Top 10 Best Microphone for Guitar Amps 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

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If you are getting into playing guitars and you are a music lover, you must have the best microphone for guitar amps. In this article, we are going to talk about the 10 best microphones for guitar amps. These microphones have been the choice of professional instrument players and musicians. You need the best microphone in both cases, whether you are a beginner who wants to be professional or you are an advanced player who intends to upgrade your microphone.

Well, buying a mic is not easy for a person, while there are a lot of good varieties and bigger companies are offering amazing mics with several quality features. This situation confuses a person in making a buying decision. It is hard to decide for him which one you should take what to skip. This article will provide information about the 10 microphones for guitar amps and this information will be helpful for you in making the right decision. In the end, your choice will be the best. 

Here we enlist the 10 best microphones along with the detail of their salient features that will help you make a reasonable choice. The microphone market is near to its saturation, so companies are offering stylish, modern, and innovative features. Now, all the information will be before you, so it will not be hard to decide what is suitable for you and what you want to buy.

List of Top 10 Best Microphone for Guitar Amps 2022

1. AKG Pro Audio C414 – Best XLS Instrument Microphone

The AKG Pro Audio C414 is one that is one of the most bought mics. You will probably see it in mostly recording rooms. It is considered the best mic for recording and people have been preferring it. The musicians’ tendency to buy it, this tendency and preference is its identification. It is considered to be one of the best according to its sound and sturdy structure. 

It is a condenser microphone with nine polar patterns with large-diaphragm increases its versatility. The polar patterns enable it to be used for not only guitars but also any other instruments used in music. Take a look at its features.

Polar pattern: The AKG C414 offers nine polar patterns to record your instrument’s sound perfectly. The polar pattern increases its versatility and enables it to capture the sound from all points of the instrument. The polar patterns allow the mic to only capture the sound and reject the noise of the environment to make the recording more perfect. 

Diaphragm: The AKG C414 has a large diaphragm. The large diaphragm is used generally in the mics used by professionals. It is because the large diaphragm mics give you a detailed image of the instrument’s sound. It makes your sound more artistic and more pleasant. So AKG uses a large diaphragm to make your guitar sound amazing and pleasant. 

Closeup recording: XLS C414 uses the three attenuation levels that include -6, -12, and -18db for close recordings from the instruments. 

Bass cut filters: The mic comes with a switchable bass-cut filter to reject the unnecessary voices that disturb the recording that include wind noise, the noise affiliated to the sounds, and proximity noises.


  • Large Diaphragm enhances voice quality
  • Nine polar patterns for instrumental sound
  • Switchable Bass-cut filter to reduce the noise


  • No major upgrade

2. Neumann U 87 Ai Switchable Studio Microphone

If the mic is important for you for your guitar amp and you don’t care for money for a good product, this one for you. If you want the best mic for the guitar amp this one is going to be amazing. Its amazing features always placed it in the professional studios throughout the musical world. No matter whatever the guitar you are using, that is electrical guitar, acoustic guitar, or violin. The Neumann 87Ai is equally suitable for any musical instrument. 

Several differences make it different from that of its predecessor. With 6dB signals to noise improvement, it has an edge over its predecessor. It comes with three amazing and facilitating selectable polar patterns options to adapt and adjust the mic according to your situation. 

This outstanding and widely used microphone is perfect for your instruments. You can use it with simple guitar, electric guitar, and acoustic guitar. It will perform outstandingly with any instrument. 

Polar Pattern:  The U87 Ai brings you the three modes of polar patterns. With these polar patterns, you can select a mode according to the situation. If you need to capture the wide environmental sound it provides you an omnidirectional pattern. If you want a close environment instrument sound the mic polar pattern has an option for this. It will skip the wider area and become more focused. 

Highly Satisfaction: The U87 Ai efficiency will satisfy you too. As it has been satisfying a large number of musicians and the studios. The customer experience decides how much this product is efficient and useful. It has been used widely and all of the users are happy to have it. You can see their reviews; those are full of confidence in the Neumann U87 Ai.

Improved and Enhanced: The U87 Ai is an enhanced and advanced version of its predecessor. It offers 6 dB signal-to-noise capability. The attenuation of 10dB enables the mic to handle 127dB sound levels. These are the features that enable U87 Ai most suitable for home and studio.


  • Three Polar patterns
  • 6dB signal to noise improvement over the predecessor
  • Up to 127 dB sound handling capacity


  • Expensive mic
  • No or nominal warranty

3. Shure SM-57 – Cardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone

Shure SM-57 in some ways like U87i. The Shure SM-57 is widely considered a reliable and high-performance microphone. When it comes to professional sound delivery mic the Shure SM-74 has an edge over other microphones for guitar. If you are a newbie to the music and don’t have an advanced level single it is your first step and good to start with. It is a pro-level dynamic microphone that is best for high PS levels. It does not need any external power. 

The capacity to handle high-power sound makes it enable to deliver sound uninterruptedly. No way of distortion while you are playing the instrument live as well as in the recording. Here are the features that make it different and excellent from other microphones used for instruments. 

Polar Pattern:  The Shure SM74 comes with a cardioid polar pattern that ensures a clear and natural voice. The cardioid polar pattern rejects the background noise and keeps the music clear and pure. It is an awesome microphone for recording the instruments at the higher quality and full precision of sound of an instrument. 

Swivel Stand: The Shure comes a Swivel stand that enables the movement and adjustments to your recording instrument such as Guitar. It is to capture only your instrument sound with perfection and the deep image of your sound. The handling is no more problem. 

Best for: The microphone is best for the user who wants to use it in studio recording and for who goes live with the instrument. They both will enjoy it a lot and it will be perfect for their use. After having a vast range of compatibility items, if you use it with low sounds like from smartphones it will spoil, he voices. It is designed for professionals but smartphone users will be disappointing.


  • The cardioid polar pattern for clear sound.
  • Swivel stand to handle.
  • Pneumatic shock-mount system


  • Not good for smartphones sound
  • Mic holder seems low quality

4. Sennheiser MD 421 II – Cardioid Dynamic Mic

If you need to work with high-pressure level music sounds, you don’t need to have a condenser for it. A condenser mic works best with delicacy and perfect for vocals. If you need to deal with a high pitch sound on your instrument, you need a dynamic microphone. These mics have almost the same features but work great for high-level pressure sounds.  

In this term, the Sennheiser MD 421 II is best to record the instrument sound as it is a dynamic mic.  The previous version of this mic was not satisfying but this makeover is great.  The Sennheiser brings you durability and outstanding advanced circuitry. The structure is rugged, professional, and durable which is an attractive look.  

Sound reproduction:  The MD 421 II is matchless due to its amazing and clear sound reproduction. It enables listeners to have the same experience as far as the player is having. The mic delivers crystal-clear audio reproduction to enhance the listeners’ experience. With its amazing feature, it is considered to be one of the best microphones for recording and broadcasting. 

Polar Pattern: The MD 421 II offers you the cardioid pattern that ensures to deliver a clear sound that has no background noise. The background noise spoils the audio and it does not draw you as a professional.  The unidirectional sound pattern enables the mic only to focus on the one direction that is towards the instrument. 

Large Diaphragm:  The microphone has a large diaphragm that ensures to amplify the voice. A large-diaphragm ensures the best quality of your sound. This is a diaphragm of a mic that is responsible to deliver clear, precise, and amplified sound.


  • Professional quality mic
  • High-pressure level handling
  • Large-diaphragm ensures high-quality sound
  • Cardioid polar pattern


  • Mic without a clip
  • Need an alternative clip for protection

5. Sennheiser E609 Silver Instrument Microphone

You can’t have any other microphone that is handy like the Sennheiser E609. This handy microphone with its ease to use can be hung over the guitar amps. It looks impressive and comfortable in handling it. The handy microphone is dynamic and provides a higher sound quality without any distortion. The Sennheiser E609 is the perfect guitar amp to provide the user with an amazing and deep sound image. 

Polar Pattern: super-cardioid polar pattern to deliver precise and clear voice. The cardioid helps to reject the unwanted background noise from the studio and let not your experience spoil whether it is the first or second time.  It helps to isolate the ambient sound from the instrument ensures to deliver clear and transparent sound. 

Compensating Coil: In your experience of music experience, you would have experienced the uncongenial situation when a hum or an odd sound is coming from the mic due to an electrical issue. To reduce or reject this, the E609 has the compensation coil that reduces the humming noise and also other noise that is produced due to electricity. You don’t need to worry about unwanted and sudden unpleasant sounds. 


  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Hum compensating coil
  • Neodymium ferrous magnet to protect from the environment.
  • Rugged metal construction makes it reliable.


  • Low signal issue
  • Not perfect for handheld percussion

6. SE Electronics X1 Microphone

The best mic with an attractive look and is below 100. As contrary to the previous two microphones this one is a condenser microphone. From the very first time it was introduced to now it has been performing outclass. After completing the higher-price microphone this model developed its rugged shape and upgraded the quality of the condenser. 

It comes with amazing features and more efficient working is perfect for home and studio instrument playing broadcast and recording. The natural response to the frequencies, and higher sound pressure level handling is up to 150 dB. 

Polar Pattern:  The SE Electronics X1 comes with a cardioid polar pattern. The super-cardioid pattern isolates the guitar music from ambient voices that disturb the recording. The cardioid filters the instrument music and delivers a clear sound.  It delivers professionally unmixed and natural sound to the audience. 

Premium Finish:  The inexpensive products are most likely not to be high-quality material products. But sE stepped in the market to change this tradition and offers the metal premium finish microphone for the guitar amps that looks incredible in working as well as appearance. The metal chassis is a guard against electrical interference and the finish looks great. 

Acoustic design: The mic comes with an upgraded condenser capsule that gives outclass performance with high-class precision and speed and a wonderful response to frequencies.


  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Premium finish look
  • Metal chassis to prevent electrical interruption.
  • Acoustic design
  • Affordable price


  • Condenser captures outside sounds
  • Mounting hardware needs care while setup

7. Royer Labs R-121 Ribbon Microphone

If you are looking for a mic that is best in sound quality and perfect in capturing and you can also pay some cash for it, you should have a look at Royer Labs R121.  The Royer 121 is a ribbon mic.  The ribbon mic is considered to be fragile. This mic is also built as a ribbon mic and fragile. It is built to compete with other modern microphones in terms of quality sound delivery. 

The mic is designed not for professional but for normal use. The microphone has involved no internal circuitry and also it is heat and moisture-proof. Another advantage a ribbon mic possesses its extremely high sound pressure level handling so Royer 121 is not behind anyone else in this matter.

Sound and Bidirectional pattern: The sound capturing capability is outstanding it captures clear and precise that is free of distortion, without any discrimination of a louder voice. Its figure-8 pattern makes it outstanding. Due to its pattern, it captures the bidirectional sound. The front and the back. This feature allows the user to have accurate, and original sound without any background noise. 

Best for: The mic is best for high sound instruments. As it is ribbon mic and ribbon mics are considered best for high sound pressure levels. It handles high SPL sounds and equally best for low-level sounds. No matter if you are playing any instrument other than the guitar that may be electric guitar, the high sound drum, and other vibrating instruments. It is super suitable for all of them.


  • Efficient Ribbon mic
  • Bidirectional polar pattern
  • Heat and humidity protected ribbon element.
  • No electrical distortion


  • No shock mount
  • Needs windshield

8. Beyerdynamic M160 Double Ribbon Microphone

The double ribbon microphone is considered to be the best for recording. The double ribbon mics ensure a high level of output. The Beyerdynamic M160 is very versatile and perfect for recordings and overheads use. If anyone experienced other ribbon mics, they give some dark sound. Beyerdynamics comes with advanced features to overcome bad experiences and turn into a pleasant one. 

This is considered one of the best mics for overheads. If you want to create an amazing and soul-touching sound may have given it a chance to prove itself as best for overhead. M160 has also used toms, snare, and others as well. 

It is widely used from live performances to the recording rooms, it is used to produce classic sound and the quality that excels. 

Polar pattern: The mic comes with the unidirectionality pattern. The pattern helps to separate the sound from the instrumental sound to the ambient. The unidirectional polar pattern enables the mic to capture only the front and rejects the other side of sounds. It ensures you the quality and noise-free sound for your recordings and lives to broadcast. 

Hypercardioid: M160 comes with the hyper-cardioid which is an advanced form of the super-cardioid. On this pick-up pattern, the mic is so sensitive and picks only the sound from the front and the little from the back. The mic rejects the side sounds. The noise cancellation feature ensures to filter out the source sound and rejects any other sound coming from outside. That’s why we can, it is one the best mic for you if you are going to deal with recording your instrument’s music or the take a live program.


  • Double Ribbon mic
  • Unidirectional polar pattern
  • Hypercardioid
  • Enhanced frequency response


  • Need a good preamp for best performance
  • Limited purpose sound

9. Rode NT4 X/Y Stereo Condenser Microphone

The stereo recording is not an easy thing for the players. They mostly avoid going to the option because it is not possible with one mic. It needs two mics to have a stereo recording and two microphones double your budget of one mic. The positive side of stereo recording can’t be neglected. The stereo provides you with richer, amazing, and great depth of sound. 

Well, Rode NT4 has solved this issue for you. The NT4 comes with two mics in which both of them have their capsule although they are connected in the same body. You will need to provide the phantom while you are using a guitar amp. It provides you with two options: a soundboard plugin or a 9V battery to start playing it. The Rode NT4 has made it easy for you to position the mic. 

X/Y Condenser:  The moth mics attached to it are condenser microphones means the sound quality and precision is maintained in this stereo mic. The condenser helps to capture and deliver the high-quality sounds that are possible due to condensers.  There will be no difference between the sounds of mics as both the mics have their condenser so there will be no difference in quality. 

Polar pattern: The NT4 has a unidirectional polar pattern to capture only one direction sound and reject all other sides. It is very helpful to capture in precision and accuracy.  The mics are perfect for high sound pressure levels.  To gain the best results use it with acoustic, electric guitars, and drums.


  • Double condenser mic
  • Stereo recording
  • Unidirectional pattern
  • Best for high SPL


  • No high pass switches
  • Uses XLR only

10. AKG Perception 170 Professional Instrumental Microphone

The full metal body AKG Perception 170 is a rugged designed and full metal body that ensures its durability and makes it withstand tough days. Its body is designed for long-term and day-to-day use without any fall into damage. 

The mic AKG 170 looks are purely professional and it comes in a robust style. It although came on number ten but in the customer choice it has been good ranked since it was introduced. If you want to analyze which mic is perfect from every side and lower in price means which mic will be efficient and fully featured but lighter on the pocket. So, this one provides you with all the features you need for your guitar amp and in an affordable project. 

The AKG 170 is unidirectional that picks up from the front sound that is best for the guitar and instruments. It works best with the nearly placed instruments. The small-diaphragm mic is suitable for overheads, acoustic guitars, and violin, etc. The AKG 170 comes with a switchable attenuation pad that is great for high sound pressure levels up to 155 dB.


  • Rugged and metal body for long term use
  • The unidirectional pattern for transparent sound
  • High Sound pressure level handling up to 155 dB.
  • Small diaphragm for recording guitars, violin, and other strings.


  • Earthing buzz issue
  • Needs phantom power


One thing you should remember that no product fits all of the situations. So, it is best to analyze your level and the objective to use the microphone. If you want to go to live on stage, or live streams match the requirements to the mics given above in the list. And if you want to have studio recordings that have some different specifications. 

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