A Hands-on Apogee Mic 96k Review – Versatile Sound Clarity

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In many media or influential fields, putting your point of view across is crucial.  People are choosing highly creative fields nowadays. You cannot expect yourself to succeed; if you do not invest in buying the right tools. Well, mic and camera are two things that every person who is a YouTuber, a podcaster, or a performer needs. There are a bunch of fish in the market that can leave you confused. However, we are here to sort your concerns. Apogee Mic 96K is an exceptional mic if you are looking for an affordable one. You may not have come across Apogee Mic 96K review that states all its features in detail; however, we will help you with it. It does not only fit your budget, but the crisp sound is perfect for making a podcast, testing your singing skills, and presenting stuff. 

People look for a mic that produces a clear sound that sounds more natural. This mic is perfect, especially if you want to eliminate background sound. It is a professional USB mic with a reasonable sound inference, but it has various connectivity options. One of the best things about Apogee mic 96k is that it is straightforward to use. You can record your vocals or a podcast and quickly transfer it to your laptop for editing. If you are interested in the mic, then you can keep on reading Apogee Mic 96k review. 

Why choose Apogee Mic 96k?

Apogee mic 96k is an exceptional mic that you can find easily in the market. What attracts users the most towards this mic is its cardioid pattern and duralumin body. You can never go wrong with a sturdy mic, provide crisp sound, and have an excellent connectivity option. While recording, you can attach the mic with a USB connector to your laptop and connect headphones at the same time for better sound clarity. Let’s have a look at why you should choose Apogee Mic 96k: 

Easy to use

Most people working in the media industry, such as singers, do not know how to work with a mic. Most mic is hard to use, and a user cannot figure out how to reach proper settings. However, Apogee Mic 96k provides users with an excellent opportunity to compose songs and make podcasts without any hassle. There are a USB jack and a recording button at the side of the mic. When the light flashed red, it means you are recording. Once you are done, you can transfer the data to your computer and start editing. 

Crisp sound

Apogee 96k is a fantastic mic as it provides a crisp and sharp sound. The flat and extended response makes it highly functional and versatile. The flat mic is exceptional for people who want to edit the sound and have accurate tonal efficiency. On the other hand, it has an excellent cardioid recording pattern, making the sound more catchable on the front phases. It has a cardioid mid-size packet that refines the sound. People love this feature as it removes the background sound and gives the original sound a more crisp effect. 

USB functional

When you look at sound composers’ works, you will notice that the sound is natural yet exceptional clarity. Even if you do not have enough budget to afford a high-end mic, a USB mic works phenomenally. One factor which each mic should have is post-production efficiency. The Apogee 96k is close to the professional mic as it provides editable options. You can directly plug in the mic with your laptop when you start recording. It gives you more control over how you want to adjust the mic. 

Apogee Mic 96K -Great Sound Clarity Microphone

One crazy thing you will notice in an Apogee 96k mic is that it will never fail you. People use this mic to record their conference meeting, and it does a great job at picking up even a small sound. However, it has some sensors which help in differentiating the right and background sound. One of the best things about this mic is that it comes with a tripod stand. The high-quality tripod stand works exceptionally well to deliver the best sound without distortion. You can place the mic directly in front of your mouth or a little away as per your preference. 

The cardioid mic condenser is perfect for producing perfect sounds, which a person can also edit post-recording. You need a transferable function if you want to edit the recording. We cannot help but appreciate the USB connectivity as it enables you to transfer footage in seconds. 

Key specifications

Brand  Apogee 
Connectivity technology USB 
Connectivity type USB 
Number of channels 
Polar pattern Unidirectional  
Item weight 0.4 pounds 
Hardware platform Smartphone, tablet 

Apogee Mic 96k Features in detail

Extra mic recorder

If you are a YouTuber or an influencer, then you must shoot small videos every day. It is essential to plug in some sort of mic with your DSLR. Well, Apogee 96k is perfectly compatible with DSLR, through which you can conduct interviews, record podcasts, shoot videos, and do voice-overs. 

Comes with MAC cables

If you are a MacBook, tablet, or laptop user, you will love this mic as it comes with extra cables for connectivity. It is an excellent feature as you can transfer data without any hassle. You can also connect to watch live recording and footage. 


The Apogee 96K is a very low maintenance mic as it does not need any kind of battery. It has excellent compatibility with Apple products, and you do need any external power. It provides a pristine sound quality which you can use to make high-quality content. 

Great sound clarity

Sound clarity is one of the best features of this product as it has a cardioid capsule. It has front-facing inference, which is ideal for catching clear sound. The sound may be crisp, but it also remains natural.


  • Superior quality 
  • Plug and play 
  • Portable  
  • Low latency 


  • Outdated model 


If you are looking for a great quality mic, you can look at the Apogee mic 96k review. It has some outstanding features that will persuade you to buy it without a second doubt. The excellent connectivity options and crisp sound make a great combination. If you want to get your hands on a high-quality yet budget-friendly mic, this is it.  

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