10 Best Microphone for Drums Sound Recording 2022

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If you have drums and you desire to have a great sound, you need the best drum mic for recording and for delivering the best quality sound. If you talk about the quality and features, that could be a little different but every mic offers you the best level of sound quality. The mics that are having great features. It is hard to decide between them. 

You can choose a mic according to your budget and affordability and surely according to the way you intend to use the microphone.

Comparison List of Top 10 Best Microphone for Drums 2022

1. AKG Pro Audio D12VR Dynamic Microphone

If you are looking for upgrading your microphone with the best quality that is perfect for your drum’s sound. The AKG Pro Audio D12VR is the best option. It is quite pricey but it will provide the top-quality sound for your drum. The amount is around one thousand and two hundred dollars. You can accept the microphone and the professional sound results as the company offer it too. 

The unique design of the mic and ultra-thin diaphragm ensures the most accurate sound delivery to the audience. Due to the ultra-thin diaphragm, the drum sound does not have to travel through extra layers in the microphone. Here are some main salient features with brief detail. 

Diaphragm:  The microphone has an ultra-thin diaphragm that ensures the accuracy of sound. The ultra-thin diaphragm ensures the most accuracy of sound reproduction. The sound becomes more accurate and precise because that has not to pass through any extra layer in the microphone. If the complication in a design affects the microphone’s sound quality. 

Dynamic Mic: The AKG Pro is a dynamic microphone. The dynamic mics are far different than the condenser mics. The condenser microphones are suitable for the vocal and podcasting in which the voice or speaking is involved while the dynamic mics are specially designed for loud sounds like instruments, guitars, and drums, etc. 

Bass Chamber:  The microphone comes with an optimized bass chamber. The optimization of the bass chamber enables the mic to enhance low-frequency performance. The mic has improved its sensitivity level towards low frequencies. It does not pick up the low frequencies from the ambiance. 

Active Filter Presets: The AKG Pro comes with three active filters presets. You can choose the ideal one for your needs. The options are vintage, kick drum, and close kick drum sounds. 


  • Ultra-thin diaphragm for most accurate sound production.
  • Optimized Bas Chamber for improving low-frequency performance
  • Patented switchable three active filters preset
  • Cardioid polar pattern rejects sound from nearby instruments


  • Expensive microphone
  • Requires phantom power

2. Shure BETA 52A Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone

The Shure Beta 52A is the best for studio and live performance equally. The polar pattern is super-cardioid that rejects all of the extraneous on-stage sounds and if you are recording in a studio it will reject the sound of other instruments. The Shure 52A ensures the best recording for drum kicking and captures the low tones at the best level. 

The mic comes with the best and is aligned to respond to the frequency.  It provides the best and more accurate sounds when you set it near to the instrument. The mic has a great feature to reject ambiance sound. It rejects all sides of ambiance sounds and as well as other instrument sounds to mix with your drum sound to spoil the quality and pure taste of music. 

Pick-up pattern:  The Shure 52A has a super-cardioid pick-up pattern. The super-cardioid pick=up pattern reduces the ambiance off-axis sound and does not allow any other instrument sound to interrupt your drum sound. The super-cardioid pattern isolates the main sound source which is needed in live stage programs and as well as recording in the studio. 

Proximity Effect:  The Shure 52A helps to boost the low sounds of brass instruments. The frequency response is designed to pick up the low sounds. The frequency response helps to gain the perfect proximity effect. The proximity of the mic to the drum or any other instrument although boost up the sound but at the same time, could create an issue with the sound quality and delivery. The mic handles the level of sound and delivers the perfect and precise sound level for outclass performance.  

Best for: The Shure is best and suits the professional musicians who are looking for the best capturing sound of their kick drums, bass amp, and acoustic bass. The microphone is dynamic so easily captures the loud sound instruments.


  • Super cardioid pattern to reject ambiance sound.
  • Frequency response to boost the low sounds
  • Dynamic mic best for capturing loud sounds like drums
  • Best performance at a high-quality sound pressure level
  • Rugged mic to withstand any accidental shock


  • Little weighty
  • Humidity may affect

3. Audix D6 Dynamic Instrument Microphone

The Audix microphone comes in a professional design that helps you record your instrument with more precision and clear sound. The black professional look gives you and edges over other musicians. The mic works best in proximity if you set it near the instruments. It captures and delivers the sound of kick drums, bass amps with full quality. 

The mic ensures that no damage in sound while the sound is loud and there will be no noise creation due to high-pressure level sound. It means it has the best handling of high SPL. As compared to many other expensive brands products it comes at a suitable price.  

VLM Diaphragm: The ultra-thin VLM diaphragm ensures a great response to the frequency.  The sound will be greater and crispier whenever you hit the drum. Another good thing about it is that it is very easy to place. You can place it anywhere in the drum. Whether you place it near or inside the drum it will let not decrease the quality. 

Lightweight:  The mic is compact and lightweight. It is lightweight that makes it easier to handle and its compact size enables it to be set anywhere around the microphone. The mic due to its compact size does not take additional place and it is very easy to position. 

Polar pattern:  The D6 has a cardioid polar pattern which is best to capture the instrument sound. The polar pattern helps to reject environmental sound. It works best when it is positioned towards the drum. The mic ensures you the best quality of sound recording without any mixing of ambient background noise.


  • Ultra-thin VLM diaphragm ensures natural and more precise sound.
  • Compact size to place anywhere
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • The cardioid polar pattern isolates the main sound source
  • Balance output for interface-free performance.


  • No switchable pattern option
  • Slips out of the mic clip

4. Neumann KM184 MT Condenser Microphone

The Neumann KM 184 microphone is a small diaphragm condenser mic that enables you to record sound precisely and clearly. The small-diaphragm ensures the more accurate sound of an instrument. As it has a small diaphragm, so it is best for recording high volume loud sounds and delivers professional-level music. The compact size enables it to be positioned anywhere around the drums or other musical instruments. 

The KM 184 meets the requirements to be the best when you have to work in a noisy environment. Its cardioid pattern filters the sound from the noise and provides you crystal clear and natural sound without any additional background sound. 

Polar Pattern: The Neumann KM 184 has a cardioid polar pattern which provides the sound without color of any off-axis ambiance sound. The mic low self-noise that ensures a clear voice without any mix. The cardioid pattern provides the transparent, crystal clear filtered sound. The mic only captures the front side sound where the mic face is pointed. It only captures the sound of your instrument. KM 184 rejects all other instrument sounds to deliver the sound without mixing any noise with your drum. 

PSL Handling: The PSL handing is one great feature of this microphone. It is important too because of the loud sound of your drum and instruments like an electric guitar. The high-pressure sound handling features ensures no screeching and other noise should interrupt your recording. The PSL handling is necessary for both environments whether you are recording in your studio or you are performing on the stage. 


  • State of the art condenser mic
  • Compact design easy to position
  • Low self-noise.
  • Dynamic mic best for capturing loud sounds like drums
  • The cardioid polar pattern isolates the main sound source
  • High-pressure sound level handling.
  • Transformerless circuitry


  • No carrying case
  • Too Expensive

5. Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

Shure is known to produce and deliver quality products. Another feature of the Shure company, it provides the products special with optional accessories. You have both options either you can buy mics or you can buy the package having accessories. Well, the price will change according to the accessory value you add up. 

The Shure will prove far better than the other expensive mics you buy after spending hundreds or a thousand of dollars. The Shure SM57 along with the necessary accessories will meet your all requirements. The Shure SM 57 has some features that made it a favorite to the musicians. 

Durability:  The mic is a rugged design and durable enough to withstand any accidental shock. It is designed to work a long time for you. You don’t need to spend dollars after some time due to any fault or any drop break situation. 

Pneumatic shock-mount:  The mic comes with a pneumatic shock mount system that is very helpful in handling.  The mic produces some noise when we change its place. Some mics capture those sounds too and it becomes an irritating situation when you are in the studio you have to face disturbance and when you go live it irritates more. The Pneumatic shock mount minimizes the sound of the handling noise in most cases it does not capture. 

Best for:  The Shure mic is best for recording the amp bass, kick drum, and as well as other acoustic instruments. It delivers the sound to the audience and it delivers the zeal and the soul you infuse in your music. The Shure mic is the best result for both recordings in the studio and the live performance.


  • Clean frequency response and the rich pick-up
  • High pro quality for instruments like drums.
  • Low self-noise.
  • Uniform Cardioid polar pattern isolates the sound source
  • Pneumatic shock-mount reduces handling noise
  • Durable for long use


  • The power switch is not available
  • Seems cheap and fragile

6. Sennheiser E604 – Dynamic Mic for Snare and Toms

The Sennheiser gives you the best quality microphone along with an amazing 10 years warranty. The price is also not as high as other products. The E600s series is specially designed for instruments’ sound capturing. The E800 mic is made for vocals. The main features of the mic are it is powerful in its working. It can work with high-pressure sounds.  The mics are designed for detailed sound and to deliver to your audience the richer sound. This is what these microphones are made for. 

If we talk about its features, it has all those features that any instrument player will need. As it is mentioned that it is specially designed for instruments. Here is a brief discussion of its features.

Compact size:  The E604 comes in a compact size. Its size makes it more manageable. It does not cover a bigger portion. You can place it anywhere you want to use it. You just find a place to sit and you set it right there. The size is best for the studio and stage. 

Powerful: The E604 is a powerful mic. It can handle high-level sound pressure and captures low-frequency sounds easily. The sound of your instrument is in its access. Whether you set it far or near its results will not be disappointing. 

Dynamic:  The dynamic is suitable for the instruments especially the instruments with loud sounds like drums. The E604 is best for capturing high-level sound with the best quality and crispier sound. 

Cardioid: The mic’s cardioid polar pattern is super feedback rejection. It rejects all of the side noises and captures the front sound that the mic face is directed towards.


  • Best level sound quality
  • Specially designed for instruments
  • Rich in delivery of sound details
  • Compact design and easy to use
  • Handle more than 150 dB SPL.
  • 10 Years long time warranty


  • It needs care
  • Designed for traditional drum rims
  • Not perfect for snare

7. Beyerdynamic TG D58 Clip-On Microphone

Beyerdynamic TG D58 can be counted in the list of affordable mics. If we talk about flexibility, this is the only mic in our list that provides you with the flexibility and ease to handle it. It is compact so it can be set easily anywhere you want to place it. The gooseneck is an amazing feature that provides you more flexibility to adjust its face easily before the drum kit. Then the neck is connected to a swivel piece that enables the mic easy movement to adjust with your instrument to get a better and clearer sound pickup. 

Condenser:  The D58 microphone is a condenser microphone. The condenser microphone is different from the dynamic one. The condenser is delicate as compared to the dynamic. The condenser microphone is used to better the precision of sound and most natural sound. It enables the mic to beautify the sound and sweeter. 

Flexible Gooseneck: The main feature of this mic that makes it distinguished from others is its gooseneck. It is called gooseneck because it bowed like a goose. With its compact size neck, it is flexible to move around to adjust sharply before the instrument. The neck has a horizontal swivel joint that allows it to move and set it according to the sound place of your instrument. 

Patented Clamp:  The microphone comes with a patented clamp. The clamp helps the musician to attach the microphone with toms, snare drums, and percussion instruments. The clamp has a strong grip and it allows you to set it in a suitable place on the drums. 

Rubber Shock mount:  The mic comes with a shock mount. The rubber is so springy and it can Yandle the shock perfectly. So, a rubber shock mount will be a nice experience to protect the mic from shocks as well as no more shock sound. 


  • Condenser clip-on microphone
  • Compact gooseneck for easy adjusting
  • Patented clamp to fix the mic anywhere 
  • Rubber shock mount for better shock saving
  • Cardioid Polar pattern for reducing feedback
  • 11-52V phantom power


  • Just perfect for snare drum and toms
  • Needs more warmth for snare
  • Phantom power

8. Audio-Technica AE2500 – Best Instrument Microphone

Audio Technica offered a great mic with amazing features that one can desire to have. The AE2500 is amazing from every side. If we see the price it is below 500 dollars which is an attractive option for investment. If you are looking for professional sound quality for your studio, it is finally here. You can have top-quality sound with AE2500. The mic will go with your work for a long time. 

The mic design is robust which is suitable for tours and on the road bumps. If you are searching for a sturdy mic, this can be deepened while you’re traveling. 

Dual element: Audio Technica stepped forward in terms of technology. It is a revolutionary step. Audio Technica provides the dual element. The AE2500 comes with a dual-element of the condenser and dynamic element in one mic together. This makes the mic undefeatable in the sound field. As we know the function and benefits of a condenser. 

A condenser is used to deliver a natural, beautiful, and sweeter sound. While the dynamic mic element comes to capture the high level and loud sounds such as drums and electric guitars. 

Natural Sound:  The AE2500 is specially designed for kick drums. The condenser is added to it to deliver a clearer, beautiful, and natural sound. The other mics have colorations of different sounds due to their extra layers. The AE2500 comes with a condenser to make your experience better than before. It is compatible with your studio recording needs. The AE2500 ensures to make your sound more natural. 

Sturdy Mic: If you are looking for a sturdy mic, the AE2500 is a sturdy and strong mic for your travel. You should not worry about taking it on the road.  You can depend on its sturdy body to bear the bumps and shocks on the road.


  • Dual element microphone (condenser, dynamic)
  • Provides pure and natural sound
  • Specially designed for drums kick
  • Robust design withstands the bumps on the road


  • Need single element you can find a cheaper mic

9. Miktek PM10 Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone

Miktek PM10 is one of the most solid and sturdy mics on our list. The main characteristic of this mic is that it has a stainless-steel body. As compared to other mics, the price of this mic is reasonable to some extent. The price is below 200 dollars which is less than most of the brands’ mics. If you are a beginner in recording or set up a studio or just stepped into the recording and music world, this mic will suit you. You can easily afford its price. 

Instead of going to have a high-quality professional mic, this will be the best to start from. Here are the main features that make it unique.

Super cardioid:  The polar pattern is very important in the sound delivery of the mic. Unlike other mics in our list, it has a different polar pick-up pattern. The mic comes with a super-cardioid polar pattern that is best for drums and other instrumental sound capturing.  The super-cardioid polar pattern captures the main front side sound but also a little bit from the rear sound. This is best for some instruments like guitar amps, kick drums, and especially snare drums and toms.

Standard Mic Clip:  The mic comes with a standard mic clip that is very useful while attaching it to the drums. The standard clip ensures the proper attachment to the drum rim and provides you with ease of adjustment. 

Construction and Sound: If you were looking for a sturdy mic at a reasonable price, here it is. The PM10 is stainless-steel constructed. The steel ensures its durability even in harder times. The mic is made for long-term use. Not only is it a sturdy mic, but it is also outstanding in performance too. It will only provide you the best and robust sound. It is not less than best. The mic also comes with a protective case that is one step to its protection. 


  • Super cardioid polar pattern
  • Provides robust and natural sound
  • Standard mic clip to attach the drum rim
  • Frequency response contoured to snare and tom-toms


  • Basic in this price
  • No carrying case

10. Lewitt Tailored Response Microphone

The Lewitt mic is one of the inexpensive mics on our list.  There were some expensive mics on our list. Their prices go up to 1000 USD. If you are running a home-based studio, and your budget does not allow you to buy such an expensive microphone. The Lewitt will be the best for you. If we talk about the performance and sound quality it is the dynamic mic. It is therefore best for drums kits. It captures the loud sound and does not let them noise or screech. 

Dynamic Performance: The DTP 340TT is a dynamic microphone that is specially designed for drums and tom-toms. The mic is designed to capture loud or high-level pressure sound. The dynamic element of the mic ensures to capture the accurate sound of your instrument without any colorization due to the material or layers in the mic. 

Polar pattern: The 340TT has a super-cardioid polar pattern which is perfect for an instrument’s sound recording. As we know there is a difference between cardioid and super-cardioid polar patterns. The super-cardioid polar pattern is used to capture the little bit from the rear too. The super-cardioid polar pattern is important to capture some instrument’s sound. 

On the other hand, it also isolates the main sound source from the ambiance and filters the noise to deliver clear and pure sound without any unpleasant change in sound. 

Durability:  To know how durable it is we need to know its construction. The mic construction assures that the mic can bear the drop and any hit. To make sure its durability the company enclosed the mic with a zinc die-cast. A rubber suspension around the capsule not only protects it but also helps to minimize the material noise.


  • Super cardioid polar pattern
  • Mic enclosed the mic with zinc die-cast parts
  • Specially designed for toms
  • Works best with toms, snare, and amps
  • Rugged body and steel mesh grille


  • Professionals would prefer more quality


If you are starting a new studio, you should maintain your quality. You are not famous as a highly professional but this is where you will have to make a start. Don’t compromise on the sound quality. We provided a list of the 10 best microphones for drums. There are also cheaper mics that have a good sound quality and good features. 

As we have mentioned above the Lewitt 340TT microphone. Likewise, if you want an upgrade in mic and searching for some better, the AKG, Shure, and Neumann are in those companies that are selling professional high-quality mics though little bit pricey but their mics have matchless features and results. As we have mentioned above the Lewitt 340TT microphone. Likewise, if you want an upgrade in mic and searching for some better, the AKG, Shure, and Neumann are in those companies that are selling professional high-quality mics tough little bit pricey but their mics have matchless features and results. 

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