Audio Technica AT2035 Review – Best for Podcasting and Streaming

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Are you looking for a high-quality microphone that does not blow all your savings away? If you are a podcaster or someone who performs professionally, then the microphone plays a pivotal role. We have so many choices around us that we tend to get confused about what microphone works best for us. If you are new to buying smart and tech products, then looking at a mid-range microphone is an excellent idea. Audio Technica at2035 is a great launch by the brand. If you are looking for a mic then you may have come across the Audio Technica AT2035 review. There are two microphones launched in 2020; AT2035 and why choose AT2050. Both microphones are perfect for users; however, 2035 has its undeniable charm. 

The Audio Technica AT2035 is one of the best microphones you will find in the market due to impeccable reasons. It is critically designed to make your home activities and professional performance top-notch. The design and whole features of the AT2035 model are similar to the famous AT2020 model. However, the low-cut mic and high-intensity sound are the main factors that make this mic standout. People love the side-address cardioid studio condenser, which provides users with exceptional sound detail and clarity. In this article, you will discover the Audio Technica AT2035 review. So, let’s begin! 

Why choose Audio Technica AT2035 microphone?

Audio Technica AT2035 works exceptionally well for podcasters who want to record high-quality sound. You will find no inconsistencies when it comes to sound and speed travel. The 10 dB filter pass pad adds to the characteristics of the mic and makes it more professional. 

 The mesh detail on top of the mic is high-quality, and it allows the voice to travel through it without any issues. If you want to have a seamless experience at a medium budget, then AT2035 is something you should consider. One of the best things about the mic is that it is a complete package, and it comes with a protective pouch as well. 

Sound clarity

If you are looking to buy a high-quality microphone, then sound clarity is something you undoubtedly do not want to compromise. The Audio Technica AT2035 is an excellent microphone for background noise cancelation and streamlining the voice correctly. Its 10 dB pass filter pads are perfect for handling any sound level and delivering low sound with exceptional detail. The low-cut sound is distinctive in enhancing the response without difficulty. 

Recording mode

If you are a YouTuber, an influencer, or a podcaster, you need a mic that can record. Content quality plays a pivotal role in building your connection with an audience, but voice quality also plays a significant role. The AT2035 model is probably the perfect one because it is not only a low budget but also a cardioid side-address, which provides seamless sound. The pop filter on the mic is high-quality, which works ideally to deliver exceptional sound clarity when you record long podcasts. If you are into live streams and commentary, then you must get AT2035 for sure. 

Instrumental performance

If you have to use some instruments during recording, then you can use AT32035 as it gives you chances to record over an extensive range of instruments. It works better to produce flatter sound; hence, you can use pianos to add depth to your conversation or singing. The AT2035 also has an excellent brass response and SPL rating, which is why you can use the electric guitar in the background. The AT2035 model has an ideal narrow response, making the guitar sound blend seamlessly with the minimal EQ. The Audio Technica AT2035 has a wide range of instrumental responses, making it perfect for professional use. 

Audio Technica AT2035 – Best Cardioid Condenser Microphone:

Product overview

If you look at the features of the AT2035 model and compare it with the previous AT2020 model, you will get to know that it has a low response and is more sensitive to sounds. However, despite being sound sensitive, it cancels the background sound perfectly well. The low-cut filter is something people should consider when making the ultimate choice. It works seamlessly to deliver high-quality sound despite using instrumentals.  

The 10 dB pads highlight the Audio Technica AT2035 as it allows cut-out plosive popping and low-quality spill. It also produces a sound that can compete with any high-end mic easily. The sound is low and compressive. Overall, the Audio Technica AT2035 is excellent when it comes to budget and response. It is even better when we look at the exterior and quality of construction. 

Key specifications

Brand  Audio Technica 
Connectivity type XLR connector 
Frequency range 20hz-20kHz 
Polar pattern Unidirectional 
Connectivity technology XLR 
Signal-to-noise ratio 82 dB 

Audio Technica AT2035 Features in detail

Sound quality

It is crucial to have the excellent sound clarity you are probably looking for in any kind of mic. It is not easy to find a mic with as low impedance as the Audio Technica 2035. However, the polarized capsule provides you with a more flexible solution to receive sound clarity by canceling the background noise. The studio-grade true condenser helps in achieving natural and crisp sound. 

Frequency response

The Audio Technica AT2035 frequency response is neutral, yet it makes a massive difference in the sound. The high-end frequency response helps in enhancing the voice brightness and making it sharper and crisper.  

Noise –level

The audio Technica AT2035 mic’s noise level is ideal for people who want to use it for professional recording. It has a great background noise cancelling technology which works exceptionally to provide a seamless sound recording. However, if you are working in a room that echoes, you will receive a little bit of feedback. 


When you look at the mic’s exterior, you will instantly think that it is a high-end mic. It has a sturdy mesh that helps in seamless voice transfer. The mic is light-weight; hence, the voice travels seamlessly.


  • Natural crisp sound 
  • Neutral frequency 
  • High-quality material 
  • Varying noise levels 


  • Flimsy stand 


It is hard to find a high-quality mic at a budget-friendly price. However, Audio Technica AT2035 ticks all the boxes and helps you achieve excellent sound clarity. You can use the mic for home projects or professional use. To know more about the mic, check out the Audio Technica AT2035 review. 

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