You will need an external microphone for your GoPro. Although all GoPro have a good mic that is best for normal recording but is not great for your professional videos sound recording. The professional videos need an outstanding quality microphone. We have the best picks to make your video recording that a YouTuber needs. 

With the latest upgrades in GoPro design and features the mic quality has not been so good as you expect from a professional onboard microphone. So, in case you are going to make the best quality microphone. There is a huge variety of microphones. All of them are different in features and quality. Some of them have an excel over others by additional functions. The main thing is the quality those microphones are providing. Here is a list of best picks below with essential details of their features that would help you to make your buying decision. 

List of Top 10 Best Microphones for GoPro 2021

1.  Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone

Rode VideoMicro is a compact microphone that works best with GoPro. The VideoMicro is designed to provide amazing audio quality and improve your experience of sound recording. The VideoMicro gives the best results of audio with GoPro video cameras. The mic has a cardioid polar pattern that ensures that no noise can distort the professional audio quality. The Rode is known for best sound production and this mic is a true representation of this claim. 

You can attach it to your GoPro camera for better audio quality and a great experience. Rode always ensures to provide you the crystal and clear sound, so it uses all those features that are necessary to meet this challenge. 

Polar Pattern:  The Rode comes with a cardioid polar pattern that ensures the clarity of sound. The cardioid polar pattern is front focusing and a pattern that only captures the unidirectional sound and by rejecting all sounds in the environment make your recording noise-free and clear. I’m sure this mic is going to improve your experience and provide you another level of excellence. 

Size:  The Rode VideoMicro is also suitable for you because it is compact and lightweight. It has all you need to have in your mic for recording and going live with your GoPro camera. Because of its compact design, it can be easily mounted and it does not disturb you while you are making a video through GoPro. It is also lightweight that best suits in handling. 

Shock Mount:  The mic ensures clarity in your sound recording, so it makes sure the mic is provided special tools that hinder against the wind and the shocks. It ensures that nothing can break the flow of your communication to the followers, whether that is a big thing like noise and the smaller things like handling noise and shocks. The mic that’s why comes with a Rycote shock mount that is made to stop the vibrations of a shock and handling. 

  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Rycote shock mount
  • Furry windscreen
  • Metallic construction
  • Works with GoPro’s Power
  • Need low voltage from camera

2. Shure VP83F LensHopper – Camera-Mounted Microphone

The Shure VP83F LensHoppper is a condenser microphone. The mic ensures the sound quality that is the best match for your GoPro video camera. The condenser microphone is great at work and captures detailed audio. You need a microphone that can capture and produce a more natural sound without any colorization. The Shure LensHopper can produce a sound that matches your requirements. A great video that is shot by GoPro needs a great quality microphone like ShureVP83F. The mic comes with a super-cardioid/lobar polar pattern that ensures to capture the clearer sound to make your video truly professional. A professional is free from noise inclusion and best and comprehends the sound quality.  Its excellent RF immunity is an edge over other microphones that enables it to produce a greater and clearer sound that is clean and transparent.

Polar pattern: The mic comes with a super-cardioid/lobar polar pattern which is different from super-cardioid and better as well. The labor pattern is straighter and narrower as compared to a super-cardioid polar pattern. The mic works best for outdoor distant sounds and also captures the backside narrower voice image. The super-cardioid is better than the cardioid yet it is an advanced form of cardioid polar pattern. The GoPro video with Shure VP83F would be a perfect match for the highest quality of video and top-quality sound. 

Condenser:  The Shure VP83F is a condenser microphone. The condenser enables the Shure VP83F a natural and in-depth clear sound. This is a condenser that produces the best pure and natural sound. It captures the all details of sound and makes sound sweeter. The mic is known to be perfect for capturing high-frequency sounds and works great for vocals. The condenser is lighter and also expensive outworks for sounds far better than the dynamic microphones.  

Shock Mount:  The Shure VP83F comes with a Rycote Lyre shock mount that helps the mic to avoid the vibrations that come into being due to shocks and any machinal noise. It makes the recording noise clean from all of the unwanted sounds that disrupt your recording and live streams.

  • Super cardioid/labor pattern
  • Condenser for natural sound
  • Rycote shock mount
  • 2AA Batteries for 10 hours recording
  • Digital flash recording up to 32 Gb. 
  • Headphone option for latency monitoring 
  • Standard size thread base shoe mount
  • Need a furry windscreen

3. Movo GM100 Clip-on Lavalier Microphone

Movo GM-100 is the first lavalier microphone in our list that facilitates you to be connected with GoPro. The GoPro only offers external microphones for only the black series. The white and silver series don’t have an option to be connected with an external mic. Well, our GM-100 is a lavalier microphone that offers you a lot of facilities and features.  The lavalier mic is compact and extra light in weight so it is easy to handle and fix while you are going to record. 

The GM-100 ensures the clearer audio that is necessary for your video recordings. It is used in capturing the voice and it works perfectly for your vocal sessions. Here are some main features.

Polar pattern:  It requires omni directionality to work with a lavalier microphone. As it is fixed near to mouth for ease. It is a lapel mic that can be set on your lapel and not a difference when it is bent or the mic face is turned elsewhere. It has an omnidirectional polar pattern that can pick up your voice from any side you speak. The mic is considered best for the vocal and generally used media recordings, interviews, and presentations. 

The mic is widely used for live streams in those videos you are going to give a product review and or describing your experiences with certain products. 

Plug n play:  The mic is attached with your GoPro 3 and 4 series. Movo GM-100 has a 3.5mm jack option that helps it to connect with your GoPro. You need a connecting cable to connect. It does not require anything. You only have to connect it with a GoPro and it will start working immediately. 

Comfort:  The GM-100 comes with a lot of comforts. It enables the user to work easily and more comfortably. The mic is portable. You can take it anywhere and start recording anytime. The compact size and light weight make it easier to take it with you, it won’t be heavy on your pocket. The mic is great for your home studio recording, vlogging, and interviews.  

  • Omnidirectional
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Super comfortable
  • Record anywhere, anytime
  • Works perfectly with GoPro
  • Best for Interviews, home recordings, and vlogging
  • Windscreen to protect from wind noise.
  • For a limited series of GoPro.

4. Sennheiser MKE 2 Elements

Sennheiser MKE is one of the best and compact microphones. The MKE 2 is designed to provide you the flexibility and more comfort in your video shooting and live streaming. Whether you use it in noisy areas and whether to quiet, nothing affects its working and efficiency. The lavalier MKE 2 comes with other multiple features that make it unique. The best thing is its placement. It is so compact that it can easily be attached to any GoPro and it does not make you feel that you attached something heavy that can disturb your video shooting.

The omni directionality has a wonderful capturing capability. One good feature that the mic brings is the waterproof feature. It is easy to record when you are enjoying skating in the cool water making a cool video. The water will not hurt the mic and its sound quality. 

Polar Pattern:  The Sennheiser MKE 2 Elements comes with an omnidirectional polar pattern. As it is a lavalier microphone it is very easy to be attached with GoPro video cameras. The camera can be adaptably set anywhere you place the camera. It is a perfect match for GoPro in terms of size and work. The omnidirectional pattern picks up the voice 360-degree around the mic which is best to record wherever the mic face is. 

Clarity: Being an omnidirectional polar pattern the mic also provides you with full clarity in the sound. The extraordinary windscreen is super perfect against the wind noise and it also enables the mic to avoid the mechanical noise that is produced inside the mic. 

Waterproof:  The amazing feature that we did not see yet in any other mic is the waterproof feature. This feature enables you to record even when you are in the water. When you are shooting a cool and enjoying skating video, the mic will work for you, the water can not damage the mic and your audio quality as well. 

  • Omnidirectional polar pattern
  • Lightweight and super compact size
  • Super comfortable
  • Place it anywhere with GoPro
  • Extraordinary windscreen
  • Waterproof
  • Rugged design for adverse climate
  • Not compatible with the HERO 5

5. Opteka VM-100 – Video Condenser Shotgun Microphone

Opteka offers a condenser microphone for your GoPro. The best sound for any kind of video whether that is a live stream or a studio recording. It let not disturb the sound quality. It maintains the quality to make your sound more professional. The condenser ensures the natural and pure sound to your videos. It is a shotgun mic and a shotgun mic is designed sturdy for long-lasting performance. 

It has a 3.5mm jack that enables it to be connected with your GoPro. The GoPro user will not find such a great sound quality mic like Opteka. The mic is unidirectional and its suspension system is the best guard against unwanted noise in case of handling. The main features are:

Polar Pattern: The Opteka VM-100 comes with a super-cardioid polar pattern. The polar pattern is added to produce a crystal and clear sound. The super-cardioid polar pattern ensures to reject all sides of sound except the subject where the mic face is. The super-cardioid is an advanced version of the cardioid polar pattern. 

Condenser Mic: The Opteka is a condenser microphone that produces a more natural, cleaner, and pure voice. By the condenser, you feel the sound naturally and more sweetly. The condenser ensures to make the sound quality better than the dynamic one. The condenser picks up the high-frequency sounds and let not their quality spoil due to the frequency range.  

Extra Clarity:  The mic has extra suspension bands that ensure a clearer sound that is clean from any external noise. The suspension bands bear the mechanical sounds and work best for shock handling and mic handling noise. The mic also comes with indoor and outdoor windscreens that are suitable for any environment and recording situations. 

You can use an indoor windscreen to control the environment buzz and low vibrations. You can choose an outdoor windscreen to carry on your recording and steam without any disturbing wind noise. 

  • Super-Cardioid Polar pattern
  • Condenser microphone
  • Easy to use with GoPro
  • Indoor and Outdoor windscreens
  • Extra band of noise-reducing suspension
  • 9V li-ion/ Alkaline battery
  • Battery works for 100 hours approx. 
  • Proximity sensitive

6. Removu RM-M1+A1 – Wireless Microphone for GoPro

Here comes the Removu RM-M1+A1 is a wireless microphone with a receiver. It is designed for the GoPro Hero series. The wireless set enables you to take it anywhere and anytime. It makes you free from the bond of time and place. You want to record in an outdoor place, you may carry it with you. 

The lightweight mic does not let you feel that you are carrying anything. The Removu allows GoPro users a great wireless experience. You can get a great sound quality with comfort at a reasonable price. The mic comes with both Bluetooth and USB connections. 

Lightweight:  The mic comes in lightweight. It is perfect for your indoor and especially outdoor recordings. It is not an issue to carry the mic anywhere. You only have to connect the mic with your GoPro and you are done. It is so light that you can attach it with GoPro and you won’t feel it.

Go Wireless:  The wireless mic enables you to take it anywhere. You are not place-bound. Whether you record in a studio or go outdoors for shooting. The mic goes with you. The wireless system allows you to record without any problem with wires. You don’t have to worry about long or short wires, the distance is in your hands.  

Bluetooth:  The mic comes with Bluetooth connectivity. You don’t have to attach it through cables. There are different kinds of pins, some of them can be attached with some microphones, but can not be connected with most of the devices. The Bluetooth option pulls you out of this problem. You don’t insert and eject the pin, use the Bluetooth option instead. You have to push the Bluetooth button and connect it with your GoPro. It also comes with a USB option for charging.  

  • Gives you freedom of 30m distance
  • Wireless microphone
  • Have Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Lightweight
  • Li-ion battery works up to 6 hours
  • Not compatible with HERO 5 and greater 

7. BOYA WM2G Lavalier Wireless Microphone for GoPro

The Boya offers its best lavalier microphone. It is another great wireless microphone. It ensures flexibility and comfort with the highest level of sound quality to you. The compatibility with GoPro, and mobile phones in a compact size, that’s everything you need for your recording. Boya claims to make your recording and sound capturing greater and outclass. The experience you never had before.  

The wireless allows your mobility anywhere and the lightweight adds more comfort to your working with GoPro. The mic has come with multiple connectivity options. Whether you need to connect it with your GoPro, Tablet, Android, iPhone, PC, and so on. It works great and sounds professional. 

Polar pattern: The mic comes with an omnidirectional polar pattern that is a need for a lavalier mic. The omnidirectional can capture the 360-degree so you can easily record a wide picture of the event. The lavalier mic is perfect for vocal sessions, you can easily and more accurately record a YouTube video. The omnidirectional pattern also ensures that you can record your voice more precisely. 

Wireless: The mic can be used in both ways either wired or wireless. The wireless function allows you more mobility. You can move in the field with ease and record your video without any tension. Some speeches for example lectures require movement to make the learners understand more effectively. So, in this case, a lavalier and the wireless mic works great.

Size:  The WM2G is compact size means it does not create trouble for you to handle. You can fix it anywhere at your recording place. The size is so small that you can attach it to your lapel or GoPro, and it also comes with a GoPro to be attached with it easily. 

  • Lavalier mic
  • With USB and 3.5mm option
  • Compatible with GoPro, PCs, and Mobiles
  • 49 Feet operating range
  • Shoe mount, GoPro cable adapter, and clip 
  • Lightweight and compact 
  • The battery of the receiver and transmitter works up to 3 hrs. 
  • Not compatible with HERO 5 and greater 

8. EDUTIGE ETM-001 3.5mm 3-Pole (TRS) Microphone

When you need something smaller in size but greater in working, you must search for our EDUTIGE ETM-001. In terms of perfection, our mic comes with everything that makes it a perfect microphone. The mic comes with an omnidirectional polar is important for a compact size mic. You don’t need to hold the camera’s larger shotgun mics. The ETM-001 is so small that you can place it on the head of the video cameras. 

It does not matter how much the video camera is smaller.  The ETM-001 mic can be attached to it and will not let you down. The mic has several other features, one of them is its sturdy body. Here is the detail of some other features. 

Polar pattern:  The mic comes with an omnidirectional polar pattern. The omni directionality suits the compact-sized microphones. The compact size mics are placed near to the subject. Whether those are bent or the face is turned to the other side due to omni directionality the mic can capture the sound or voice of a subject perfectly. The mics are also used to capture the bigger sound picture of an event. 

Size:  The ETM-001 is so small that it has the tip of a finger.  Its small size increases its usability and flexibility. The more amazing thing is that it can be concealed easily, so when an event requires concealing it is most suitable in this situation. You can place it or attach it with your GoPro cameras series 3, 3 plus, and 4. The most amazing and working cameras for all of the best features. 

Body:  The mic has another great feature that releases you from another tension, which is its sturdy body. You can work with it in any hard situation and any rough handling. Outdoor often have a rough situation, sometimes the mics claim to be sturdy go fail in such situations. But our mic has a full metallic body to protect it.

  • Omnidirectional polar pattern
  • Compatible with GoPro, PCs, and DSLR
  • Small and lightweight
  • Shoe mount, GoPro cable adapter, and clip 
  • Sturdy metallic body 
  • Plug n play
  • Need adapter to connect with GoPro 7

9. PLOTURE Video Microphone with Deadcat Windscreen

PLOTURE video microphone is a shotgun microphone that comes with a cardioid polar pattern. The mic is suitable for any situation whether that is a ceremony sharing at your home, or you want to capture an outdoor event. The mic goes along with you. The PLOTURE mic is portable and easy to carry with you. When we see its compatibility, it is compatible with any stand, any camera especially GoPro and you can attach it with your mobile as well. 

A mic that has every function that supports your full video recording session. The mic has NCR that is a better noise reduction in pick-up technology. With a furry windscreen, it is the best protector against wind noise. Here are some of the main features.

Polar pattern: The mic comes with a super-cardioid polar pattern. It provides you with clear sound capturing. As it is unidirectional so its main focus on the subject rejecting the all-other sides of the sound. It ensures clarity transparency in the sound and ensures better sound quality. 

Super Clarity:  Along with a cardioid pattern the mic also offers you the other functions for a clearer and better sound experience. NCR technology works great to reduce external sound.  It is a pick-up technology with noise reduction that suppresses the noise and chooses the clear and pure sound to deliver to the mic. In this case, you are unable to hear the crystal and clear audio with more transparency. 

Monitoring:  The mic offers you the option of real-time monitoring, which enables you to listen to the audio that has been forwarding to your listeners. With this feature, you can control what your listeners should listen to and what should not be transferred to them. 

  • Super-Cardioid Polar pattern
  • Compatible with GoPro, PCs, mobiles, and DSLR
  • NCR extraordinary noise reduction technology
  • Low power indication function 
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Seems fragile

10. Saramonic G-Mic Stereo Ball GoPro Microphone

The first stereo mic in our list and the best one too. The mic is a very simple and easy way to use. One of the best microphones that capture the music indifference to time and place. It is a condenser microphone that ensures clarity at the next level. It also ensures the natural and pure sound that makes you feel as you are in the hall and listening to music. 

The music is free from any additional sound or colorization of any type like metal layers or environmental vibrations. Whether the frequencies are low level or high, the mic is efficient to capture them and deliver excellent quality. Let’s have a brief look at some of the features.

Condenser:  This microphone is a condenser mic. A condenser mic is used when you need to keep the sound natural, pure, and more accurate. The condenser ensures to provide the sound more realistic without any mic that you feel like you are present in the hall and listening to the sound. The condenser is also good for perfectly capturing the high-level sound. 

Stereo:  The mic is a stereo mic that is great for capturing the music. It has two capsules of X/Y. The two capsules are used to capture the sounds from more than one sound source. A stereo mic captures the best quality of music. Whether you want to record or on-stage performance, it works great for you and never lets you down. You would have a great experience with our Saramonic G-Mic.

Plug n Play: Another great feature that comes with this mic is the plug n play feature. With this feature, you can easily set it up and start working. It does not need any additional adapter to start with. The design is also so simple that you can easily use it and feel more comfortable using it with GoPro.

  • X/Y stereo condenser capsule 
  • Comes with a foam windscreen and furry 
  • Portable and comfortable design
  • Low power indication function 
  • Plug n Play
  • Limited Devices compatibility


The mic we have enlisted comes with great functions and awesome features. All of them are highly compatible with GoPro cameras. All of the microphones don’t provide the built-in compatibility with the GoPro versions higher than HERO4. But you can attach an additional cable or jack to make it work. Well, prices are affordable mostly. Choose one of the best suitable mics for your GoPro and enhance your video sound experience.