Top 10 Best Microphone Stands 2022 – Detailed Review

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Your concert is not perfect until you have a mic stand. A mic stand is extremely important for your continuous and disruption-free performance. The mic stands are available in a large variety and with different qualities. Some of the stands are available at the poor quality and some of them are available at the richest quality. The large creates confusion for the buyer as to what to skip and what to choose. The buyer is at sixes and sevens in purchasing. 

When you have a little look over the varieties you come to know that is also perplexing. Before going to purchase any mic for you, you must know about the types of microphone stands that will help to understand a mic stand better as well as your need. 

There are five types of microphone stands. The tripod, tripod boom, round base, low profile, and desktop stands. These are the five main types of stands that are available in the market. What is better for you will be elaborated by its features. The material, shape, and how effective that is in function. These are all factors that shape your decision.

Comparison List of Top 10 Best Microphone stands 2022

Ultimate Support Accordion Accessory

Ultimate Support Accordion Accessory

  • Ultimate Support
  • Synthetic
  • 35 pounds
  • Die-cast counterweigh
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AtlasIED MS-25

AtlasIED MS-25

  • Atlas Sound
  • Synthetic
  • 28.2 pounds
  • The integral air suspension system
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HeiL Sound PL-2T

HeiL Sound PL-2T

  • HeiL
  • Synthetic
  • 4.1 pounds
  • Chrome threaded stem
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  • Aluminum
  • 5.21 pounds
  • 2-in-1 Clamp
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Pyle PMKS56

Pyle PMKS56

  • Pyle
  • Steel Metal Alloy
  • 1 pound
  • Extendable boom arm
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Samson MK-10

Samson MK-10

  • Samson
  • Steel Metal Alloy
  • 3.95 pounds
  • 360 swivel
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Hola! Music Mic Stand

Hola! Music Mic Stand

  • Hola!
  • Aluminum
  • 5.47 pounds
  • Three clutches
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K & M Mic Stand

K & M Mic Stand

  • K & M
  • Zinc
  • 7.1 pounds
  • 5-year product warranty
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K & M 25950

K & M 25950

  • K & M
  • Brass
  • Highly adjustable
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InnoGear Microphone Stand

InnoGear Microphone Stand

  • InnoGear
  • Zinc Alloy
  • 2.53 pounds
  • High-quality shock mount
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1. Ultimate Support Accordion Accessory (MC125)

Another amazing and perfect tripod mic stand for your microphone that brings more comfort in your studio and on-stage working. The stand has a strong and comparatively wide tripod along wheels to help in movement. It is a hybrid of both the tripod and the base stands. The tripod wideness shifts load from the pole and boom to the outside. It provides the stand with more firmness. 

The wheels are not independent, otherwise, it can make work harder with it. You get a lock in the stand that enables you to keep the mic without shift. The lock controls both types of movements whether that is rolling or angular. The stand provides you with the lock on the counterweight. It is helpful to manage the weight of the mic very well. There are some salient features below.

Hybrid Style:  The mic stand is different from other brands’ mic stands because a mic stand is usually either a base stand or a tripod type. But it is a hybrid of the base and tripod. The mic has a tripod that is wider that does not shift the whole weight on the pole and prevents the stand to be dropped. It is a great example of weight management. The tripod is wider than a normal tripod to shift the weight outside. 

Smooth Movement:  The stand comes with wheels that enable the stand’s movement smoother and easier. The wheels make the MC125 more flexible in us and it’s shifting more comfortably. One important thing is the independence of wheels. An independent wheel can move freely over the stage and in the studio. But it can be problematic when you need to move it on a sleek surface. The stand would not fix in a place. To work with it smoothly the company added the lock which holds it in a place for perfect working. The lock controls the angular and the rolling movement of the stand.


  • Hybrid style
  • Wider tripod Comparatively heavy 
  • Wheels for smooth movement
  • 5.75 lbs. Counterweight 
  • Wheel lock
  • Perfect weight management
  • Perfect adjustment of the boom


  • Plastic boom lock

2. Atlas Sound MS25E – Ebony

Atlas Sound MS25E comes with a tripod-style base, which is a good load manager. The weight is shifted a little bit outside but the wide tripod can hold it properly. It is one of the mics that you purchase for longer use. It is amazing and durable with a shiny look. It comes in two colors: metal black and shiny chrome. 

This mic is durable from top to down. You can use it without any issues regarding structure. The pole, latches, and threading. The perfect diameter of the pole increases in strength and provides the thickness. All in all, the mic stand seems great and amazing at this price. 

Durability:  The Atlas Sound MS25E can be denoted in one word that is durability. The mic is durable enough to provide support to your mic and performance. The durable body denotes its working for the long run. It is durable at its micro-level from latches to threading. 

Chrome:  The MS25E comes in chrome color and the optional metallic black color. The chrome look is more elegant and more stung as compared to other colors. The chrome coating prevents the mic stand from corrosions and increases its surface hardness. Another benefit of chrome color that provides you ease in cleaning the stains. It is normally used to give a shiny look. 

Stability:  The MS25E comes with a more effective tripod form. The weight shifts a little bit outside but it does not let the stand drop due to shock. The mic stand has a strong tripod base. It is thicker due to the large diameter of the pole that provides stability to the inner pole. You can mount heavy mics and it will not tilt due to weight. The boom has a standard latch that is strong enough to hold a heavy mic along with their filters.


  • Strong construction
  • Wider base tripod
  • Durable for long use
  • Chrome coating
  • Strong boom


  • Weighty a compared to other stands
  • Rubber feet on the base

3. Heil Sound PL-2T Overhead Broadcast Boom

Heil Sound PL-2T is an overhead microphone stand. Instead of having an outer body, it has internal springs to provide more stability and strength.  It is different from that of other stands. The mic stands have springs usually on the outer body, this mic keeps internal springs to expand and collapse. It is easy to set up, there is no need for long-time settings to start working with it. 

All you need to attach the c clamp to the table or wherever you want to use it. And fit the part with thread. It is easily adjustable and more flexible for your vocal performances. You can adjust according to your face inlining. Some of the main features are here.

Handy Stand: The PL2T is a handy microphone stand. You will need it when you want to have extreme angling for your speaking. It is ideal for podcasting, recording, and vlogging, etc. It is very easy to use. You don’t need any technical nerd to set it up. 

Flexibility: The mic stand provides the ultimate flexibility to your performance. You can easily adjust the size and the direction of the boom arm according to what is suitable for you. Unlike others, it has internal springs that work best while you need to expand and collapse it. It is highly adjustable from top to down. 

The flexible lower part allows you to set the size according to your need. The mic has internal springs to gain maximum flexibility of the arm and the lower part. You can make it longer or smaller, it depends on your need. When you are working on computing and sitting, you can adjust it horizontally. 

Maximum Ease:  The mic stand provides you the maximum ease you want. It is super easy from setup to start. You can attach the C-clamp to the table by tightening the latch. By attaching the stand to the C-Clamp it is ready to work right then. There is no need to remove or replace any cable connectors. Another thing in its ease is, you can remove the top and back plates to thread the cable. By this, your cable will be hidden and there will be no mess of wire on the stage or in your recording room. 


  • Ultimate Flexibility
  • Internal springs
  • Removable plates for wire
  • C-Clamp mounting
  • Fit for 5/8inches mic clips/shock mounts


  • No instructions 
  • Suitable for recordings than stage

4. HERCULES MS533B Hideaway Boom Stand

Hercules MS533B is one of the most user-friendly microphones’ stands. You can set up the stand easily. It is time-saving and quick. You can mount a mic on the boom and start working with it. You can leave the mic on the boom to a quick start next time. It is a tripod that is more stable for stage and studio performances. 

It is a tripod. There are chances in a tripod not to be a table as it is needed for the musicians and singers unless no special measures are taken to make it fixed and stable. The spaces between legs are also important in their stability. The fewer space stands are more vulnerable to drop in case of any shock. The Hercules MS533B has an intelligent gap between the tripod legs to make it more stable. 

Perfect Tripod:  The Hercules stand is a great tripod stand that provides it more stability. Its intelligent design prevents it from dropping or shaking due to minor shocks. A good stand is responsible to make your performance uninterrupted and protect the mic to capture extraneous vibrations and ambient noise. The tripod has a perfect gap in between the legs that are effective in handling the weight of the pole and the boom mic. 

Boom Clamp:  The Hercules comes with a two-in-one boom clamp feature. This feature allows you to perform two functions at the same time. By this, you can move the boom by loosening the boom latch. This will allow you to adjust the boom size as well as the setting the angle of your boom for mic adjustments. 

Height adjustment and Adapter:  The Hercules stand has an EZ clutch height adjustment feature. You can adjust the boom height easily. You need to press the clutch and you can pull the boom to the length you require. It is super easy. The stand also comes with an easy mic adapter. It is easily detachable from the boom and you can easily attach to it too.


  • Intelligent design 
  • Adjust the height by pole knob
  • Stable tripod
  • Easy to use boom clamp
  • Two-in-one adjustments
  • Quick attachment and detachment of knob


  • Limited angles 
  • The boom arm is not swivel

5. Pyle PMKS56 – Heavy-Duty Microphone Stand

It has been the tradition of Pyle to provide high quality, fully-featured, and the perfect product at a very affordable price. Pyle brings one of the best microphones to stand that is super fit for any program, whether you have to start a concert or you want to record in the studio. The mic stand works great. 

The PMKS56 is foldable and easy to carry. The amazing height adjustment allows you to set the required height that is suitable for your height. The design of the mic stand is portable and can be easily carried with you wherever you take it. The design is suitable and perfect for studio and onstage performance.

Height Adjustable:  The PMKS56 stand has a super height adjustment feature. You can easily and more comfortably adjust the height and keep the mic in line with your lips. This allows the mic to have a better pick-up. Adjust the heavy-duty stand according to your need lower or high in a smooth way. The height can be raised from 51.2” to 78.75” with a clutch. It provides one of the easiest height adjustments. 

Stability:  The PMKS56 is more stable than another tripod because of its legs’ adjustments. It has the perfect balance and precision in gaps to provide it more stability. The tripod’s great balance and precise height protect the stand from falling. The tripod is reliable, and rugged constructed like the whole stand. The gap between the legs and the adjustments provide the maximum level of adjustability.  

Adjustable Boom Arm:  The heavy-duty mic stand comes with an adjustable and more flexible microphone that ensures balance with the source and the mic placement. The T-bar adjust point enables you to leave the mic on the boom arm. It allows you to quickly start with the mic next time. Furthermore, the mic stand boom can swivel 30-degree. You can easily sing with the flexible stand that gives you the freedom of stand movement.


  • Heavy-duty stand 
  • Height adjustment
  • Boom arm 360-swivel
  • Portable stand
  • Perfect for concert and studio performances


  • A mighty stand
  • Not suitable close spaces
  • Needs a suitable counterweight

6. Samson MK-10 Microphone Boom Stand

Samson MK-10 microphone boom stand is lightweight and easily transportable. It is a tripod stand that provides you more flexibility. The Samson tripod mic stand with a boom would be a perfect choice to meet your stage and studio requirements. The most impressive thing in this mic stands its tripod extension option. This extension horizontally ensures to protect the mic from side shocks and pressures. 

The boom in the stand comes with great flexibility and easier adjustments. The boom can collapse the boom for better microphone adjustments. The tripod base also provides you the flexibility and comfortability in use and it can be folded in the case of transportation. 

Lightweight:  The mic stand is lightweight. It is the most necessary thing to be considered while purchasing a mic stand. The lightweight boom stand is always easy to use and displacement is quite manageable. On the contrary, when you have to take with you a heavy stand you can face a lot of trouble. A lightweight mic stand is needed for the musicians for stage and as well as the studio recordings. 

Extension: One of the great features that this mic stand provides is the extension in a tripod. You can extend the tripod legs according to your desire to gain more control over them. The extension in the leg provides more stability and more protection on the stand from side shocks and sudden imbalances. The saves itself from dropping. 

Collapsing: The mic stands have another unique and amazing feature that enables you to adjust the size of the mic according to your needs. The size is suitable while you are recording your music or song sitting on your chair. In this case, other mics don’t have size adjustability support and they can create trouble to keep the mic in line with our mouth. A directional microphone will only capture from the front and reject other sides. 

To accommodate the accurate position, you can adjust the pole size according to your position. You can make your mic stand pole smaller or bigger for a specific event.


  • Lightweight
  • Extendable tripod leg
  • Collapse pole size
  • Steel construction 
  • Easy to transport
  • Price-efficient


  • Lighter weight 
  • Not suitable for heavy mics

7. Hola! Music HPS-101TB Professional Tripod Mic Stand

Say Hello to music with Hola! Music 101TB. In terms of durability, it is matchless and outstanding. Its sturdy body and metallic boom arm enable it for longer use and rough handling. It can bear the tough situation and sudden shocks. The mic stand has a very flexible height adjuster and the boom adjuster.  The boom adjuster has double clutches to maintain the boom. One clutch for the height adjustment of boom and the second one is for angle adjustment. 

The tripod provides stability to the stand. Its patented leg lock housing enables the tripod to make perfect height adjustment. The stand can be used with or without the boom arm. In both cases, it is awesome working. 

Durability:  The mic has a sturdy and rugged metallic construction. Its rugged body makes it work for longer and there is no problem either if you handle it hard. The mic Hola! The music stand is constructed for years and years of use. You can use it without worrying about shocks and accidents. The durable body will handle everything.

Adjustments:  There are two kinds of adjustments. One is the height adjustment and the second one is the boom adjustments. The main height adjustment option provides you with more flexibility in height. You can set any height between 40” to 63 inches. The height feature enables you to set the height according to your need. The height adjustment feature allows you to use the mic stand comfortably when you are singing while sitting on a chair or standing. 

Separate Clutches:  The microphone has two separate clutches for the boom arm. One is for adjusting the length of the arm and the second to adjust the angle of the arm. It provides you with full control over the boom arm. You can easily adjust the boom arm properly by separate clutches. 


  • Sturdy and rugged construction
  • Patented leg housing lock
  • Separate clutches for the boom arm
  • Extra-large ergonomic center clutch
  • Ideal for recording and concerts


  • Heavy mics little bounces with knocks.
  • Too light

8. K & M Microphone Stand w/fixed length boom arm

K&M Microphone stands come in less than a hundred bucks.  The stand comes with a fixed length of the boom arm. It is considered to be the professional mic stand and used at professional level concerts and other on-stage performances. The tripod microphone stand does not let you down because the K&M does not compromise on the quality of material and provides a highly efficient and working microphone stand. 

The stand comes with a fixed length of boom arm that is good when you need a quick start and no time-consuming extra function. For those who generally need to set up quickly and don’t want to mess in setting things up one by one, they would like it. The mic stand You would be satisfied when you calculate the value ratio of this microphone stand.

Durability:  The K&M offers you a sturdy stand that ensures durability and long-time use. The steel tube ensures durability. You would like to have a stand for your microphone that is perfect for your mic. The K&M 210 is widely used and liked by the performers and everyone praised its durability. It is durable; it is sturdy enough to bear any shock and resist the impacts of any accidental drop. 

Professional use: It is on the list of professional microphone stands. Many professionals that including musicians, singers, and karaoke bars have used it and admitted its best quality, and accepted it as one of the best microphone stands.  The professionals have been and they are using it and it got a high ranking in the mics stands list. 

Stability:  When it comes to its stability, it is not behind other best mic stands. The long tripod legs increase its stability. There is a rubber grip at the bottom of every leg. The rubber keeps them more stable and prevents them from slippage.


  • The sturdy microphone stand
  • Folding legs for portability
  • Fixed-length boom arm
  • More stable with long legs
  • Effective height adjustment 
  • Professional microphone


  • Need more features
  • Fragile Plastic adapter

9. K&M 25950 Microphone Stand

We have seen bigger and larger microphone stands. The K&M 25950 is the smaller one. It is smaller in size but works great and possesses more features like a professional big-sized stand. The K&M 25950 mic stand has been designed for your musical instruments. It can be placed near the instrument to record or capture the perfect sound. The stand has short but durable legs that provide stability to stand. The legs can stay in their place in case of any sudden shock. 

Whether the mic drops, in any case, the body is rugged; it won’t let it be damaged. A good and efficient mic stand has some features that make it a good choice. The mic’s sturdy body and its stability make it a choice for many musicians and who have recordings sessions. 

Durability:  The 25950 durability is out of doubt. It is made of steel; its sturdy body ensures its protection and saves it in any complicated situation. The mic stand can be used outdoors due to its sturdy body. It can bear rough handling. 

Stability:  Tough it is small in size but it is great in its features. It comes with great durability and incredible stability. The tripod leg adjustment enables it to gain more stability than other good mics have. The legs are heavy and can fix to the floor. The rubber pieces attached to the legs help them to be more stable and firmly stick to the floor, so nothing should happen in case of any shock. 

Boom Adjustability:  The stand comes with a two-piece boom arm. It allows the user to adjust it more easily and more precisely. It provides you with more control over the microphone stand. You can adjust the boom rm in two ways. The boom arm length and setting its angle. The adjustability allows the mic to stand more attractive and the musician’s choice.


  • Extremely durable
  • Two-piece boom arm
  • Adjustable boom arm
  • Heavy legs maximum stability
  • Specially designed for instruments
  • Easily portable


  • Not perfect for vocals
  • Heavy mic placement for the stand

10. InnoGear Microphone Stand

InnoGear brings an amazing stand for your gear at a very affordable price. Those who are facing a tight budget and want to upgrade their mic stand should immediately buy it. It comes with multiple accessories that are great for the microphone. The InnoGear provides you a whole set of music accessories that can take your singing to a high level. 

The mic works perfectly with Blue Yeti and other mics like it. The mic comes with a shock mount that can be easily fitted with the mic and protects the mic from shocks and vibrations. It won’t allow anything to distort your recording and singing. A pop filter makes you sound free from plosives. Its double-layer pop filter works greater. The stand is a scissor with C-clamp that can be adjusted to any desktop table. 

Heavy Duty Stand:  The InnoGear stand is a heavy-duty stand that has a strong clip that perfectly holds the microphone and it does not let you drop your mic. The C-clamp is well-known durable and widely accepted best for the desktop table. The mic does not shake when it receives an unexpected shock. The stand protects the mic as it has very strong and standard threads. 

Flexibility:  When it comes to flexibility, nothing can be better than a scissor mic stand. The scissor stand is more flexible than anyone else available in the market. The flexibility can be moved easily and you can adjust the mic at a very suitable position. You can move it and bend it wherever you like to take it. A scissor mic stand can even lie down horizontal. 

The angle movement is great. It doesn’t move like some of the larger stands cans but it does much better than other stands that can’t do it. These are ultra-flexible. At least most YouTubers like to use it due to its flexibility.


  • Scissor Microphone stand
  • Flexible and strong
  • Mounting clamp for table
  • Ultra-flexible
  • Durable powerful lock
  • Comes with a double screen pop filter
  • Shock mount, Screw adapters, and 5 cable ties. 


  • Only suitable for broadcasting, recording
  • Ideal for Blue Yeti and such mics


There are many other microphones stands available in the market. We have picked the best that are tried by the professionals, including singers, musicians, and live streamers. This article is a mix of all three categories of microphones stands. A good microphone stand will be more flexible, strong, and give more control. It is not easy to find a mic that has all these qualities at an affordable price. But you can follow the maximum gain principle and choose one which closer to your requirements,  

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