A 3.5mm jack is always needed whether you need to have a high-quality microphone, whether that is a lavalier or shotgun. The versatility of the 3.5mm jack is undeniable. The mic having a 3.5mm jack option enables the mic to be compatible with a wider range of devices. The 3.5mm jack is used in many terms’ mic connectivity, compatibility with devices, and output monitoring as well as 3.5mm mic jack miracles. 

 The amazing things about this jack are yet to come. To consider the most of its benefits and functions, we have picked up the 10 best.3.5mm microphones in 2021. We will discuss the 3.5mm microphones in detail about the features and functions. We will also see their applications and importance in an application.

Here is the list of the 10 best 3.5mm jack microphones in 2021. 

1. Shure VP83F – LensHopper Camera-Mounted Condenser Microphone

The Shure VP83F is one of the best microphones for producing a high-quality product. It is a condenser microphone that captures the details and high-definition sound.  You can record your best quality audio with Shure VP83F by connecting it with your DSLR, video recorder, camcorder and you can also use it independently. The mic comes with a detachable camera with a 3.5mm jack that allows the sound recording with video recording in real-time. 

Super cardioid polar pattern is used in the mic to capture more accurate sounds from the environment. There should not be any off-axis sound intrusion in your recording. The Shure VP83F has an integrated headphone output option to monitor zero latency in real-time. The main features are enlisted below. 

Polar Pattern: The Shure VP83F comes with a super-cardioid polar pattern that enables the mic to capture from the front side a little bit of back sound. It rejects all off-axis sounds and provides more precision in the recording. The super-cardioid polar pattern captures the front and a bit from the back that allows you to capture the more sound that is important for you to record from the environment. 

Condenser:  As compared to dynamic the condenser mics are more delicate, higher in quality, and best to capture the low-frequency sounds. These mics are generally used in reporting, interviews, and movie dialogues. The Shure VP83F captures the sound in detail and more accurately. The details of sound provide more clarity and comprehension for the listeners. It is a condenser that makes it sound great and perfect for your live and recordings. 

Flash Recording: The mic offers you the flash recording. You don’t have to worry about the storage of your recording. The mic gives freedom from storage worries. The Shure VP83F brings you a Micro SDHC. The micro SDHC integration allows you to store up to 32 GB of audio recording.  You would not face any problems while you are recording. 

  • Condenser for detailed HD audio
  • Super cardioid polar pattern 
  • Metal body construction
  • Integrated up to 32 GB SDHC flash 
  • Audio headphone output option
  • Adjustable gain up to 60dB
  • Thread based shoe mount
  • 10 hours of battery life in the recording
  • Small screen hard to read

2. Rode VideoMic X – Broadcast-Grade Stereo Microphone

The Rode VideoMic X is a stereo microphone. The VideoMic X is a broadcast-grade microphone that is perfectly designed for broadcasting. The cardioid polar pattern ensures clarity in output and focuses on the front side only while rejecting all off-axis sounds and noises. The condenser mic with an X/Y configuration ensures to capture detail and image of the sound that surrounds the listener with detailed components of the sound. 

The Rycote Lyre shock mount system is connected with both of the capsules. The shock mount helps to minimize the effects of shocks, vibrations, and bumps. The 3.5mm output option allows the user to listen to what is being recorded in real-time. It also helps the user to make adjustments in sound if there is any latency and any lack of quality due to any controllable external factor. The main features are given below. 

Polar Pattern: Unlike Shure VP83F the Rode VideoMic X has a cardioid polar pattern. The cardioid polar pattern is more sensitive than the super-cardioid as it only focuses on the front side of the mic. It rejects all sounds from the off-axis that may disturb your broadcasting and recording. The cardioid pattern is responsible to give you ultra-clear sound quality and more precision in capturing.

Shock Mount: The mic comes with a Rycote Lyre shock mount. As it is a stereo mic and it has two capsules, the Rycote Lyre shock mount is connected to both of the capsules. This enables the mic to give outstanding sound quality. The Rycote Lyre isolates the mic from the unnecessary environmental sounds that help to avoid intrusion in your recording and keep your broadcast going smoothly. It ensures to stop the vibrations and bump to reduce or damage your sound quality. 

SPL Handling:  With a 143 dB sound pressure level, it can handle high-pressure sound levels. The Rode VideoMic has better high-pressure sound handling. It does not allow the high pressure sounds to damage the quality of your recording. With this, it maintains the quality and keeps your broadcast professional. 

  • Dual capsule condenser mic
  • X/Y Stereo
  • Rycote Lyre shock mount for both capsules
  • The cardioid polar pattern for more focus
  • 3.5mm stereo output
  • Maximum pressure level up to 143 dB
  • Lightweight Aluminum body
  • 9V battery or 48V phantom power
  • Dome shape is not attractive

3. Sennheiser MKE 400 Shotgun Microphone

The Sennheiser MKE 400 is a compact size, versatile, and one of the efficient mics in sound recording. The mic comes with a super-cardioid/lobar polar pattern which is very effective in distance use. It is used when you have to record wildlife from a distant location. The polar pattern is a little bit different, narrower but more directional to the super-cardioid and hypercardioid polar patterns. 

The mic offers you an amazing and flexible option of switchable sensitivity. You can adjust the sensitivity level to adapt the microphone to record according to the nature of your project. A shock mount to reject the handling noise and provide you with a clearer and better sound version. 

Polar Pattern: The Sennheiser MKE 400 comes with a super-cardioid/ lobar polar pattern which is fascinating. The labor is different than the other like cardioid, super-cardioid, and hypercardioid polar patterns. This is more efficient in terms of directionality. It is narrower but wider than the super and hypercardioid polar patterns. 

The labor is more directional, off-axis narrow, and best in capturing distant sounds. It is generally for wildlife capturing. Although it captures from distance it is still effective in capturing the most precise sound. 

Construction:  The MKE 400 has a rugged body and all-metal housing. The metal body ensures it is more durable and perfect for outdoor recording. It can handle all the rough handling situations. The construction shows that it is built for years and years of use.  The durability is important especially in the camera mount microphones because the broadcasting demands most of the outdoor shoots. 

Switchable Sensitivity:  The mic offers you a switchable sensitivity option. By pressing the + button you can use the mic to capture the louder sound sources. And by pressing the – button you can adjust the mic to capture the distant sounds or in a quiet environment. 

  • Super cardioid/Lobar Polar Pattern
  • Sensitivity for short and long distances
  • Switchable wind noise filter
  • 3.5mm connector 
  • Integrated shock mount
  • Rugged all-metal housing
  • 300 hours long operating battery life
  • The LED light does not stay on. 

4. SAIREN Vlog Video On-Camera Shotgun Microphone

Sairen Vlog Video shotgun microphone is designed for vlogging and provides the best sound quality to your HD videos. The Sairen Vlog mic comes with multiple functions and features. The mic provides you with the broadcast level sound that is perfect for vlogging, video recording, and live streaming. The shotgun mic can be easily attached to any HD camera, DSLR, camcorder, and audio recorder. The mic comes with wider compatibility with more devices such as smartphones and iPhones. 

The 3.5mm jack increases its compatibility. You can now record the video with professional sound quality with our Sairen Vlog shotgun microphone.  The Aluminum alloy makes this mic sturdier. The stud body ensures durability and withstands the rough conditions of outdoor recording. 

Polar Pattern:  The mic comes with a cardioid polar pattern. The unidirectional polar pattern ensures amazing and more accurate sound capturing. The mic ensures a clear sound due to its front side focus and off-axis rejection. The sound for your vlogging must be clear and easy to comprehend. A noisy delivery of sound would not be appreciated and followed. The sound quality shows an impression over others and the sound matters in your live streams. 

Compatibility: The mic offers you a wider range of device compatibility. The mic can be easily connected by its 3.5mm jack. You can connect it with several devices like DSLRs, HD cameras, camcorders, even mobile phones and PC, and laptops. The Sairen mic can be easily connected to your smartphones and iPhone devices. Now you can record wherever you go with your phone. 

Ease ensured:  The Sairen ensures ease and adds to your comfort while recording. Your video project is easier now. The microphone use is very easy, you will plug it in and it will start working. It does not need any battery, so no more battery charge and battery low issues.   

  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • Compatible with DSLRs, mobiles, and PCs
  • Designed for vlogging, broadcasting, and live streams 
  • Patented shock mount
  • Sturdy housing
  • No battery requires
  • Good for newbies only

5. Rode SmartLav+ – Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone

Rode is known to be one of the best sound quality providers in the market. The SmartLav+ is one of the lavalier microphones from Rode. The SmartLav+ is an omnidirectional polar pattern microphone that ensures to capture the sound all around from the environment equally. The lavalier mics are quite perfect to handle. They are widely used in interviews and speeches because of their compact size and lighter weight. 

The lavalier mic is also called a lapel mic because you can easily attach it to your shirt lapel. The mic is comfortable in use. The portability is another great feature. You can easily move with it. You can take it with you anywhere. So, wherever you like to record audio or deliver a lecture or speech, you must have a SmartLav+ microphone. Here are some of the prominent features.

Polar pattern: The SmartLav+ comes with an omnidirectional polar pattern. The omnidirectional pattern captures 360-degree in the environment. The mic is placed on a lapel so it is close to the mouth. The Omni directionality is helpful in communication because other mics require you to keep your mouth in line with the mic. 

It is necessary otherwise mic does not pick up the voice properly. An omnidirectional lavalier is attached to the lapel so whether the mic tilts or bends, the voice of the speaker will be still in approach. 

Size:  The SmartLav+ is a compact size microphone that can be easily attached to the lapel of a shirt or on a coat. It makes communication, interviews, and speeches smooth. As it is a compact size it is very easy to place anywhere. You can set it on the table lying by you. The SmartLav+ is also a lightweight microphone, which makes it easier in handling. Think of the bulky mics, the lavalier is far better for the interviews and vlogging applications.  

Compatibility: The 3.5mm cable jack enables it to be connected with devices including, DSLRs, camcorders, smartphones, and iPhones, etc. The mic does not require any battery to start. It is simple to use, just connect it to the device and start recording with it. 

  • Omnidirectionality Polar Pattern
  • Compatible with DSLRs and mobiles 
  • Designed for interviews, speech, and live streams 
  • With Kevlar-reinforced cable
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • No battery requires
  • Not for instrumental recording

6. Neewer CM15 – Camera Microphone Interview Microphone

The Neewer CM15 camera microphone is best for your outdoor and indoor video recording.  The mic has a cardioid polar pattern which is known to be very effective in delivering clear and noise-free sound. The mic is not stereo actually but it provides you with the stereo quality sound. To sound more professional and clearer you must have CM15.

 The CM15 is compatible with most video recording devices such as cameras. The mic has low cut mode and a sensitivity adjustment control. You can choose the low-cut mode in an environment where there is so much noise. 

Polar Pattern:  The CM15 comes with the cardioid polar pattern which is so suitable in an environment where there is more than one sound source. It remains the one side focused and captures only the front side from the person near to the microphone and rejects all other sides. Unidirectional sensitivity is important 

Condenser:  The CM15 is not a dynamic mic. A condenser mic is suitable and considered to be perfect for recording the low frequencies sounds and voices. The condenser provides a detailed sound. The condenser of this mic produces the high standard and professional quality sound that is integral for your pro videos. The HD video with a low-quality sound does not fit in the professional environment. 

Compatibility:  The mic provides compatibility with many cameras. The mic is designed for video cameras so it is not compatible with mobile phones and a Canon T6 video camera. The mic still has good range compatibility. The CM 15 is compatible with Canon 550D, 600D, 7D, 5D, 60D and Nikon’s D7000, D800, D5100, D300S etc. 

  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • Compatible with DSLRs and mobiles 
  • Specially designed for video recording 
  • With a 3.5mm TRS stereo plug
  • Shock mount metal construction
  • Comes with a furry windshield. Foam cap and pouch
  • Battery is not included

7. Audio-Technica ATR-1200 – Dynamic Vocal/Instrument Microphone

Audio-Technica ATR-1200 is a dynamic microphone specially designed for vocals and instruments. The dynamic mic is capable of capturing the high vocal and heavy sounds of metals. The compatibility with both of the applications makes it more versatile and dynamic in working. The dynamic capsule ensures to capture the real sound with its details. It does not let the sound split and damage the sound quality. 

The cardioid polar pattern enables the microphone to produce clearer and transparent sound. The sound that the mic captures is free from any noise. In an environment that has so much noise, the mic works best in those environments. Whether you want to record a vocal session or you are going to capture the instrument’s sound, the quality will be at the top. 

Polar Pattern: The microphone comes with a cardioid polar pattern that is suitable to record an instrumental or vocal session. The cardioid ensures to capture the subject’s voice and reject all other sounds in the environment. The sensitivity of the mic is just related to the front side. The mic ensures to produce the crystal and clear sound to provide a great user experience. 

Dynamic mic:  The dynamic mic capsule is used to capture the music. The mic comes with a dynamic capsule that enables the microphone to capture the high-level sound like the sounds of your heavy metal that include electric guitars, piano, and drums. The dynamic mic also captures the vocal sounds like an energetic song for karaoke. The AT-1200 maintains the sound quality and produces it to make you feel the music.  

Construction:  The ATR-1200 has a rugged body that ensures long-term use. The mic is designed to work outdoors and indoor. It is durable enough to handle rough handling. You don’t need to worry about the external effects. The sturdy body will last for years and years. 

  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • Dynamic element
  • Designed to capture vocal and instruments 
  • Attached 3.5mm cable jack 
  • Rugged construction
  • ¼ inch plug adapter and desk stand
  • Best for starters only

8. SoundTech CM-1000 – 3.5 mm Conference Microphone

The SoundTech CM-1000 is one of the cheap microphones on our list. You may have this one in a tight budget situation. The CM-1000 is an omnidirectional microphone that is designed for conferences. The CM-1000 with its lightweight allows the user to easily place anywhere in the conference room. 

During the conference on PC or in the room, the sound quality remains the same without any distortion. The mic is very versatile in terms of connectivity. You can connect it to your PC, laptop, and several handheld devices. The microphone is suitable for interviews, conferences, meetings, lectures, presentations, and a lot of other communications applications. 

Polar pattern:  The mic comes with an omnidirectional polar pattern. The omnidirectional polar pattern enables the mic to capture 360-degree from the environment. The omnidirectional polar pattern is used when there is a need to capture the whole picture of the environment. The mic is perfect and specially designed for the executive class.  In the meetings, there is a strong need to capture the voice of every participant. So, the omnidirectional mic works best in this environment. 

Audio quality:  The mic is omnidirectional which is good for its applications. But there must be something to maintain the quality so the background noise and the extraneous noise should not intrude in your communication and may disturb. The mic has a built-in echo cancellation and noise reduction function that lets not the audio quality disturbed by any extraneous noise. 

Compatibility:  The CM-1000 is compatible with the PC and Mac OS. This enables the mic to work easily when you have to attend an online meeting through zoom or skype and whether you have to deliver a lecture through Zoom in the COVID-19 situations when schools are closed due to lockdown. 

  • Omnidirectional Polar Pattern
  • Compatible with PCs and Mac 
  • Ideal for conferences, meetings, and lectures 
  • With a 3.5mm stereo plug
  • Built-in echo cancellation and noise reduction
  • Limited Applications

9. JEEMAK for PC, Laptop, iPad, iPhone Microphone

JEEMAK offers one of the best microphones on the list. When it comes to versatility with the true meanings the JEEMAK mic will click the mind. The mic comes with a lot of functionality and a wider range of compatible devices. It is also suitable for a lot of applications. The mic offers the cardioid pick-up pattern that is best suitable to apply in many situations and it covers almost all of the projects. The cardioid pattern produces high quality and a clear sound that is a live stream need. 

Sound quality is most crucial when you go live to communicate with people. And when it comes to gaming communication the sound must be clear because every moment is special when you are on the battlefield. So, here are some features that make the mic extraordinary in functioning and features. 

Polar pattern:  In our mic list there are dome mics that have a cardioid polar pattern. With having a cardioid pattern, they don’t offer you such a great scope of application that the JEEMAK microphone provides. The cardioid polar pattern with a bigger range of compatible devices makes this mic a perfect microphone for you. A gamer needs clarity in sound, a vocalist and a live streamer demand the sound should be noise-free. Everyone asks for the clarity and transparency of sound.  The unidirectionality ensures the best and clear sound quality for your all kind of applications. 

Compatibility: In terms of compatibility the mic ensures is outstanding and no mic doesn’t provide you such large compatibility. The JEEMAK microphone is compatible with PCs, Mac, laptops. In terms of portable devices such as cameras and mobiles, yeah, the JEEMAK is also compatible with all. It is also compatible with Android devices, iPhone, iPad, and tablets. 

Applications:  As it has a large compatibility devices list, so it is also made for a lot of applications. The applications such as gaming, podcast, recording, streaming, and various other vocal and instrumental applications. 

  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • Wide range of devices compatibility
  • Best for gaming, podcast, and live streams 
  • With a 3.5mm plug n play
  • Zero-latency
  • No mute button

10. LOOYUAN Condenser 3.5mm – Plug and Play Microphone

The LOOYUAN microphone is one of the inexpensive mobiles on our list. It is last but not least. Like our previous mobile JEEMAK, it also has a wide range of compatibility.  The mic is specially designed for studio, dubbing, podcasting, voiceovers, and above all for communicating. It is useful for Skype and conference calls. The mic comes with multiple features that include a mini condenser, plug n play, pick-up mode, dual-layer filter, adjustable tripod, and many more. 

Whether you want to record music, or you want to do a voiceover, this mic is a perfect choice. The condenser mic ensures every detail of the voice and the music sound that makes your experience awesome. The condenser mics are usually good for delivering a sweeter voice. 

Here are some salient features that provide it an excel over others. 

Condenser Mic:  The condenser mics as compared to dynamics are expensive, delicate, and more sensitive to capture the low frequencies. That’s why it is the best mic for the vocalists as well as the musicians. The condenser mic captures the in-depth sound details and produces the best quality sound that makes your session professional. 

Plug n play:  The mic comes with both a 3.5mm cable jack as well as the USB option for the PCs. The 3.5mm jack makes it compatible with mobile devices like android, iPhone, iPod, and tablet. The mic is completely plug n play and it does not require any software or driver to be installed on your PC. You just have to plug in the USB pin and start working with it.

Dual-Layer Filter: The mic mount comes with a dual-layer filter that avoids any pop sound or any mechanical sounds. The mic enhances your experience of the vocal recording and musical instruments recording. 

  • Plug n play
  • Wider compatibility of devices
  • Best for all vocal and instrumental recordings
  • With 3.5mm and USB option
  • Dual-layer filter
  • Flexible Tripod
  • No volume control


The above is the list of the 10 best 3.5mm microphones. The 3.5mm mics are a very comfortable and wider range of applications. Most of them were lightweight and with a sturdy body. The lighter mics are portable and you can carry them anywhere to record anything. The two things that a buyer should consider are the sound quality that is denoted by the condenser and other features, and the second thing is the polar pattern patterns and filter options. The rest of the features are like additional and a plus. But a professional mic must have these qualities in terms to take the best position.