The microphone you use for gaming is in your PC built-in or attached to your headphones. That mic will not be good for your gaming, you might experience it not good. The headphone mic would not give results. It can capture the noise and the sound quality is not as much better as it should be for your gaming interactions even after the upgrades. 

The good microphone lies the best sound quality and has some features. Our enlisted mics have all those features that you need for your gaming communication and live stream. It won’t be a good deal when you are on the battlefield and your teammates face trouble to hear you. A professional gamer can’t afford this, not even a single bit. To sort this out we have enlisted the

Top  10 best microphones for gaming 2021

1. Samson SAGM1UPRO Technologies Samson G-Track Pro Microphone

Samson G-Track Pro mic can take your gaming sound to an advanced level. It can capture not only your voice but also delivers your gaming sound super clear and purer. The mic is used in the live stream as well as gaming communication. The games need much from your microphone sound. 

The communication is dependent on the microphone, so your team collaboration will be perfect in case you are using a Samson-like quality microphone. The Samson-G-Track is a condenser microphone that ensures to deliver the original sound. The mic has multipolar pattern options that allow you to choose according to your situation like you can cardioid polar in case you want to communicate with your team and likewise you can choose a different polar pattern that is best suitable for your situation. 

Pro Mic:  The mic can be used in all situations whether you have to broadcast your gaming online and you want to share your screen and audio. The mic will add exceptional sound quality to your gaming for your listeners. The mic ensures the professional quality of sound that your session must be presented as a professional one. 

The professional mic with its interface is capable of capturing your voice and the gaming sound at the same time when you have to go to a live stream. 

Polar pattern: The mic comes with multipattern pick-up options. You can choose a suitable one according to your session. The streamers use the cardioid option for crystal clear audio results. The cardioid polar pattern rejects the other sides’ sound and focuses only on the front one where the subject is speaking from. 

The omnidirectional option is best to record the environment all around the image. The bidirectional pattern can be a good option when you want to capture the two-way sound. The bidirectional pattern captures the front and backside sound. 

Plug n Play:  The USB option provides you with compatibility with PC and Mac. The mic is quicker to start working with it and the mic does not require any driver installation. Its plug n play option makes it easier to set up. 

  • Perfect mic for gaming
  • Three pick up patterns
  • All options on fingers
  • Headset zero-latency monitoring
  • No adapter for stand
  • Does not come with any software

2. HyperX QuadCast – USB Condenser Gaming Microphone

The HyperX QuadCast is a widely used microphone in terms of gaming and streaming. QuadCast has an impressive quality with amazing features. The mic comes with a shock mount that enables it to reduce vibrations and handling noises. Its integrated pop filter is very effective against the pop noise and muffle. Our mic has four polar pattern options that provide you with the choice of one to adapt the mic for the requirement. 

The polar patterns are cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo. The most attractive feature in the QuadCast which attracts the gamers is its tap to mute and unmute feature. It provides you with ease of use. The other features include a USB option to connect to the PCs and Mac. The plug n play usability is awesome. All in all, this suits the gamers best. Below are some of the remarkable features.

Polar Pattern:  The mic comes with four selectable polar pattern options. As the mic is specially designed for gaming and there are multi-purposes of the microphone. The mic, therefore, offers the four polar patterns like a good and efficient mic. The cardioid polar pattern is best to reject all the sides of sounds except the front where it is directed to the subject. 

Tap to Mute and Unmute: There are some other features too that attract the gamers and streamers, but the tap to mute and unmute option creates great ease for them. The tap to mute feature works with a sensor that is attached to the head of the mic. It made it much easier for the gamers to control the voice function in a more innovative way that a gamer requires to have an edge over others in gaming.  

Shock Mount:  The mic comes with an amazing and very efficient shock mount. The shock mount works with an electric rope suspension. The shock mount provides a guard against the rumbles and other kinds of unintentional sound. 

  • Idealized for gaming
  • Four selectable patterns
  • Tap to mute and unmute
  • Zero-latency monitoring
  • Electric wire suspension shock mount
  • Built-in pop filter
  • Plug n play
  • Gain control inaccurately printed
  • Red light does not change
  • No XLR option

3. Blue Yeti X Professional Condenser USB Microphone

Blue Yeti X professional mic for gamers, streamers, and recording purposes. The Yeti Pro’s all features are added to it for gaming. The Yeti X Pro all features support the gamers to produce the crystal and clear voice lead to make your gaming experience as you have never before. The real enjoyment that you can feel to play gaming can be attained through the Blue Yeti X Pro.

The mic sound with greater focus provides you the amazing and more professional sound for your gaming and live streaming that you never had before. The Yeti X is designed to revolutionize and to give a jump to your gaming. 

Capsule Array: The mic has a four capsule array that allows the mic to be more focused on the subject and provide crystal and clear sound. The capsules deliver the clarity in the mic that a gamer can expect to the microphone. The mic comes with four polar patterns and the four condensers are added to maintain the quality of the sound by changing the polar pattern.

LED Monitoring:  The mic comes with high-resolution LED monitoring. There are 11 segments for volume that denote the volume level.  A gamer can see the lights to know the volume level. The light will describe by numbers that either the voice will be or high. 

Logitech G Hub:  The mic comes with the facility of Logitech G Hub integration that provides you with wider control over all the functions. Whether you want to choose a polar pattern, or set gain control, you have to adjust the volume to set the monitoring preferences. You can do it all from your desktop easily. 

  • Gaming Professional design
  • Four Condenser for polar patterns
  • LED Monitoring
  • Plug n Play on Mac and PC
  • Multifunction Smart Knob
  • Customizable LED lighting
  • Plug n play
  • Blue Voice Software not for Mac 
  • Not USB-C type

4. Razer Seiren Mini USB Streaming Microphone

The Razer is known as the best seller of gaming peripherals. The Razer Seiren Mini is designed for gaming. The Razer Seiren features and its design making it the best choice for gamers. The compact design allows you to adjust it anywhere on your table. You can place it anywhere on your computer table, it does not take a lot of space. 

The gamer and a gaming liver streamer need to speak and communicate. The mic comes with a super-cardioid polar pattern that allows the mic to deliver a more clear and clean voice to the listers and also the teammates.  

Polar Pattern: The Razer Seiren Mini comes with a super-cardioid ultra-precise polar pattern that ensures the mic is only picking up the subject voice and rejecting the noise coming from the background. The mic’s tight pick-up pattern ensures the mic should deliver clearer and without any mixed sound. It also ensures to avoid the sounds to pick that are extraneous like the mouse button clicking and keyboard button sound while you are on the live stream. 

 Size:  The mic size makes it the best gaming mic and the professional gamers’ choice. The mic comes in a compact design that is perfect for a gamer stable. The gamers require a small thing that should be perfect in functionality and compact in size. This mic can be set on the gamers’ computer table. This is best in terms of size because it does not take a lot of space. 

Stand: The Razer Seiren Mini comes with a tilting stand. You can easily turn it in according to your ease. You can set the position wherever you find it comfortable to use it. You can adjust the angle of the mic to tilt the stand for easy to carry on with. 

Built-in Shock mount: Another great feature that is important for gamers and it is a hindrance to better voice quality.  The Razer Seiren comes with a built-in shock mount. The shock mount ensures to limit the handling noise and vibrations. Its effective shock mount works like a shield for efficient and effective results from the microphone.  

  • Super cardioid ultra-precise pattern 
  • Professional Quality
  • Flat frequency response
  • Tilting stand
  • Multifunction Smart Knob
  • Ultra-compact design
  • 14-mm condenser
  • No Mute button

5. Elgato Wave:3 – USB Condenser Microphone

Elgato Wave-3 is another best microphone on the list. The Elgato is more advanced than the Blue Yeti.  Like one of the above-mentioned fabulous professional features mic, it has the tight cardioid pattern only focuses the front the diaphragm directed to. The condenser microphone ensures to deliver more accuracy and precision. It is responsible for the mic to deliver the more natural, pure, and sound without any mix. 

The Elgato will keep your sound audible even in a noisy environment. As it only focuses on the subject voice. The voice is louder or softer, whether you shriek in the mic to complete an objective of the mission area, or you get a chicken dinner in the PUBG, the mic will not let your voice quality down for even a moment. 

Polar Pattern: Wave 3 comes with a cardioid polar pattern that is known by its focus. The cardioid polar pattern focuses on the front side so your voice can be captured with full precision and most accurately. It ensures the capturing of your voice and rejects all other sides to deliver what it should be delivered to the audience. The mic does not have options for polar pattern selection but it is fine without that and works perfectly for your streaming. 

Protection:  The steel grille provides more than one benefit. The first one protects the mic capsule and it filters out all the plosives and noises like wind noise and other vibrations. The mic grille has a multilayered noise shield.  In the case of air crossing one layer, the other layer will stop the remaining air pressure and the mic captures only the vice o a gamer. 

Premium condenser:  The mic has a premium condenser that ensures verbal precision. The mic condenser allows the mic to capture the sound with its full detail and the perfect image of the sound. The condenser responds for natural, pure, and sweet sound delivery so that the audience stays connected with you till the time stream continues. 

  • Tight Cardioid pattern
  • Multi-Layered steel grille
  • Multifunctional dial
  • USB- C for wider devices range
  • 24-bit analog to digital conversion
  • Zero-latency monitoring
  • Robust shock mount
  • No Multipattern option
  • Picks up Keyboard sound

6. JLab Audio Talk Pro USB Microphone

The JLab Audio Talk Pro is a USB microphone that is the perfect mic for your gaming. The elegant look attracts and the true representation that you are a professional gamer. The mic comes with four polar patterns which shows how much the JLab Audio Talk is versatile in use. The four patterns allow it to adapt to most of the sessions. It does not matter you are going to share your gaming or a live stream. It works great for YouTube recording as well. 

The features such as Top-notch volume, amazing control on the gain and quicker mute option settle your situations and let you work with comfort. The three condensers give you the most precise and great experience in your gaming sound quality.

Polar pattern:  The JLab multipattern mic provides you with the choice in polar pattern to use the mic for multiple events and programs. The cardioid polar pattern is widely used for vocal purposes. The cardioid pattern provides you a clearer and precise audio experience. The omnidirectional can be selected to capture a bigger image of the environment. The stereo pattern is best for music sharing at a high quality. The bidirectional is used for two-way focused sound capturing. 

USB-C: The mic comes with more connectivity. It has both of the options to connect with the PC Mac, as well as connect with the mobile devices. Like iPhone and another iOS. It can connect all those devices that have a USB-C port. 

Plug n Play: The USB mic comes with a larger connectivity option. The USB-C enables the mic to connect with various audio and video devices, such as mobiles, sound recorders, camcorders, DSLRs, etc. The mic is plug n play, it does not take time or fatigue to install drivers to start working with it. 

  • Elegant look
  • 3 condensers and 4 polar patterns
  • 10-feet length plastic coating cable
  • USB- C for wider devices range
  • Volume control and quick mute
  • 3.5mm jack to listen for Zero latency
  • Plug n play
  • Need an adapter to connect to the iPad
  • Connectivity issues

7. Neewer NW-700 – Professional Condenser Microphone

The Neewer NW-700 is one of the inexpensive microphones. With having the lowest price, the mic does not let the quality decrease. Your gaming sound is going to be fabulous. The cardioid pattern of the mic allows capturing the only sounds of sources in front of the mic. This pattern ensures the best precision of the mic. This is not an end the mic comes with a lot of different options for making your audio crystal clear and crispier. 

To provide you an easy and more perfect sound quality the mic comes with some accessories. A pop filter to reduce the plosives, the classical scissor stand, with functional shock mount. This enables you to adjust the mic height according to what you are comfortable with. 

Polar pattern:  The NW-70 only offers you the cardioid polar pattern. It is because it ensures clear, nicer, and noise-free sound. The cardioid has been best for the vocals so it is perfect for gamers, live streamers, and professional musicians. The cardioid pattern ensures the amazing  

Condenser Mic:  The NW-700 is a condenser microphone. The NW-700 delivers the most accurate, precise, and perfect sound with greater sound image capturing and nuanced details. The condenser makes the gaming sound more realistic and natural that you feel as you are yourself on the battlefield. Communication is important while you want to communicate with teammates. 

Clarity Ensured:  The mic accessories ensure the most precise and clear sound with any colorization. The mic comes with a pop filter that handles the movement noise and vibrations. The filter purifies the voice from the mechanical noise and does not let anything in the environment disturb your recording or live stream. 

  • Cardioid pattern
  • Professional condenser
  • Metal shock mount
  • Adjustable scissor arm stand
  • Ball-type anti-wind foam
  • Two flat sides pick up
  • Locking knob to reduce handling noise
  • Needs phantom power
  • Not works with Mac

8. Beyerdynamic FOX USB Condenser Microphone

Here comes one of the best microphones on our list is FOX by Beyerdynamic. The Fox produces a better sound for your gaming and recording. The fox’s large-diaphragm condenser capsule ensures a better sound. 

The cardioid polar pattern provides crystal and clears with a great audio experience. The mic can make gaming sound outstanding. The gaming’s real entertainment lies in the sounds and music. The filtered sound means a cleaner quality. The Fox ensures to produce a better sound for your audience. The sound quality meets their expectations. The gain switch gives you the perfect results to gain the sound and enhance the quality of low frequencies sound. 

Polar Pattern:  The unidirectionality has been a perfect option for the vocals and recording sessions.  The cardioid pattern though does not cover all of the sounds applications but it works best for the live streams and solo recordings. As the cardioid pattern is front-focused so it is adequate and perfect for more accurate voice capturing and a better noiseless voice experience.

Best for:  The mic’s pattern and its unique design make it perfect for passionate vocals and streamers. The mic is best for a great and in-depth sound. Your studio goes with you wherever you go. The mic is suitable for studio recording, live streaming, podcasting, and music sharing. 

Headset Option:  The mic comes with a headset option that enables you to listen live and the real-time sound. You can check the latency in your voice and the recording quality of your mic. You can also check what is being delivered to the audience. This function enables you to balance the sound and filter the things that should not be transferred. 

  • Large-diaphragm 
  • Cardioid pattern
  • Passionate and better sound
  • Gain switch
  • Headset latency monitoring 
  • Mute button
  • Gain needs improvements
  • Not a professional quality mic

9. MXL Mics 770 – Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Here is another best mic for having a higher quality sound and a wonderful golden ribbon look. The MXL 770 looks beautiful, its functions are amazing. Our MXL cardioid condenser microphone ensures to deliver the top and professional quality to your gaming. The affordable price makes it more easily available for those who have a limited budget. This will give you all the quality features in a reasonable amount. 

The mic has a -10dB attenuation switch that enables you to celebrate the winning of your game chapter and maintain your yelling and louder with a joyed voice. It can handle any loud sound from you but it does not let disturb the sound. 

Cardioid Condenser: The MXL 770 provides you with a crispier and clean sound. It let not any disturbing and extraneous sounds meddle into your streaming and game sharing. The condenser in the mic is responsible for the natural and beautiful sound that keeps you connected to the gaming. Think of the bad sound in the gaming. It is not worth anything. The more precise and crispier sound is in your home studio. 

Transformerless output:  The transformerless output is better than the other one. The transformer does not provide you a clear and cleaner sound. The sound has to pass the material and the mic there can be added colorization or an effect of the electricity sounds or vibrations that do not let maintain the sound quality. 

Best For: The mic useful for several applications. The mic is best for vocal projects, the one-man sessions and interviews, gaming streams especially, in recordings like podcasts, musical instrumental recordings. 

In the Box:  The box contains an MXL 770 mic and a spider shock mount for better resistance against the handling noises. A Mogami cable that is perfectly matched to the mic and a rugged storage case that is safest for the mic and easy to carry with you. 

  • Cardioid pattern
  • Transformerless output
  • FET preamp
  • Patented design
  • For streaming, podcasting, and music recording
  • -10 dB attenuation switch
  • Without pop filter 
  • Very Sensitive

10. eBerry USB Adjustable Desktop Microphone

Here comes the last but not least in the list of 10 best microphones for gaming. It is the cheapest, highly compact, and most adjustment flexible microphone on our list. The compact size enables it to handle so easily and makes it highly portable. eBerry offers such a lot of features and functions that you won’t believe your eyes while you will be reading this article. 

Well, it was not possible to get such features at such a lower price. eBerry made it possible. The mic comes with a flexible neck that enables you to adjust it according to where you find it suitable for speaking. The mic has a base matt that allows it to be placed anywhere without any movement. 

Compact size:  The mic comes in an incredibly compact size. It can be set anywhere in the room. The placement of the mic is not an issue due to its small size. You can place it on your CPU.

USB mic:  The mic eBerry mini is a USB mic. The USB option has widened its connectivity. It can be connected to any device that has a USB port. It is specially designed for PCs. The USB connection is so simple. You don’t need to know the nitty-gritty to connect it. It does not require any complex method to follow. The mic is as simple to use as it looks like by its size.

Gooseneck:  As we have mentioned that mic gives you flexibility. The gooseneck is one of the flexible examples. You can adjust the mic neck according to your facility. Wherever you find comfort while speaking while live stream you can set it. 

Best for: The mic is best for several applications for example Skype calls, streaming, podcasting, recording 

  • Compact size
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Most affordable price 
  • Patented design
  • For streaming, podcasting, and skype calls
  • Everything has to be adjusted through the PC
  • No mute button


The gaming needs a high-quality microphone. A good microphone has some features such as the mic should be a USB and must have perfect connectivity to the PCs. The streaming session requires a better noise cancellation feature in terms of delivering crystal clear sound. The flexibility is also a plus point,  above all, there is no compromise on quality. It does not matter whatever that price tag is.