Top 10 Best Microphone for Vocals for Stage and Studio 2022

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If you are a vocalist and need the best microphone for songs, this article will cover the 10 best microphones for vocals for stage and studio. Which microphone suits you best is depending on the features you prefer. There are some factors in designing these preferences. In which price, style, the way you are going to use it. 

The sound quality is important above all. The selection of the best recording or stage vocal microphone is a hefty task. We get a cue from our favorite vocalist and have the same mic to deliver the same sound quality. It is not so easy to say. The famous vocalists’ microphone is not a double or triple-figure microphone, but their prices are huge like mountains. If a person going to take a start would buy it, all other expenses will have to be rolled back.

Buying a mic depends on the environment you are working in. If you need to use a mic on the stage dynamic, a Microphone will be suitable for you; it will be a robust end environment where humidity on noise increases as you’re singing on the stage, so there is a lot of noise over there.  

The dynamic microphone will cover up to both situations like volume issues and humidity in the live environment. While capturing the vocal condenser microphone will be a super fit for the studio. A studio environment condenser mic works for cleaner, clearer signals to provide a better quality of sound.
The pickup pattern also has significance. It defines where a mic will pick up the voice. Some are unidimensional; those pick up the voice signals from every side, while others are unidimensional. They can pick up the signal from one side only. 

When you go to buy a mic, you find many brands. Some of them have been manufacturing microphones for decades.

Comparison list of Top 10 Best Microphone for Vocals 2022

1. Blue 1967 Yeti Pro – Best USB Condenser Microphone

Here is the first microphone for vocals on our list. We gave it the first number, not because of its high price, but its super voice quality makes it great. It is the pro version of this vocal mic. The outstanding voice quality adds it to the list of best condenser microphones. It comes with both functions, the USB and XLR. The Yeti pro provides you with flexibility with bidimensional functions. The mic has four different modes; you can set any mode according to the environment you’re using it. A knob is available to help you select the pattern; you have to rotate the knob to set your desired pattern. The Yeti Pro is different from its previous version Yeti. The Yeti pro has a separate analog circuit path for professional use. 

The Yeti Pro mic possesses three condenser capsules to change the sound waves into the mic signals. Yeti pro has a gain knob, volume controller, pattern selector, and a mute button. 

USB and XLR: The Yeti pro comes with both USB and analog functions like XLR. XLR provides you with quality output. These options provide you with the flexibility of the environment. 

Custom Condenser: The Yeti Pro is a professionally designed mic for various environments. It comes with three condenser capsules to convert the sound waves into mic energy. These three condensers enable the four patterns. 

4-polar settings: The Yeti Pro provides you with four patterns: omnidirectional, bidirectional, stereo, and cardioid. The omnidirectional pattern allows you to record the sound all around the environment. Whatever side you speak, the mic will catch the voice. The bidirectional is functional in two dimensions. You need to use it through to and fro direction. It means you have to stand on the mic’s front or backside to deliver a perfect sound. It is useful in a noisy place, like a stage or public. 

The stereo mode uses the left and right side in recording and live. This mode is suitable to get a realistic sound. While the cardioid pattern is best for broadcasting, gaming, and live streaming. 

Full of functions: The mic comes with multiple functions and buttons. It is ideal for professionals. A-D converter, gain knob, three condenser capsules, and much more.


  • USB and XLR
  • Custom condenser
  • 4 polar setting
  • Gain knob.


  • Background Noise

2. Audio-Technica AT2035 – Best Cardioid Condenser Microphone

If you don’t have enough money to buy an expensive mic, the Audio Technica will be suitable for you. AT2035 is quite affordable as compared to other microphones on our list. AT2035 condenser ensures the capturing of mid and high voice range.

With its great features and affordable price, AT2035 is one of the best vocal mics for you. The AT2035 gives you the ultimate level of sound for your recordings and live on stage. If you are a starter and begin your music journey, the AT2035 will be ideal for making a start. Here are its distinguishing features. 

Polar pattern: The AT2035 comes with a unidirectional polar pattern. The pattern only picks up the sound from one side. It reduces the sound of other sides, rare, left, and right. It ensures you to provide a clearer sound isolating you from the noise.

Large-diaphragm: The diaphragm is the most important component in terms of sound quality. The good quality of sound depends on it. The AT2035 comes with a large diaphragm that is known to be the ideal for richer sound. The large diaphragm provides a clear and nicer sound. The large-diaphragm delivers high sound. It makes the voice pleasant, especially a human voice.

Pop filter: The AT2035 comes with a pop filter that provides you with a noise-free sound. When you sing there could be any noise in the environment, the mechanical noise or any plosives. The pop filter filters the voice from any kind of noise.


  • Unidirectional polar pattern
  • Large Diaphragm
  • Pop filter


  • Noise problem

3. Mojave MA-200 Professional Microphone

Mojave MA-200 is designed for an amazing vocal experience. MA-200is ideal for professionals to give a quality sound on stage and in the studio. As per the US quality, this mic’s position is the best microphone for a vocal. The MA-200 will take your audience to deeper sensations of the song. The features are added to better sound and super noiseless music. 

The distinguishing features are below.

Large Diaphragm: The MA-200 comes with a large diaphragm, which is ideal for rich sound. With this feature, the microphone will give amazing results with musical instruments like guitar, drum, piano, etc. It works excellent for the human voice. It is used for a cleaner, richer, and nicer voice. 

Tube condenser: The tube condenser works through a vacuum tube that ensures clarity. The MA-200 works as a booster for the condenser’s signals to take your sound recordings to another level. 

 The tube requires more power to start, so it needs a power supply. For this, the MA-200 has a power supply set to be 115V to 230V. 

Protective case: The MA-200 comes with a protective case. Along with the case, the microphone comes with a shock mount that ensures durability and full protection. 

Polar pattern: The MA-200 comes with a unidirectional polar pattern. The pattern ensures a clearer sound. The microphone misses the overall sound. It may lead to noisy recordings and live streams. So, the MA-200 brings a unidirectional polar pattern that catches only one side voice to deliver more natural sound without a mix of any ambient environmental sounds.


  • Large-diaphragm
  • Tube condenser
  • Multi-directional polar pattern


  • Must have some extra features at this price.

4. Warm Audio WA-47 – Large-Diaphragm Microphone

The fourth on our list of best vocal microphones.  It deserves this high number due to its look, features, and functionality. Everything is outstanding. The elegant look attracts the customers towards it, and its functionality impressed them. It is one of those best products that secured a high amount of five stars on Amazon. The ratings show the confidence of people in it. 

The features that it provides are below.

Large-Diaphragm: The WA-47 has a large diaphragm that shows its perfection for sound quality. A diaphragm does matter in the vocal microphone. A good mic has a large diaphragm. It is a long discussion about how long the diaphragm is beneficial in a mic and its role. By the way, it is working to boost up the signals coming from the condenser. 

Polar patterns: It is amazing in providing polar patterns. It provides you with a wide range of polar patterns. It gives you up to 9 polar patterns that allow you to multiple functionalities suitable to the environment. 

The 9-options of patterns cover every situation. It enables you to sing whether on the stage where the noise comes from every side. And the studio where you need clear sound for recordings. 

The Wooden box: The WA-47 comes with an elegant wooden box, and the box contains many things. It contains a Vocal microphone, a shock mount to handle and avoid disturbing vibrations. A large tube, and finally an external power supply unit which is called PSU. If we compare the items with the price, the price is suitable.


  • Large-diaphragm
  • The multi-setting of polar patterns
  • Beautiful Wooden box


  • weighty

5. Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

The Shure is a renowned name in sound products. The Shure offers SM7B that is perfect in price and amazing in working. As compared to other best vocal mics, the Shure mics have the edge over other mics. The mic provides you the exceptionally pure and natural sound with its response to a wide range of frequencies. 

The response settings are great visual and easy due to its graphical display. The mic gives you an amazing experience of clear voice that will impress you because it comes with an improved feature to cancel the electromagnetic sounds, vibrations, and any kind of interference in sound.  Though the mic does not require phantom power, if it is provided, the mic will work properly with phantom power too. 

The Shure SM7B comes with a yoke mounting stand to provide perfect control. 

Polar pattern:  The SM7B microphone possessing a unidirectional polar pattern to ensure voice clarity and purity. The unidirectional only catch the voice comes from the front side and rejects all other voices. This provides you clear and background ambient free voice. 

The classic cardioid voice cancellation polar pattern delivers you the noiseless best quality voice that does not cause any mishap during your recording or live streaming. 

Pop filter: The SM7B provides you a pop filter with the mic that filters any kind of unwanted mechanical noise, any vibration from mic components, the breath, and even the air vibration. It ensures to provide you a clearer and better voice experience with no uneven addition. 

Yoke Mounting: The mic comes with a yoke mounting that is provided to position your mic. The stand nut makes the mounting and demounting of the mic easier.


  • Unidirectional polar pattern
  • Pop filter
  • Yoke mounting for the precision of position


  • Heavy

6. AKG Pro Audio C414 Microphone

AKG is a renowned company in manufacturing sound items. It has been the favorite of many professionals for more than seven decades. The vocal mic C414 is pricy, but the features explain that it is worth this price. The C414 claims to provide high sound quality to the vocals and the instruments. The mic will be enough for your singing. After this, you don’t need to see anywhere else. 

Multipattern:  The mic comes with multi-pattern options. The C414 XLII mic provides you with the 9 pattern settings to improve your experience of sound. Its multipattern settings allow you to adopt any setting for your mic to gain the most accurate and natural sound. 

For Vocals and Instruments: The C414 XLII works great for vocals if you want to use it in singing and perfect for musical instruments. 

Close up recording: This vocal mic is designed for your recording environment. It possesses three attenuation levels, which are -6, -12, and -18dB to provide you ease in close up recording and up to 158dB for great output.   

If you have a loose budget and want to add a professional taste to your music and singing, this mic is recommended.  

No detraction:  C414 comes with a microphone windscreen protected against any vibration and comes through mechanical components and human breathing. The pop filter adds more clarity to the voice and lets you not detract while recording. These two tools enable the mic to capture the natural, pure, and nuanced instruments.   

Package: The package provides you a mic, shock mount, a foam windscreen, and a hard-carrying case. The price is suitable as compared to its look and features.


  • Multipattern
  • For vocals and instruments.
  • Build for close-up recording.
  • Comes with Pop filter and windscreen.


  • Not a big upgrade

7. AKG Pro Audio Lyra Ultra-HD – Four Capsule, USB-C Microphone

The AKG Lyra comes with outstanding features that we did not see in any microphone on our list. The Lyra provides you the 4k ultra HD voice, four capsule mic arrays, multi capture mode, a condenser, with USB-C, and much more. If we call it full of feature mic, it won’t be wrong. 

This professional, functional mic is not at 1000 dollars; the price is more amazing than its features. It is available in less than 200. 

If you have a short budget and spend extra money on the other things related to the studio, it will be great for you. 

Ultra HD: The first and foremost quality of the Lyra is, it provides you ultra HD sound. The sound you want to share on a global level. The amazing sound will push you to excel in the competition and support, displaying a professional image. 

Four capture mode: The mic comes with four capture modes. These modes give you the adaptive settings for your recording and live to stream. The modes include front (for front voice capturing,) Front and Back (for front and rare capturing), Stereo (for capturing sides sounds) Wide stereo (for capturing wide-angle like room or hall). 

USB Plug n Play:  The mic comes with more ease. It starts working with a plug n play function. You don’t need to function anything. You don’t set it up through plugs and wires. It comes with a USB port. You just have to plug the USB, and it starts.

Connectivity: Another amazing feature in Lyra is its connectivity; it has a C type USB that connects to PC, iPhone, smartphones, and all those devices that have a USB-C port.


  • Ultra HD 4k sound.
  • Four capture modes.
  • USB plug n play
  • C-type USB devices connectivity


  • No gain knobs.
  • Low build quality

8. Shure QLXD2/K8B Wireless Handheld Microphone

Shure QLXD2 is designed for professionals. It is one of the astounding and a wireless mic on our list. A wireless vocal professional mic is made by Shure, which is famous for manufacturing high quality and standardized microphones. A wireless microphone is more suitable due to its releasing from the bond of wire. It allows you to move easily anywhere within the range of mic frequency. The frequency is perfect for a hall or a studio area. That is sufficient.

Along with the wireless facility, it also comes with more useful features. 

Professional look: The QlXD2 is designed for professionals, so it looks professional. The mic gives you an edge over others with the professional look. Them has other amazing features. This mic will provide your professional identification, and it will also push your brand image. 

Super-Cardioid: The QLXD2v comes with a super-cardioid feature for background noise rejection and provides you with extra clarity. The condenser ensures high voice quality. Its super-cardioid feature filters the voice and makes it nicer to hear. With this mic, you should forget even the impact of slighter background noise to your voice. 

Suitability: The mic is suitable for most environments. If you have to use it in a hall or a studio, stage, or a business function. It will go along with you.

Range and battery: The mic provides you with a wide range of use. It is perfect to use in around 328 feet or, let’s say, 100m area. It works effectively in this range. It is a wide area for a vocal; whether you are in a studio, hall, or worship place, this mic will work perfectly. 

The mic has 10 hours long battery life. Which is best for a session. It needs two AA batteries to start functioning. 


  • Professional look
  • Wireless handled
  • Super-Cardioid pattern
  • Suitable for the studio, stage, business, and religious sessions.
  • 100m Wide range
  • 10 hours long-life battery


  • Battery not included

9. Sennheiser MD 421 II – Cardioid Dynamic Mic

Sennheiser, a renowned audio product company, offers its microphone for vocals at a lower price. This mic is well featured with an attractive shiny black look. The MD 421 is suitable for a starter. If you need the basic features at the lowest price but with a professional and quality sound vocal mic, this is the right one for you. Here are the main features.

Design: The microphone is designed for professionals. The rugged design microphone is made for long-lasting. The mic’s structure enhances the lifecycle of the mic to withstand the uncongenial and last for long. 

Noise rejection: The MD 421 comes with the feature of noise rejection. The features purify the voice to make it better to hear. Your voice impression matters in the crowd; the company understands it. There is no compromise on voice quality with a price decrease.

Directivity: The pronounced directivity enables its handling easier and more comfortable. The other features include Humidity resistance, large-diaphragm, five-position bass-roll off switch, and much more.


  • Professional look
  • Amazing Noise rejection
  • Pronounced directivity
  • Rugged design for long-lasting.


  • Mic clips are not comfortable.

10. Neumann TLM 103 Condenser Microphone

Neumann TLM 103 provides you with a richer sound and a new impressive professional image. The mic is high, so if you can afford other expenses, it will glamourize your session. The vocal mic that has the features and functions won’t let you down. 

Large Diaphragm: It comes with a large diaphragm that is sufficient for perfection of voice. It is necessary to give an upper-level quality to your voice.

 Cardioid pattern: The TLM 103 mic comes with a cardioid pattern that ensures that voice delivery with filtration from every background ambient noise. The cardioid pattern is added to provide you a pure, natural unmixed voice to maintain professionality.

Uses The TLM 103 suitable to use in the studio, stage, and live stream. It will give your voice a standing ovation. The perfect mic for recording. The microphone includes an attractive sturdy carrying case and a shock mount to reject all the vibrations due to shocks to keep your singing running smoothly. 


  • Large-diaphragm ensures voice quality
  • Cardioid pattern to reject background noise.
  • Comes with a shock mount
  • Great for rap and pop vocals.


  • Too pricey as compared to features


The vocal microphones listed above have different prices and features.  You don’t need to care about all of the features. You should choose the mic according to your need and the affordability of your budget. Some of them may have fewer features, and the pricey mic may have more than what you need. You can choose a medium one that is not high priced. If you are professional and famous among the people, then don’t prefer price over quality. 

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