The 10 Best DSLR Microphones 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

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If you are a YouTuber, Filmmaker, or vlogger you must have faced the issue of low audio quality due to DSLR original microphone it catches the sound of air and other noises, We have found 10 Best Microphones which you can attach with your DSLR to increase the quality of your audio and make it sound more like professional.

Comparison List of Top 10 Best DSLR Microphones 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

ProductWeightPolar PatternCheck Price
Rode Stereo
VideoMic Pro
0.11 KilogramsUnidirectional
Shure VP83F0.52 KilogramUnidirectional
Deity V-Mic5 ouncesUnidirectional
Tascam TM-2X0.55 PoundsUnidirectional
Rode VideoMicro0.09 PoundsUnidirectional
Saramonic VMIC0.88 PoundsUnidirectional
Movo VXR106.4 ouncesUnidirectional
Sennheiser MKE 4000.13 PoundsUnidirectional
Zoom SSH-60.2 KilogramsUnidirectional
Azden SMX-105.6 ouncesUnidirectional

1. Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro Rycote Microphone

The first of our list and one of the most efficient in its audio results is Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro. The Stereo mic pro provides the video recorder an ultra-high stereo quality. It is the best mic for audio recording and it creates an environment that is perfect for idealistic audio. The Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro comes with so many upgraded and new things. 

X-Y Cardioid: We have heard about some terms of polar patterns. It is a microphone pickup pattern. We heard about kinds like cardioid, super-cardioid, and omnidirectional. The Rode stereo mic uses an X-Y pickup pattern that is for stereo. In simple words, the cardioid mic picks up the sound from the front, the super-cardioid from the front and a little bit from the rear, and omnidirectional picks up equally from all sides. The X-Y cardioid picks up the sound from the ambiance. 

It means it is best for the environment. The recording interviews are also a part of its functions but it is best for the environment recording without any focus.  

Outdoor Environment Recording: If you don’t only want to focus on the specific area and persons like interviews and discussion but you want to take a full image of the audio of the scene. The Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro Rycote is made for it. It works best if you want to record a bigger scene like a playground, a match along with the voice of the crowd.  It is used for recording the ambiance. 

Different Scenarios: The Rode VideoMic Pro is best for different scenarios. The outdoor stereo and for mono. It gives you the best quality of sound. Whether it is a noisy environment. If the voice is so low. You can boost the recording with it as it has three position level control that facilitates you in boosting the recording with low noise. If you edit your video and then set the voice level you will probably lose the quality.


  • Best for ambiance recording
  • X-Y cardioid for great ambiance recording
  • Rycote Lyre Shock mounting
  • Metal shoe mount with 3/8in thread
  • Matched pair of a new condenser capsule


  • The battery is not in the package
  • Uses a 9V battery not an AA battery
  • Output cable may damage easily

2. Shure VP83F LensHopper Microphone

If you are recording with an HD camera or DSLR and the sound is not high quality it means you are not doing great. It is because of your mic quality. A DSLR and high-definition camera and a high-quality mic is the perfect match. With Shure VP83F this match completes. The DSLR recording is widely used whether is produced in the studio or whether outdoor recording. The DSLR is preferred due to its HD quality. But in terms of sound, some DSLR cameras have decent quality. By decent we mean not as higher only working.  

A Video mic Shure LensHopper VP83F fills this gap. The mic comes with a little bulky body that is because of its onboard and double AA batteries. The shock mount works awesome. It handles and controls the sound in case of any shock due to handling the camera. It provides a windjammer to minimize the wind effects and block the noise of the wind and any other extraneous unwanted noise of ambiance.

Compact: The best thing about this mic is it is not big like other mics. As it is made for recording so it can be easily attached to the DSLRs. Imagine the mic is bigger as compared to the camera, how can anyone manage it then? In this term, the Shure VP83F is the best choice.

Integrated SD card:  The Shure VP83F brings a micro-SD card option. This option makes it easier for you to save and backup the sound recordings. There is another benefit of the SD card option that is you can record the voices without any video recordings. If you want to record audio, you can record without even using a camera. 

RF Rejection:  The Shure VP83F comes with a great RF rejection feature. If you are recording and any electronic device is lying by your camera, the RF rejection feature will not capture the sound of your phone. It saves from any noisy and unwanted voice from the ambiance.


  • Super cardioid polar pattern to reject
  • Ambient unwanted sound.
  • Rycote Lyre Shock mount to reduce mechanical noise
  • SD card (32GB) for backup and recording sounds.
  • Two AA Alkaline batteries for 10 hours recording.


  • You will have to record on both mic and DSLR
  • The battery door is not satisfactory

3. Deity V-Mic D3 Pro Shotgun Microphone

Deity is a new company and launched its first microphone in 2018. In a short time, Deity is gaining a position in the market by offering its best quality microphone. It might be you are listening to this for the first time but the Deity marks are securing good ratings on Amazon, BH, and other online shops. The D3 Pro is one of the amazing microphones among its other mics. 

 It has multiple features that make it prominent over its competitors and because of its efficiency and incredible results that customers are happy with it. The reason is given below that makes it unique and a better choice than others. 

Compatibility:  The first and foremost quality of Deity D3 Pro is its compatibility.  The D3 Pro comes with a 3.5mm microphone jack that enables it to connect any device that has a 3.5mm jack option. It has a wide range of connectivity with the devices. This mic can be connected to other devices like smartphones, iPhones, and all those cameras and camcorders that have the 3.5m pin option. 

Stepless Gain Knob:  The feature that makes it unique and makes it prominent is its step-less gain knob. This feature is only offered by the Deity and is available in this camera. One is offered this feature before it.  It is a dial by which you can select your desired gain point. The dial is surrounded by the bump guard that protects it from automatic or unwilling rotation. The gain is +20dB and on the linear scale, you can easily select the gain you want. 

Battery: The mic comes with a 320 mAh li-ion battery for a long time recording. It will record for you up to 51 hours which is incredible and 74 hours standby time. One more thing which is amazing: the battery takes less than 2 hours to charge.


  • 3.5mm jack compatible with phones
  • The only mic having a step-less gain knob
  • +20dB linear gain to select easily
  • 51 hours of recording and 74 hours of standby time


  • A little bit pricey as compared to competitors
  • MKE600 has a better signal to noise ratio
  • Windscreen is older

4. Tascam TM-2X Stereo Microphone for DSLR

Another stereo DSLR camera microphone is here. The one we have discussed above. The TM-2X is suitable for providing stereo audio input to the DSLR camera.  The Tascam strived to provide you the best microphone that captures the voice quality you need for your recordings. Because the voice quality must be higher considering the DSLR HD video result.  

The video will flop if there is a little mismatch in voice or video quality. Therefore, Tascam designed their mic with full care considering all needs of recordings matching all the environments.  

No need for the battery: The use of the microphone is quite simple and easier. You only need to connect the wire to the camera jack and it starts working. Unlike previous cameras, you don’t need to add batteries. The mic doesn’t have any battery to start. It takes power from your cameras. 

180-degree swivel: The microphone comes with a remarkable future that it connects to the camera and it can turn up to 180-degree. This 180-degree swivel helps to record the sound of the side you are recording. The 180-degree swivel allows you the rotation to capture more from the ambiance by the video recording. 

No unwanted sounds: The microphone possesses a low-cut filter that enables the mic to avoid the low frequency of sounds in the ambiance to provide a noise-free clear sound. 

 X-Y capsules:  The microphone provides you with X-Y capsules that work amazingly to provide you the real image of sound in the sonic environment you are recording in.

Handling High PSL:  The TM-2X Stereo microphone handles high sound pressure levels. It handles up to 120 dB sound pressure level which is best for heavy sound in the ambiance. In terms of handling the mic can also be attached to a tripod.


  • X-Y capsules for real sound
  • Handles up to 120dB PSL
  • No need for a battery to connect to the camera and play
  • 180-degree swivel to record audio from the side you shoot.


  • Needs care in handling
  • Not attractive looking

5. Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone

If we talk about the microphone having multiple features at an affordable price, Rode VideoMicro is the first mic that comes to mind. The Rode VideoMicro is the compact that is most suitable to place on a video camera. With its compact form factor, the mic is super easy to handle and fix on the DSLR.  

If we discuss its ease of operating, it is one of the easiest to use the microphone. No need for a setting, neither a knob nor a button pressing bother It is plug and play. You just have to plug this into a camera jack and that’s all you will have to do. 

Unique design:  The mic offers a unique design. It is the design that makes it different and provides an edge over other microphones. Regarding design, if we talk about its size it is available in a compact design which is super easy to fit in the camera and easy to use.  It will be comfier in your recording and will not make you feel any odd.

Rycote Lyre Suspension: The mic has a shoe mount with the Rode Lyre suspension that helps it to minimize the sound in case of any shock due to displacing and handing it. It helps to reject the unwanted noise when the camera shakes and when it receives a shock from any movement. If we use the mics that are built-in DSLRs that can capture and be influenced by the shock sound. It spoils the sound quality. 

Powered by Camera: The microphone does not need to start with batteries. You connect it with cameras. It works with camera power. The Rode VideoMicro has a 3.5mm jack that can be connected to any DSLR easily. As the mic size is compact this helps to carry more batteries for the camera. You can record for longer than many other expensive microphones with more good quality.


  • Compact form factor easy to handle
  • 3.5mm jack to connect to any camera
  • Shoe mount and Lyre suspension to reject noise and shock
  • Use camera power no battery is needed
  • Easier to use due to no complex functionality


  • No button means no control
  • Needs 3.5mm patch cable for iPhone

6. Saramonic VMIC Recorder Microphone

Saramonic VMIC is a premium quality, strong shotgun mic. The mic is available at an affordable price. You are a YouTuber; it will not cost you much. If you started your YouTube channel you can try it for the best results. No matter, if you are going to use it for recording or a live stream. It ensures the perfect and premium quality of sounds that is perfect for the audience. 

Durability:  The mic is durable enough to use. It won’t disappoint you. The Saramonic designed the mic for longer use. It withstands all the shocks and drops. The mic is metal constructed so no worries about its durability. 

Shock mount system: Every mic must have a quality of sound rejection. We often face sounds that we don’t want while recording video. We need to produce a crystal-clear recording. The minor disturbances and interruptions spoil the taste of videos. This is not a professional way to share videos with ambiance sound. What if the sound comes from the device while you handle or change the place? The shock mount of the mic does help in this regard. It minimizes all those sounds that come into being due to mic handling.

Headphones Option:  The mic has an amazing feature that is very helpful because some of the mics don’t have the option to hear the sound that is being recorded. The mic has a headphone output option you can connect the headphone to there is a jack for a headphone in the mic. It enables you to hear what sound is being recorded. It is good for recording and a surety that the perfect sound is recording or not.


  • Metal construction for perfect durability
  • Super-cardioid pattern to reject the sides sounds.
  • Headphone output jack
  • Low cut filter to minimize low-frequency sounds
  • Premium quality microphone for DSLRs.


  • Few features as compared to expensive mics
  • Wider polar pattern than expectation

7. Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone

Here comes the cheapest mic on our list. It is the cheapest but the features are not less. You can have this one for less than 40 USD. The Movo VXR10 comes with a dead cat windscreen, a shock mount, and multiple features. The Movo microphone comes with a wide range of compatibility with devices. You would not find such a low price but higher quality sound.  

The VXR10 has a lot of multiple positive comments that show customer satisfaction and trust in this microphone. The size is also compact which makes it easy to use and fit on any device. This will improve your video recording experience. 

Price: The price factor is also important in having a microphone. If you have a tight and limited budget you are new to video recording. This will work good enough for you. This mic will not let you down in going live. Your quality of mic will be your impression so create a good image to use the best sound quality microphone. 

Compact size: You might have faced trouble while using a bulky or heavy microphone. Well, a DSLR is a little big camera, what if you have to use a heavy microphone on a small camera. Remember you don’t only record the outdoor or indoor scenes but you have to record at the best quality sound. Well, I think it is not so easy with a heavy mic. The Movo brings for you a compact size microphone to be attached to your DSLR cameras.


 The Movo is not designed for DSLRs. But also, it is widely compatible with all other devices. The small size makes it enable to be used with a wide range of devices such as smartphones, iPhones, camcorders, audio recorders, and many more. No problem if you don’t have a camera, if you have a DSLR phone or HD camera phone you can easily record your audio video at a higher quality with this microphone.


  • Compatible with iPhone, smartphones, and audio-video recording devices.
  • Dead cat windscreen to reduce noise
  • Shock mount to minimize handling vibrations and sounds
  • Battery-free mic with aluminum construction
  • TRRS output cable for smartphones, iPhones, and tablets.


  • The shock mount is fragile
  • Thin vocal pick-up

8. Sennheiser MKE 400 Shotgun Microphone

Sennheiser offers a mic that is the perfect solution for your recordings. It is designed for handheld cameras, while you can use it with large devices as well. MKE 400 is best for the amazing sound quality that your videos are needed. The metal frame structure is adopted to make it useful for a long time and to manage multiple events. You can record with it for a long time because it feels very light in your hands. 

The compact size and lightweight make it unique and provide more ease in operating it. The Sennheiser does not compromise on quality. Sennheiser makes sure that the quality of the mic must be higher at the set price. 

Rugged Metal Housing: Rugged metal housing is necessary for long time use. It withstands hard situations and its metallic frame is strong vigor to face the long-run recording. The strong structure of the mic is the surety that it is built for the long run and it ensures durability. 

3.5mm jack:  The mic is connected through its 3.5mm jack to the camera. The jack ensures its compatibility with video recording devices such a DSLR, camcorders, video recording cameras, etc. The cameras that have the 3.5mm jack option can be connected to it. 

Compact size: The mic comes in a compact size.  It is its size that makes it easier to use and comfortable in handling. It is small so if you fit it into a camera it does not increase the space of a camera and provides a comfortable video recording without any feeling that you are using any extra thing with the camera.


  • Rugged metal frame
  • Compact size and lighter in weight
  • Switchable sensitivity according to distance
  • Shock mount to minimize handling vibrations and sounds
  • 300+ hours 1 AAA battery timing


  • Lightweight makes you feel of lacking stability
  • Design is not better as its price

9. Zoom SSH-6 Stereo Shotgun Microphone

Though it is also a shotgun microphone one thing that makes it different than others is it is multidirectional. It is a stereo microphone that comes with multidirectional. The multidirectional mic does not only pick up the voice from the front but it picks up the sound from the sides. 

The unidirectional mics are only used to record the specific area in the ambiance. Those mics are specially designed to reject the noise from other sides and mainly focus on the object which is in front of the mic. The SSH-6 is built for certain Zoom products. 

Multidirectional Pickup:  The SSH-6 comes with a multidirectional pick-up pattern. It is a new term to hear right?  We know about unidirectional mics that pick up the sound from one side only and that is front. The bidirectional rejects all other sides and captures from the front and little back. The omnidirectional captures all around the environment sound.

The SSH-6 comes with a multidirectional mic that picks up the sound from the front clearly and also a little bit picks up from the side sound. That is either left or right.  

Best for:  The Zoom mics are best for recording the plays, filming, and making shots for movies. The mic captures the center sound and along with this it also captures some sound of sides. This way works in movies and video recordings. With this feature, it is not behind any quality and pricey camera in sound quality. It is less than the price previously we discussed but the quality of the sound is tremendous. 

Construction: The mic is built with metal construction. Some fittings are made of plastic too but mostly metal is used. The metal construction shows that it is made for long time use. It is strong enough to withstand constant outdoor recordings.  A hairy windscreen comes with a microphone that ensures that no wind or outer noises may disturb the sound clarity. 


  • Metal construction
  • Multidirectional Pickup
  • Best for movies, videos, and outdoor filming
  • Hairy windscreen to reduce the ambiance noise


  • Designed for certain Zoom products
  • It is noisy

10. Azden High-performance (SMX-10) Microphone

SMX 10 is a condenser microphone that comes at an adequate price. We can’t say the price is higher and too much lower. The SMX 10 is built for DSLR cameras to provide the best sound quality. Every mic we listed has some unique feature that makes a difference. This is a condenser microphone with stereo dual unidirectional. The condenser mics are known for their high-quality sound. The condenser is used to boost the sound and handle the high-pressure level sound. 

Unidirectional: The SMX 10 comes with dual stereo audio. The unidirectionality provides crystal and clear sound without any noise from the environment. The unidirectional polar pattern captures only the sound coming from one direction and that is the front side where the microphone is directed. The mic delivers the mono-stereo crispier sound. 

3.5mm plug: The mic comes with a 3.5 mm plug that enables it to be attached to most of the video cameras. The best microphone that brings ease and does not compromise on quality.  The SMX 10 provides you with universal connectivity with video recorders. It is a generally used and known way to connect. 

Windscreen and Shock mount: A windscreen and the shock mount come in the package. The windscreen is a foam windscreen that is the proven best guard against the wind and extraneous sounds. There is a difference between the fam windscreen and the furry one.  The furry or dead cat fur windscreen blocks the wind but allows the wind noise to some extent. In this regard, a foamy windscreen is comparatively better. 

Heading to the shock mount, the mic has a shock mount to bear the sounds and vibrations while you handle the microphone. It protects the mic from handling unwanted sounds. So that there may not be any disturbance in the quality of sound.


  • Dual Unidirectional Stereo
  • 3.5mm built-in cable with stereo mini-plug
  • Up to 400 hours of operation
  • Foam windscreen and shock mount mic holder
  • Better features as compared to the price


  • The battery is not included


The preference also matters when you intend to buy a microphone for video recording for your channel or production of a movie.  It also matters either you want a unidirectional mic or you want to capture the audio from more than one side.  The article has discussed both kinds of microphones you can find the best one according to your need. 

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