Top 10 Best Choir Microphones 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

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Being in a choir develops stress to have the best choir microphone around your pals, you obviously need the finest quality to prevent the sharp noises.

This read will educate you all about the best choir microphones around, I certainly want you to pick from the best.

Comparison List of 10 Best Choir Microphones 2022

The table below will help you have a brief look at the products.

1. Shure CVO-B/C Centraverse

This microphone was pure bliss to use because of the astonishing features it captivates, the microphone has a tailored frequency feature. The commshield technology is responsible to guard the unwanted frequencies around. One of the best things that I adore about the mic is the dependable construction, it has a shure design that is rugged. They are CVO overhead microphones, which makes them a low condenser.

You get a hanging hanger with the microphone for easy placement wherever you want. The setting took very little effort, I just had to find the right spot and just it according to the spot. This microphone had a very sleek feature of cardioid polar pattern, which means that it gives a tailored response. There are two options available for colors too.

One of the other things I loved about the piece was the 25 ft XLR cable that was provided with the microphone helped me in easy adjusting.

Something that made me regret a little after buying these microphones was the sound pick which was pretty much horrible.


  • You get a very clear sound.
  • Great sound coverage.
  • Invisible to people sitting far.
  • The quality is amazing.


  • It sometimes causes havoc because of the sound pick.

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2. Audio Technica Unipoint

For such a long time I needed a strong sound microphone with amazing sound pick and I finally have it. This product by audio technia is perfect for people who hate to place their microphones at the same place, this product us portable and light. I was worried to invest in a microphone because I had to buy other accessories too but this product solved that problem.

The best thing about the microphone is that it is low profile which means that it won’t be visible to a person situated in a distance. The mic works on phantom power and it also accepts interchangeable items. One more thing, I faced ease when the choir mic connection got easier and much simpler, I just had to mic the choir with the cable.

The stand that is provided in the package made repositioning easier for me, I just had to turn the mic head wherever you wanted. The only additional thing you would b needing is an inline phantom power circuitry. However, something that I disliked about the product, in general, was the fragile nature, I had to make sure that the mic is always perfectly placed and taken care of.

This disadvantage called for a load of maintenance, which eventually makes the piece hard to maintain.


  • They are portable.
  • The product is inexpensive as compared to the other competitors.
  • You get a whole package, this also saves money and time.
  • The sound pitch is amazing.


  • The composition is low in quality.

3. Behringer C-2 Studio

This microphone proved to be a great companion when it came to the studio recordings and also singing with the choir. It has an efficient cardioid pick-up pattern with effective feedback elimination. This piece also has a low-mass diaphragm for ultra-wide frequency coverage. The ultimate sound reproduction is a result of switchable low-frequency roll-off and input attenuation.

This microphone also has an ultra-low-noise transformerless FET and a rugged composition with a die-cast body. I faced no problem when it came to signal integrity because of the gold-plated 3 pin XLR connector. One of the best things about this microphone was the price I got them in, not just the price was low but the microphones itself came with a whole package which saved money.

I got two custom stand adapters, windscreens, I also got a stereo bar which helped in mounting the mics in a stereo alignment and all of this is packed with a transparent transport case. In conclusion, all you have to do is buy these mics, open the package and they are ready to use it! However, there are a few things that gave me a hard time using these microphones. I noticed that the delivery service was not on point and I had to go through havoc for exchanging a piece because it came out broken.


  • Excellent audio quality.
  • You get the whole package with everything included, they are ready to use.
  • They have the best feature in at a fair price.
  • This microphone has an amazing signal intensity.


  • The customer service is not up to the mark.

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4. Shure MX202B/C Condenser Microphone

I faced a hard time finding that perfect microphone for my choir and music classes but my search stopped at the very product by sure. These microphones are unique and one of their kind, they are hanged above the choir from the ceiling to get the full effect of the sound. I experienced that these microphones have a high frequency and sensitivity with a high-frequency range, this made them a perfect candidate for choir recordings.

There is an attached gooseneck to this product which makes it very easy to aim wherever you want it to for eg the sound source. One of the best things about this product are the interchangeable cartridges, this helped me to choose the polar patterns myself depending on the different installations. I did face a little problem with the preamp gain but it got okay because there is a feature where you can reduce it by 12 DB, this only can be done by a shure expert, all you need to do is call them.

You also get a choice between a black and white color, I choose white because it fits perfectly with the surroundings. Apart from all this, the RF filtering feature makes recording and frequency easy to maintain because it filters every sound around that is not important around. But this product does have some troubling feedback problems, I tried to tune it a lot but can’t get ahold of it.


  • The size is great, can’t be seen by a person sitting far.
  • The gooseneck is perfect for aiming.
  • The mic is great in quality.
  • The product is great in price.


  • It has some sound problems.
  • You have to stand very close.

5. Rode M5-MP Matched Pair

I would describe this piece as straight out of the art and that is because of the amazing sound quality that I experienced with this piece. This piece is a compact condenser microphone with amazing sound frequency, it went perfect for my on-stage choir and also for the studio recording. The sensitivity present between the microphone is 1db only which makes sure that there is not much difference.

To guarantee the quality of every piece, there is a premium foiled certificate on every microphone by the manufacturer, I got the same foil on my microphone. The product is finished with RODE’s proprietary ceramic coating which gives off an amazing black and sleek finish.

The matt black finish is something that I adore about the product because it makes the product different than the other microphones. The best part about the microphone is the WS5 windshield and RM5 mounts which makes it a complete package for the person looking to use it. However, this piece is not great for recording because the outcome of the recording is full of static, it ruins the beauty of the instrument of rhyme you are recording.


  • The quality of the microphones is great
  • This product is less costly than the others having the same price.
  • They are long-lasting and durable.
  • Light and portable.


  • It’s a little hard to set up.
  • You might experience a little buzzing on the chords with some instruments.

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6. Neewer 2-Pack Pencil Stick Condenser Microphone

I was a little skeptical about the product but it came out perfect when it arrived, it is a great piece when it comes to quality. The product has a 16 premium headgrille which ensures high sensitivity and ultra-low noise. The package includes a cardioid, Omni, and super capsules that go best in recording studios. I also got a 5/8 inch thread, this thread feature made sure that my microphone was always held in the best place possible.

The foam windscreen made a great companion in recording studios because it even cleared the air interference for a clear pitch sound. Carrying this microphone was never a challenge for me because of its amazing foam-padded aluminum case, which gave high durability and portability, I never face a single scratch on my mics.

You not only get the microphone but you get the whole package with it for an easy start, the package given includes two pencil sticks microphone, two cardioid capsules, two Omni capsules, two super cardioid capsules, two microphone clip, two foam windscreen, and one aluminum padded case. The microphones were great with the whole package included but something I hated about the microphone was not the quality but the long delivery time and the constant delays in delivery.


  • The price is very reasonable.
  • You get a whole package.
  • It’s great in quality and covers your voice beautifully.
  • You get a case for protection.
  • The product is long-lasting and durable.


  • The manufacture delivers very late.

7. Audio-Technica PRO 44

I was looking for a microphone that covered any sound around efficiently and luckily I came across this very product by audio- technical. The design of the product is something that makes it an efficient choice for the sound coverage, the half-space unidirectional polar pattern, and very low profile design, which makes it a great product for recording. The product delivered an amazing sound quality which was hard to find in many microphones that I have been testing.

The piece might be very light and small but it’s a great product for overall coverage, it is strong, so you don’t really need any external power modules when you are using this microphone. It has a low-mass diaphragm which helps in the superior performance of the microphone. The mic remains low profile for low visibility, this means that the product cannot be seen by people sitting far away.

The construction and composition of the ic are very rugged and durable, so you get amazing sound quality.  The durable construction also makes sure that your mic is well protected. I got a 25 inch ( 7.6 m) detachable cable in the type TA3F to XLRM. This long cable made sure that I can keep the mic exactly where the sound is. However, you ”might” need phantom power to intensify the sound.


  • The mic is great in quality.
  • It blocks all the unwanted frequencies.
  • The sound quality is on point.
  • It’s great for someone with budget issues.
  • Has a long connecting wire


  • The description might be a little vague because you surely do need the phantom power.

8. Samson CM12C Hanging Choir Microphone

I have always preferred a ceiling-hanging mic when it comes to singing or participating in a choir because of the amazing sound quality of the ceiling mic. After a long search of products, this one caught my attention and it has been a great investment. The best part about the product was the steel hanging bracelet given within the microphone which is absolutely great for positioning the mic. This hanging choir microphone has a condenser element and has a cardioid pick-up pattern for great coverage.

Along with all that it has a mini XLR connector, a steel hanging positioning bracket, and a hardwired 30-foot cable. The 30-foot cable is great because it gets easy to hang it over the ceiling with a long cable rather than a shorter one. The long wire also gave me the advantage to place the mic wherever I want it to. I  got a little package with accessories which include everything, I got a mini to the standard XLR connector. Along with all the goodness, there is a multistage windscreen included, the windscreen blocks all the unwanted frequencies around.

However, something that would have made the mic perfect is the feedback sound issue, there is not such a great feedback sound with this microphone.


  • It’s good in quality.
  • The product is great if it comes to the price you are getting it in.
  • The wire is long enough to install in any place.
  • The sound pitch and frequency are on point.
  • The windshield is on point.


  • The feedback is awful.
  • The mic quality is not long-lasting and it will break soon.

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9. Nady OHCM-200

I was looking for an ultimate bundle that would help me sync up with my companions, we needed a microphone that hung up the ceiling because they are relatively better. Luckily I tripped on to this product which has everything that Is needed for a perfect choir performance.  the mic is amazing in quality.

Talking about the mc, it is extended smooth, it has a flat frequency response, it has a low-mass electret condenser element, the mic also has a transformerless noise and, it’s permanently attached to the cable. The combo of this whole mic is breathtaking, it has a dynamic sound along with a windshield to avoid any air interference. But not only that, the product looks good too.

However, I disliked the overall quality of the product but can’t argue about it because of the price which is relatively very low.


  • The mic is good in quality.
  • The whole package is quite reasonable.
  • The package is great for twinning up with your companions.
  • You get fast shipping at a good price.
  • Light and easily portable.


  • The overall quality is not up to the mark.
  • It’s great at the start but not long la-lasting.

10. Peavey VCM 3 Choir Microphone

I have been using this choir microphone for the past some months and it has shown great improvements in my choir presentations in general. The first thing I noticed about the product was the colors I got it in, black and white, I choose black because it suited the environment of my choir room. The microphone is a cardioid pattern and it is high in quality, it covered my voice frequency in the best way, the windshield protected any other frequency noise from around to enter the mic.

This microphone has a 9-52 volt phantom power, this means that you don’t really need any kind of extra help when it comes to this mic, it has enough power to channel the rhythms. You get a whole package that includes everything that is great for a beginner, the pack has, 10-meter slip profile microphone, cable, windscreen, and a wire -foam hanging adapter.

However, something that made me think twice about the mic was the price which was a little high but the quality of the mic made the price seem fair.


  • It’s a high-quality mic.
  • The product has phantom power, no need for extra input.
  • You get a whole package with the product.
  • It’s a cardioid pattern that is great for coverage.


  • The mic is a little pricey but the quality makes the price seem reasonable.


Singing or being in a choir is itself a pride in itself but for being an exception in your choir, you sure need an excellent microphone.

Buying a  microphone might be a pricey investment but the price pays off sooner or later with the quality and the longevity of the product.

This read above is going to help you and guide you all about the best choir microphone so that you can choose from the best for yourself.

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