AKG p220 Review- a Perfect Microphone for Vocalists

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People with immense talent need a little bit of appreciation and acknowledgment to do better. As a vocalist, you need to display your passion for gaining popularity and motivation. The conventional way of recording vocals on your mobile recorder is not appropriate. Hence, you need to invest in a proper microphone for better voice quality. There are many phantom power microphones available in the market, but not all are good for vocals. It is essential to look for a microphone that fits your needs. Have you ever read the AKG p220 review? Well, if not, then you are missing out big time.  

AKG is always known for its high-quality microphones and years of providing excellence. AKG p220 is another addition to the brilliant microphones to the brand. However, this microphone is designed explicitly to deliver high sound quality at a low budget. It is a win-win situation for users as it is ideal for vocals and low-frequency sound at such an incredible price. The AKG P220 is a condenser microphone with a thick diaphragm. It is better suited for spoken words for vocals. If you are a singer, then you must go for it. 

Why choose the AKG p220 microphone?

People who are buying microphones for the first time are often skeptical about the features. However, if you are interested in purchasing an AKG microphone, you must be confused about which one to buy. We understand your concerns; hence, we are here to let you know its impeccable features. If you are a vocalist or a singer, then this microphone is ideal for you. There are different microphones in a similar range, such as AKG c214, AKG p420, etc. However, AKG P220 is the ideal one for singers or podcasters. Let’s have a look at the AKG P220 star feature that makes it a worthy investment. 

Large condenser

 One of the main things about the AKG p220 microphone is its large condenser. Its condenser is more significant than one inch, so it is known as a large condenser. However, it makes the microphone sensitive to sharp sounds and background sounds. When you sing or say something directly in front of the mic, it makes the voice sound natural. It also comes with a pop filter which helps in eliminating background sounds and make the voice sharper. It is a versatile piece that is suitable for diverse situations. 

The exterior

The sound quality of the mic matters, but its exterior also plays a pivotal role in convincing users to buy it. The AKG p220 microphone is exceptionally sturdy and made up of solid material. It weighs more than one pound, and it has a classic design. When you analyze the microphone closely, you will notice that it looks exceptionally posh and high-quality. On the other hand, it is tough enough to withstand everyday issues. You can also travel with it as it is lightweight and portable. It has a very minimalistic yet chic look; you can easily keep the matt black color clean. 


The first thing that people observe in any microphone is its application and performance. The AKG P220 microphone is phenomenal when it comes to its performance. The microphone is established for studio use specifically. However, it can be used for various applications such as recording musical instruments, podcasts, and brass instruments. It has a superb sound reproduction which makes it ideal for versatile use. Amongst so many unique features in AKG p220, its ability to catch low and high frequencies stand out the most. It is a dynamic mic that works exceptionally well for live stage performances. 

AKG P220 – a phenomenal live performance microphone

If you ever compare AKG P220 vs Rode nt1a, you will observe that nothing must differ between the two. However, we love how AKG p220 is a highly budget-friendly mic with multiple features. It is a cardioid mic that picks up sound that directly comes from the front. It cancels out the background and unnecessary sounds. We love how it makes a user’s voice sound natural and crisp. AKG p220 works excellent as a stage microphone as it is challenging and cardioid. 

If we tell you our honest review, this microphone does not work that great as a handheld microphone. However, it comes with a stand and pop filter that provides maximum comfort during recording. A user can also plug-in external headphones to listen to their vocals closely and analyze the sound effect.  

AKG P220 microphone specifications

Brand  AKG 
Color  Black  
Polar pattern  unidirectional 
Connectivity type 3-pin 
Connectivity technology wired 
Frequency range 20 Hz to 20 kHz 

AKG P220 Features in detail

Good sound 

It is every vocalist’s dream to make their voice sound as accurate as possible on the microphone. The AKG p220 microphone makes your dream come true as it has a high-range frequency response. It is a cardioid microphone that makes your voice sound exceptional, and it does not pick any background sound. 


All the AKG microphones are exceptionally high-quality and provide sharp sound. However, the AKG p220 microphone is specially designed to provide high-quality sound at a low price. We love how you get such a sturdy, crisp sound, dynamic cardioid microphone at such an affordable price. 

Live performance 

The cardioid front pattern of the AKG p220 microphone is ideal for stage performance. It is rugged; hence, it is strong enough to endure the daily wear and tear. On the other hand, it can cancel out the background noises making your voice sound sharp, crisp, and natural. 

Pop filter 

It is always a bonus to get extra accessories with the microphone, and that too affordable. The AKG P220 microphone comes with a pop filter which you can also remove as per your convenience. It helps in making the choice sound more seamless and sharper. 


There is no doubt that the AKG p220 microphone is worth a try. It is a great microphone that can be used for multiple things. The mic is versatile and has great potential when it comes to recording vocals. You can go through the AKG p220 review to know why this microphone is perfect. 

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