works best for low sound pressures. It can easily pick up your voice in case you don’t speak louder. 

Condenser:  The condenser microphone is far better than the dynamic one. Both in some manners. Well, the specialty of the condenser is that it is widely accepted and also chosen for its best voice quality. It improves the sound quality and makes you feel as you are listening to the person sitting before you. This mic will surely bring closer your followers to you. The C214 due to its conder provides you with a more natural and sweeter sound. 

Exceptional Audio: The basic reason mic popularity among YouTube is its exceptional sound quality. The mic can pick up even a lower SPL sound that is best for the vocals. They can speak in any mode. Well, also it can capture the sound of your music at the best level. The C214 does not let your musical sound disturbed due to high SPL.  

  • Dual capsule system and backplate tech. 
  • Condenser Mic
  • Sleek and non-scratchable body
  • Recording with sound details
  • Switchable 20dB attenuator
  • Integrated suspension to reduce noise
  • Device connectivity option
  • Needs a preamp

5. FIFINE Metal Condenser Recording Microphone

FIFINE brings a sturdy and metallic microphone that has multiple options. Fifine offers you a cheaper option.  The below 40 dollars microphone can do great things at a lower price for you. The mic has all you need to work on YouTube. It offers you greater sound quality and an excellent look. FIIFINE sturdy construction enables it to be more protected, safer, and for long-term use. 

The USB option brings a wider range of compatibility with the devices. It works best when either recording or going live. The cardioid polar pattern condenser is used especially considering the need for the vocals. As they need a crystal-clear sound without any addition of the ambient noise. All in all, it is a great gear that will make your YouTube videos sound mind-blowing.

Polar pattern:  The cardioid polar pattern best suits the vocals and live streamers. As they have to communicate with the audience and followers. It is necessary to maintain the quality of sounds. FIFINE mic comes with a cardioid polar pattern so that your voice should be delivered with clarity and there is an external comprehension for the user. 

Connectivity:  The microphone can be connected to numerous devices. The mic comes with a USB that enables it to easily connect with devices like Mac, PC, and any device that has a USB connectivity option. 

Plug n Play:  The USB option enables us to connect with devices like PC, Mac, laptops, and many others. You can connect it with any device and start using it. There are no complications of software or driver installation for setting it up. 

Construction:  The mic has a sturdy construction. Its metallic body makes it more durable and perfect for longer use. All of these functions and facilities are available at a very affordable price.  

  • Sturdy construction
  • Metal Condenser Microphone
  • Wide range of connectivity
  • USB connection and plug n play
  • Volume knob.
  • Affordable price
  • Insufficient USB cable size.
  • No mute button
  • USB cable not so long

6. Razer Seiren X USB Digital Microphone

The Razer Seiren X has a stunning look that attracts everyone. It gives you an edge over by its perfect size and amazing sound quality. The mic is outstanding in sound reproduction. It’s 14mm condenser ensures a great and clear voice and less handling noise. The mic comes with a USB option that provides you with a lot of device connectivity and easy use. This shows that that mic does not require any phantom power to start. 

The mic comes with four polar options that are suitable for any type of environment and recording setting. The pattern includes cardioid, bidirectionality, Omni directionality, and stereo specially designed for music.

Condenser: The Seiren X is a condenser microphone. The 14mm condenser provides you with the custom-tuned to provide you a selection of the polar patterns. The condenser enables the mic to deliver the naturally pure and more realistic sound. It also enhances the voice up. If you speak louder or slower, it will outperform and maintain the sound quality for a better listening experience.

Connectivity: The mic comes with a USB, that provides compatibility with more devices to work on YouTube in an easier way. The Seiren can be connected to the PC, Mac, and other USB-enabled devices. 

Polar Pattern: The mic comes with four polar options. The cardioid polar pattern is best for vocals and lives streaming. The bidirectional pattern is used in interviews and works suitable for it. The omnidirectional is compatible for the conference calls and the stereo is for the outstanding music quality. 

Plug n Play:  The mic is totally plugged n play. You just need to attach the cable to a PC or Mac and no need to do anything extra. It is done and you can start working with it. The mic does not install any driver to start working with it. 

  • Stunning design
  • 14mm Condenser
  • USB microphone for a wide range of devices
  • plug n play
  • Volume button and mute button
  • Compact form factor
  • Built-in shock mount
  • Zero-latency
  • Without any accessories 
  • Muffled sound
  • Not suitable for boom

7. AmazonBasics Professional USB Condenser Microphone

The AmazonBasics professional USB microphone is another good microphone for YouTube video production. It is a condenser USB microphone that works best with several devices like PC and Mac. AmazonBasics is a product of the Amazon Store that has a wide range of other electronic products. The condenser supports the four polar pattern functionalities. 

The mic comes with a durable body and mesh grille that makes it different and excellent than that of other microphones. The mic has an OLED screen that shows the statuses such as volume, polar pattern, etc. There is an option integrated headset amplifier that allows you to monitor zero latency.

Here are some of its main features:

Polar patterns:  The AmazonBasics bring the selectable option of polar patterns. There are four types of polar patterns available. You can choose anyone to adapt to the situation you need. In a stream session, you can choose the cardioid option as it is best suitable for vocalists’ projects. 

An interview session requires bidirectional because it needs to focus on more than one side. An omnidirectional option allows you to adapt the mic to a larger area focus as a whole. A stereo option when you need to share your music with the audience.

Construction:  The mic has a mantellic construction. The construction ensures the durability and long life of the mic. The mic can bear the rough handling as well. The mesh grille does not only give you durability but also a guard against the plosives and the wind noise. An OLED is placed on the mic for information display.  

Compatibility: The mic comes with a wider range of compatibility. The mic can be connected with the laptop, PCs, and Mac. You can just attach the USB adapter to the port and leave everything on Mic. It will take no time to connect. There is no need for driver installation. 

  • Four polar patterns
  • Professional Mic with three condenser capsules
  • USB microphone 
  • Plug n play 
  • Metallic construction and mesh grille
  • OLED screen display
  • Headphone option for zero-latency monitoring
  • The volume level can be seen on Computer 
  • No zipper case

8. Zoom H1n Portable Recorder, Onboard Stereo Microphones

The Zoom H1n is a portable recorder basically, but it can be used with the devices as well. This you can move with it anywhere. Your recording is not time-bound or in a limited place only. You can start your YouTube videos recording and live streams wherever you are. 

The mic is battery-powered. This is best for recording so you can use it for the recording of an interview. The mic has a built-in condenser stereo microphone that is added to enhance your music experience. The X/Y condenser mics are bent up to 90 degrees that is more suitable for playing with a musical instrument. The mic has other features including playback speed control, voice emphasized filter, and stereo overdubbing function.

Stereo Mic: The Zoom mic is a stereo mic that is best for your YouTube music recording. It can capture and deliver the sound of your instruments in an original way. So, your music video on YouTube is going to be hit by thousands of likes. The 90-degree mic can be easily placed by any instrument to capture more accurate sound.

Portability: The Zoom H1n is more portable than another mic we have listed. This feature makes this mic unique and gives excel to all of the mics listed above. You are not placed and time-bound with our Zoom H1n. Wherever you are, you can easily record and start a YouTube video. 

Ease of Use:  There is an LCD display on the mic to provide you the necessary information. The one-touch button controls make it easy to work with it. The mic can handle up to 120dB sound pressure level and ensures to deliver the most precise and distortion-free sound. 

  • Portable recorder
  • X/Y Stereo mic bent 90-degree
  • Easy to use menus and controls
  • Compact size
  • Camera mountable
  • Up to 32 Gb SD card support
  • 10-hours for continuous use battery
  • Voice emphasized filter
  • No wide range connectivity

9. Shure MV7 USB Podcast Microphone

The Shure MV7 is one of the best mics for YouTubers like it and have been using it. It is one of the tested and trusted microphones. Its outstanding sound and great pick-up make it a favorite of YouTubers and streamers. The Shure mic does not let you down whether it is a live stream or you are going to record a video in a studio. Our Shure MV7 is designed for podcasts, live streams, and other communicating platforms with ultimate clarity. 

The USB pin enables it to be connected with the PC and Mac systems. The mic’s dual XLR and USB option enable analog and digital recording. 

Unidirectional:  The Shure MV7 is unidirectional. The unidirectionality is considered to be perfect for YouTube communication. The mic focuses only on the one side that is front. This only focuses on the main subject side and rejects all other sides to avoid noises. 

Connectivity:  The mic has dual options of connectivity. You can connect it with the PC and mobile both. The device is more suitable for you, you can connect it with. It provides you more functionality and versatility in your recordings and lives sessions.

Plug n Play:  The mic provides you with the plug n play option to add more comfort and less fatigue. It does not require any technicality to start working with. Just plug the cable and start working with it. There is no need to install any driver. 

Gain Control and Zero Latency:  The Shure has a bottom dial to assist you to adjust volume and gain control. At the bottom, there is an option of attachment of headset to hear in real-time what is being delivered. The zero-latency monitoring helps you to know that your listener can listen to you in real or they are receiving the voice late. 

  • USB and XLR connectors
  • For PC and Mobile devices
  • Intuitive touch panel control 
  • Zero-latency monitoring 
  • Dynamic Mic
  • Noise Isolation Technology
  • All metal construction
  • Lightning cable not included 
  • Not compatible with iPad

10. Apogee MiC Plus – Studio Quality USB Microphone

Apogee MiC Plus is a professional-level studio-quality mic. It is a USB mic that provides you with versatility in device connectivity. The cardioid condenser microphone ensures the perfect voice quality that you need in your YouTube recordings and live streams. You can take it anywhere; you can start it using it anytime. You can record any sound in an incredible quality whether that is an interview, live stream, vocals communications, voiceovers, and instrumental sounds. The Apogee stands with you. 

A condenser mic ensures to deliver the maintained quality of the sounds you intend to capture. The mic ensures to deliver the original sounds without any mix and add any colorization. Here are some distinguishing features. 

Compatibility: The Apogee MiC is versatile incompatibility. It can be connected to PCs, Mac, and even mobile devices. The connecting devices include iPhone, iPad, iPod, and touch devices Mac and other devices that have iOS. It is suitable for Windows PCs as well. 

Polar pattern: The mic comes with a cardioid polar pattern capsule. The cardioid capsule enables the mic to filter out the noise and focus only on the subject’s voice. This helps to deliver the crystal and clear sound to the audience. The cardioid polar pattern is most suitable for vocal communications. The mic ensures that it is noise-free and free from any added vibrations. The impure voice does not attract the followers and degrades the professionality. 

Plug n Play: The mic requires no additional driver to install to the device to make it functional. You just have to plug-in the mic cable into the device and start recording. The Apogee MiC goes to every level to provide you the utmost quality of sound with comfortability.

  • Professional Cardioid condenser 
  • For PC and Mobile devices
  • 46dB preamp gain
  • Zero-latency monitoring 
  • Plug n play
  • Portable microphone
  • Fixed-size stand
  • Not an attractive body


A YouTube needs to have a sturdy, nice looking and professional mic. But all of these must be considered after quality. You may have different experiences with anyone of these mics. In case of searching for an upgrade, Shure MV7 and HyperX are the best and the YouTubers are using them. The AKG and Razor mics are good for live streaming as well. You can choose according to your setting the way you want to use it.