10 Best Hypercardioid Mics for Your Voice Projects 2022

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This article is going to help you choose one among the 10 best hypercardioid mics for your voice projects If you’re going to start working on a new live stream or vocal project, a hypercardioid microphone will be the best choice for your project. If you are a gamer and want to have perfect communication with your team the hypercardioid mics are perfect for your gaming. 

It does not matter what field you are related to, the hypercardioid will meet all types of needs. A gamer needs a clear voice without any distortion. A filmmaker needs to capture the dialogues to be heard clearly. A YouTube live streamer needs to deliver a crystal and clear voice without any background noise. A studio recording needs to capture only the voices of speakers that are having a conversation. 

A hypercardioid mic is different from a cardioid and super-cardioid mics. These are all kinds of polar patterns that are understood the same by mistake. But there is a slight difference that makes a hypercardioid mic a hypercardioid. The super-cardioid is often a one-sided pickup. It picks only from the front side voice. On the other hand, a hyper-cardioid microphone captures strongly from the front but also slightly from the back sound. So, this mic is suitable for conversations, interactions, and dialogues. The live streamer, gamers as well as film producers widely use it.

Comparison list of the 10 Best Hypercardioid Microphones 2022

ProductWeightPolar PatternCheck Price
Neumann-BCM 7051.8 PoundsUnidirectional
Audio-Technica AT4053B1 PoundUnidirectional
Samson C012.5 PoundsUnidirectional
Beyerdynamic M880.84 PoundsUnidirectional
Shure KSM9HS0.38 KilogramUnidirectional
Beyerdynamic M2010.67 PoundsUnidirectional
Sterling Audio ST1317.4 OuncesUnidirectional
Audio-Technica ATM6501.25 PoundsUnidirectional
Oktava MK-012 MSP61.7 poundsUnidirectional,
AKG Pro Audio C1000S0.32 KilogramsMultipattern

1. Neumann-BCM 705 – Dynamic Studio Microphone

If you are a broadcaster and looking for a mic for broadcasting and live streaming, you should have a look at Neumann BCM 705. This hypercardioid microphone is very popular among broadcasters and live streamers. The elegant microphone is specially designed for broadcasting. The boom-mounted design is quite flexible in adjustment. The conversation on the radio is noise-free. If you are recording in a noisy environment the hypercardioid will be best for you. 

The mic comes with a built-in shock mount that works amazing when the mic receives any shock or vibration.  The unidirectional mic captures only the sound of the source and rejects any other sound. The BCM 705 is suitable in the environment when you have more people in the room and you want to catch specific people. The most accurate sound with perfection only the Neumann BCM 705 can give you. Although it is best for conversations and dialogues it is super fit for instruments. 

Polar Pattern: The BCM 705 comes with a unidirectional polar pattern. It is best for dialogues and broadcasting. A unidirectional mic is useful in an environment full of noise. The room for broadcasting where you want to focus on only two persons’ voices works best. 

Dynamic mic:  The dynamic mics are known for the varieties of broadcasting and louder sounds. The BCM 705 is a dynamic mic, which is perfect for the recordings of your instruments. The dynamic is used for the high-pressure level. If you go live and play instruments it is going to satisfy you in this regard. 

Close Speech:  The BEM-705 is designed for close speech. If you are recording a session with music or doing live broadcasting such as on radio, the BEM-705 is made for you. It will be the right choice.


  • Perfect for close speech
  • Dynamic mic
  • For Broadcasting in a noisy environment
  • Twisting head grills for cleaning
  • Up to 150dB high PSL


  • It will be problematic if you are not close to speech habitually

2. Audio-Technica AT4053B – Hypercardioid Condenser Microphone

Audio Technica brings you a hypercardioid mic that has a lot of features and works best for indoor recordings. Someone among us who has ever used the hypercardioid mic knows about the narrow area pick up. But AT4053B is far different than that of other hypercardioid mics. This mic has left the other behind in its wide range of picking up but also surpassed many good super-cardioid microphones. 

Flat frequency response: AT4053B has a flat response to a frequency that means the voice or sound delivery will be more accurate. The flatter response to the frequency will be the purer the sound will be.  This mic is used for broadcasting, live streaming, and vocal and all types of applications where accuracy is desired. 

Designed for recording:  The mic is specially designed for recordings and sound projects. With having AT4053B you can be confident with making an interaction or while you are recording the audio results are going to be perfect. It is suitable for all requirements of your instruments and if you want to record professionally, you may choose this mic for your projects. 

Hypercardioid:  The hypercardioid polar pattern allows the mic to only capture the voice from the front and reject all other voices and sounds from sides and rear. Due to its hypercardioid pattern, it is best for those settings where there is background noise. It is so sensitive and picks up only the front sound. 

Shock mount and windscreen:  The mic comes with a shock mount that is helpful to bear the vibrations that are due to any shock to the mic. The shock mount let not access the shock sound to the mic to create any distortion. 

The mic also comes with a windscreen that is a guard against the wind buzz sounds and other unwanted sounds.


  • For broadcasting and acoustic instruments requirements.
  • Hypercardioid pattern for canceling ambient sound
  • Transformerless circuit eradicates distortion
  • Unidirectional to pick up source sound perfectly
  • Suitable for all sessions


  • The price is a bit high

3. Samson C01 Large-Diaphragm Microphone

Samson C01 has all those features that you expect from Samson products. This mic is comparatively amazing in working than the other available in the market. It is the best mic for recording situations, acoustic instruments, and the high sound pressure level sounds like drums. 

Condenser Mic: It is the best value microphones for all of those condenser and large-diaphragm microphones. It is perfect to capture the instruments, vocal, and studio sounds very smoothly. The condenser is used to capture the high PSL sounds like drums overhead, acoustic guitar, etc. 

Large Diaphragm: The mic comes with a large-diaphragm which enables the mic. The large diaphragm is used to make the sound amazing, engaging, and more adorable. The mic creates the fantasy with the voice and brings the sound of your instruments in the spotlight. It infuses in the sound of your instrument sound. The mic diaphragm is best to capture the flat frequency. It is for delivering the sound of the instruments and its recording to make it more accurate. 

Polar pattern:  The C01 comes with the unidirectional directivity that only captures the sounds from the front side. It is best in a noisy environment. The sound recording is tough in such environments where there is a lot of background noise.

 The hypercardioid pattern isolates the sounds from the ambient in the background and delivers only the sound of the source whether that is a speaker or an instrument you are going to record. It ensures the delivery of crystal and clear sound without background noise.


  • Large 19mm diaphragm
  • Gold-plated XLR connector
  • Condenser mic for high PSL capturing
  • Unidirectional to pick up source sound perfectly
  • Swivel stand mount


  • Little bit noisy

4. Beyerdynamic M88 TG Dynamic Microphone

Beyerdynamic mics have always been wonderful in terms of technology, and their efficiency. One example is M88. If you want to use it in recording your voice such as voice over or you want to record the heat touching music through your instruments. The mic fits your all settings. Its switchable cardioid options enable you to choose one for your desired projects. 

Dynamic Mic: The dynamic mic works efficiently when you are working with high and loud sounds such as electric guitar, drum overheads, and other instruments. It works perfectly for heavy sounds and high-pressure level sounds. The M88 delivers the best and loud sound for your recordings and as well as live streams. 

High SPL Handling:  The M88 has high sound pressure level handling. It means it provides the highest level of sound. 

Best for:  The mic is best for vocals. The M88 will give outstanding results for vocals if they use it in live performance. It is also best for recording projects. The M88 captures the amazing sound of instruments. It delivers a real and warm music sound. If the mic is set close it is best for the instruments.  As this is the dynamic mic it is suitable to handle the high sounds of drums, electric guitars, and other heavy instruments.


  • Dynamic microphone for accurate response
  • Gold-plated XLR connector
  • Condenser mic for high PSL capturing
  • Highs Sound pressure level handling
  • Best for vocals, instruments, and studio recordings


  • No cons

5. Shure KSM9HS – Dual-Diaphragm Vocal Microphone

The previous we discussed was about music and instruments as well as for studio recording. This one is an outperforming and amazing microphone for vocals. It is specifically designed for vocals. Wherever you are, whatever the environment is around you. Whether you are indoors like a studio or outdoors for live coverage. This one has the features to meet your standards. 

It will bring nuance to your voice and glamourize your live performance. The mic captures the detail of voice, articulating the voice, and the audio reproduction precision all of these capabilities work together to make you sound great.

Shock Mount: Having all of these it comes with an advanced suspension shock mount that handles the unwanted handling and stands sounds.  Its filters help in the eradication of unpleasant and unwanted sounds. So, to carry it and change places will not cause an unpleasant sound.  

Subsonic Filter: The mic has a subsonic filter to handle the sounds of subsonic like metal and other stand sounds that are equal to or below 17 Hz. The filter filters any kind of rumble that is due to stand handling, carrying, and bringing vibrations. 

Dual Diaphragms: The mic has dual low-mass 3/4” gold layered, Mylar 19mm diaphragms are added to the microphone to give you the best results, transient response, and amazing proximity control. 

 Switchable Cardioid options:  The mic has switchable cardioid options that provide you with a change in cardioid pattern. The KSM9HS has two cardioid options. Hypercardioid, and sub cardioid. The first one is unidirectional but you can switch to the second option according to your environment needs.  The sub cardioid option allows capturing another side sound at a lower level than the actual.


  • Switchable hypercardioid to sub cardioid pattern
  • Dual gold layered, low-mass Mylar diaphragm design
  • Advanced shock mount
  • With Carrying case
  • Best for vocals, live shows, and live streams.


  • Price is debatable

6. Beyerdynamic M201 – TG Classic Dynamic Microphone

The Beyerdynamic M 201 TG dynamic microphone is one of the best according to its features and functions as well. It is perfect for instrumental use and the recording of their sounds. It can also give good results if you use it for vocals. But if you want the best from it the instrumental use will be the right choice. The M201 has a small size which denotes that it can be used with any instrument super easily. Being small in size it will work for your miking for piano, all types of guitars, drums overhead, and all other instruments. 

The M201 TG can be placed anywhere the compact size denotes that you can place and adjust it near to you even on your computer table. 

Durability: With its other features it has a rugged design that enables it to work for long and long. The rugged and sturdy construction is a surety of its durability. The mic is designed for a long time working. So, if you have a musical recording project or a live presentation of music, there could not be any other mic sounds better than the M201 TG. 

Hum buck Coil: The mic has built-in a hum buck coil design that is sensitive and dynamic that rejects all kinds of interference in sound. Whether that is electromagnetic, electric, or internal subsonic. The coil handles all types of unwanted and unpleasant sounds to make you consistent without any interruption. 

Affordable: Its rugged design makes it durable and for lasting long. Its price is also affordable. The mic won’t cost you a lot with such an amazing feature. If we compare the futures with the price it is so affordable. You can buy an artistic and professional hypercardioid mic at the price that some more expensive mics are not offering.


  • Durable and affordable
  • Compact size can be placed anywhere
  • Hum buck coil
  • With mic clip and storage bag
  • Best for instruments and vocals as well.


  • Some features are missing for vocals.

7. Sterling Audio ST131 – Studio Instrument Microphone

If you are looking for capturing the instrumental fast sound with high quality and ultimate transparency. The attenuation pad captures the fast sound with high-quality sound. The mic is the good looking shiny look and great in working and efficient in results as well. If you want to record the instruments with detail and a natural sound, you must have a Sterling ST131. 

It comes with a hypercardioid pick-up pattern that is suitable in all of the noisy environments, wherever you are going to play the instruments live or whether you intend to record in your studio. The ST131 is a mic that is complementary for your studio, recording, and as well as for your live stream. 

If you want to deliver the unbeatable sound to the listeners and you want their enjoyment of the music as you feel in real while playing, you should have an ST 131 microphone.  

The hypercardioid pattern enables it to isolate your sources of sounds from the background noise to make it more clear, pure, and natural sound delivery. The ST 131 works best with guitars, pianos, drums, and acoustic instruments. It can handle up to 146 dB sound pressure level that is an extreme sound level. The ST 131 is a condenser microphone that is used for high PSL sounds of instruments.


  • Hypercardioid pickup pattern for isolation
  • of the sound source from ambient
  • High PSL handling up to 146dB
  • Captures fast transients with clarity of sound
  • With mic clip and storage bag
  • Comes with a mic clip and carry case


  • Not perfect for vocals

8. Audio-Technica ATM650 – Dynamic Instrument Microphone

ATM 650 is a new and good addition to the instrument recording and delivering the sound. The rugged and metal design ensures its durability. ATM 650 is designed for long term use. Its metallic body enables it to withstand day-to-day performance. This hypercardioid microphone is made to capture vocal and general instrument sounds. 

It can be one of the best for stage performance. In an environment like a live performance, there is a need for the rejection of side sounds. The background noise and the sounds from the audience. If the microphone starts capturing the environment sound the situation will be out of hand. Thank hypercardioid pattern that enables the mic to reject all of the off-side sounds and only capture the sound of the instruments where the mic is placed. 

The dynamic mic can handle the high-pressure level without any distortion. It ensures sound clarity and consistency without any interruption. The multi-stage flat grille helps position the mic. It ensures the mic position should be as close to the sound source as it can be. It manages the mic position for outstanding sound results.


  • Hypercardioid pattern rejects the sides and reads sounds
  • Dynamic mic handles high PSL without distortion.
  • Hi-energy neodymium magnet for vocal reproduction articulation
  • Multi-stage grille for easy positioning.
  • Comes with a zipper carry case


  • Works best with instruments only

9. Oktava MK-012 – MSP6 Stereo Pair with Cardioid Capsules

The Oktava brings for you a classy stereo pair. For the musicians and performers who want to give a stereo look to their music, the Oktava MK 102 is for them. We need to have two mics for creating stereo, in our budget we can afford one good mic, but we can’t afford the second mic for more than 100 dollars. It runs out of our budget. The Oktava comes with a stereo pair that will fulfill all needs in terms of stereo and the music of our instruments. 

The classy and professional microphones will give you a clear and smoother sound. The mics come with a small-diaphragm that means the mics deliver to you the sounds without any addition of any color and deliver the more natural sound. No other mic can provide you such an amazing detail of your instrument’s sound. 

The pair comes with two polar pattern options unidirectional and omnidirectional. It is to facilitate you according to your environment.  If you want to use more than one object you can choose omnidirectional otherwise for the perfect, clear, and focused sound you can choose unidirectionality. 


  • Factory matched Stereo Pair with the cardioid capsule.
  • Dual polar pattern options.
  • Small diaphragm for a natural sound without any flavor


  • Specially designed for instruments.

10. AKG Pro Audio C1000S Condenser Microphone

AKG pro audio C1000S is a professional microphone. It is full of features and it is available in the low as compared to other hypercardioid microphones. The great look and amazing sound quality along with multiple features make it unique from its competitor. The condenser mic captures the high quality of sounds and is suitable for the high PSL sounds like a drum, acoustic instruments, and guitars. 

The small-diaphragm ensures the more pure, natural, and great sound quality without any mixing of another flavor. It sounds just natural. The multi-pattern option gives you more flexibility to choose the option that best suits you according to your environment.  All in all this mic has everything that you need for your instruments and delivers a more natural and pure sound. The best thing is this mic is available at a very affordable price which is incredible to have such a mic with full of features.


  • High performance with small diaphragm
  • Multi-Pattern cardioid and hypercardioid
  • Three frequency settings for different sound sources
  • Strong against humidity
  • Affordable price


  • Inconvenient in the studio


If you want to work on a sound project that should be crystal, clear and pure, you can choose one of the hypercardioid mics from the list mentioned above. You can also compare the weights, prices, and patterns.  After all of this discussion, we can say that the hypercardioid mics are amazing for the instrumental sounds. 

If you are working in a noisy environment, the hypercardioid will provide you clarity and purity of sound. Most of them mics work best with instruments, but some of them work great for vocals. As we discussed the AKG C1000S is great for vocals. There are also some others which suits you best you may buy. 

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